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KPop Light Sticks

A long time ago when the idols of the first generation like g.o.d, S.E.S or Shinhwa emerged the best way to demonstrate the unity of fans with their favourite artists was to wear an attire in the official group's color. Then the modest penlights showed up. But the times when one would use a simple glow stick at the concert have already passed. Nowadays we have something more sophisticated and distinguishable between the fandoms of different groups. The KPop light sticks are what we all want to be equipped with when attending a concert of other event and cheering for our favourite artists.

Often a multiple versions of the item are produced over time, with each of them presenting some minor changes.

Light Sticks

Image Name Height Width Depth
BTS Official Light Stick Army Bomb (Version 3) 224mm 98mm 98mm
BTS Official Light Stick Army Bomb (Version 2) 281mm 98mm 98mm
BTS Official Light Stick Army Bomb (Version 1) 232mm 112mm 112mm
Stray Kids Official Light Stick Nachimbong 231mm 95mm 84mm
ITZY Official Light Stick Light Ring 171mm 171mm 34mm
Ateez Official Light Stick Lightiny 256mm 100mm 113mm
Treasure Official Light Stick Teulight 258mm 91mm 91mm
A.C.E Official Light Stick 240mm 100mm 100mm
Cravity Official Light Stick 250mm 100mm 100mm
Dreamcatcher Official Light Stick (Version 1) 785mm 90mm 90mm
Enhypen Official Light Stick 218mm 96mm 90mm
Loona Official Light Stick 435mm 100mm 96mm
Oneus Official Light Stick Dalbit 250mm 100mm 100mm
Oneus Official Light Stick Dalbit (Version 2) 250mm 100mm 100mm
The Boyz Official Light Stick 207.6 176.3mm 112.8mm
Victon Official Light Stick 275mm 114mm 44mm
TXT Official Light Stick 239mm 100mm 50mm
Twice Official Light Stick Candy Bong 250mm 105mm
Twice Official Light Stick Candy Bong Z 264mm 111mm 52mm
Brave Girls Official Light Stick 253.2mm 100mm 100mm
Woodz Official Light Stick Nangmanbong 264mm 111mm 52mm
Wonho Official Light Stick Weneebong 264mm 111mm 52mm
P1Harmony Official Light Stick P1ece Siren 253.2mm 100mm 100mm
Omega X Official Light Stick 244.5mm 81mm 81mm
Rocket Punch Official Light Stick (Version 1) 250mm 97mm 97mm
ONF Official Light Stick 236mm 95mm 95mm
Monsta X Official Light Stick (Version 1) 236mm 96mm 95mm
AB6IX Official Light Stick 267mm 53mm 53mm
Chungha Official Light Stick Byulrangbong 280mm 100mm 80mm
Sunmi Official Light Stick 254mm 100mm 100mm
IZ*ONE (Izone) Official Light Stick 257mm 72mm 73mm
Astro Official Light Stick 227mm 88mm 40mm
Blackpink Official Light Stick Bl-Ping-Bong 255mm 90mm 155mm
NU'EST Official Light Stick 280mm 50mm 50mm
SF9 Official Light Stick Jigu Bong 269mm 62mm 56mm
GOT7 Official Light Stick (Version 1) 225mm 120mm
GOT7 Official Light Stick 2018 (Version 2) 224.5mm 120mm 75.5mm
Red Velvet Official Light Stick 255mm 88.5mm 88.5mm
TVXQ (DBSK) Official Light Stick 258mm 56mm 56mm
CIX Official Light Stick 245.3mm 83.7mm 72.7mm
B1A4 Official Light Stick (Version 1) 220mm 100mm 100mm
B1A4 Official Light Stick (Version 2) 245mm 98mm 53mm
Mamamoo Official Light Stick (Version 1) 282mm 86.7mm 86.7mm
Mamamoo Official Light Stick (Version 2.0) 282mm 86.7mm 86.7mm
Mamamoo Official Light Stick (Version 2.5) 282mm 86.7mm 86.7mm
(G)I-DLE Official Light Stick 261.6mm 102.7mm 102.7mm
Pentagon Official Light Stick Uni Bong 236mm 110mm 100mm
Seventeen Official Light Stick Carat Bong 250mm 105mm 105mm
WJSN Official Light Stick 240mm 95mm 95mm
Day6 Official Light Stick Light Band 29mm 57.35mm 50mm
GFriend Official Light Stick Glass Marble Stick (Version 1) 245mm 80mm 80mm
GFriend Official Light Stick Glass Marble Stick (Version 2) 240mm 100mm 100mm
NCT Official Light Stick 257mm 81mm 72.5mm
Up10tion Official Light Stick 225mm 100mm 100mm
Kang Daniel Official Light Stick 222mm 95mm 95mm
Oh My Girl Official Light Stick 243mm 102mm 102mm
NiziU Official Light Stick 241.6mm 97.6mm 97.6mm

The KPop light sticks come in different shapes and sizes and are specifically designed so they could represent what comes in mind when thinking about a particular group. It often incorporate the group's official colors, logo or name so we can instantly notice which artists actually the light stick belongs to. When looking at the Candy Bong Z for instance we can immediately spot a logo of Twice which makes it clear that the girl band from JYP Entertainment is the owner. The official light stick of Astro has their logo featured as a head of the item and we can notice that the fanlight was prepared especially for them just after one look. Sometimes the design evolves over time - BTS have already released three Army Bomb light sticks - the latest is version 3.

KPop Light Sticks

What can be better than a KPop light stick to demonstrate the love of the fans for their favourite artists? It's the symbol of unity and devotion. Even if a fan has no chance to actually attend the concert and use the light stick at the venue he/she often decides to purchase it anyway and keep it as a collectible item. Any way they can be a very special and personal object to own.

KPop Light Sticks Specification

The typical KPop fan light is powered by 3 (sometimes 2) AAA alkaline batteries that are hidden in a special compartment inside the handle. Sometimes the AAA batteries are replaced with an internal battery (like in the case of Day6 Official Light Band). They can produce a light usually of a white color or the colors related to a particular KPop group or soloist and can work in different modes including flickering and blinking. The working time is anything between 4 and 7 hours. So you should always remember about a new set of batteries when preparing for a concert. The red light coming out of your KPop light stick can indicate that it is about time to change the batteries.

In the package you will often find some accessories like a wrist strap or a felt bag. Less often the AAA batteries will be included. You'll be always getting a user manual with the tips how to use the purchased product and a warranty. Sometimes a bonus items are also added like a set of 6 photo cards that comes with the first version of GFriend's Glass Marble Stick or a random photo card that you will find with the SF9's Jigu Bong.

KPop Light Stick Bluetooth Connection

As the time goes by a new features are added to the KPop light sticks. Nowadays there's an option to connect your fanlight to a smartphone (with Android or iOS) via a Bluetooth connection. This can be helpful at the venue during pairing the stick to your seat number and connecting it to the central control. That will allow to create a variety of beautiful light effects.

A Bluetooth connection can allow to control the light stick via a special app that's prepared specificly for that item. Aside from helping with entering the seat info during the concert it can also enable different color effects and unlock additional modes. A perfect example can be a Seventeen App created for their Carat Bong. It can be downloaded for free online.

The other interesting features were also incorporated. The official light stick of Mamamoo can vibrate in such way that will give the people with hearing and eyesight impairment the signal when to cheer alongside other fans.

Of course not every KPop group can have their own light stick. It always depends on whether the group has a big enough fandom and if it can actually hold a big event like a solo concert, showcase or fan meeting. Some fans are still waiting for this must have item to show up like the fan club of CLC for example. If you happen to be a fan of a group that already has their KPop light stick you can usually purchase them at the venue where the concert or other event takes place or on multiple stores online.