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Ted Nivison Merchandise

There are plenty of interesting pieces of Ted Nivison merchandise available online if you are a big fan of the artist and you're willing to put some time into finding them. Ted Nivison is a famous YouTuber who was born as Theodore Kennedy in 1998 in Boston. Inspired by a fellow content creator Freddy W, he opened his first channel in 2009 under the name PivotTKn. He used to upload videos about animation (which was always his passion) introducing his stick figures. He instantly received an attention from the viewers and the rest is just a history.

Ted is also known as a comedian who often produces sketches about milk, and make commentaries about everyday topics. His current YouTube channel was created in 2009 and hosts videos about gaming and entertainment including movies. He takes part in many podcasts - Lunch Club Podcast, Chuckle Sandwich and Misfits Podcast.

There is a substantial amount of Ted Nivison merchandise related to the artist you can track down on the Internet and add to your collection.

The Good Stuff, Milk & Co Merchandise

In August of 2020, an announcement showed up on the official Twitter account of Ted about a new selection of memorabilia. Earlier that month a short video was uploaded for the users notifying them about the goods to be in production.

All 12 pieces of Ted Nivison merchandise were available for purchase from the official website of the content creator. All of them except one were apparel.

The first item is a long sleeve T-shirt with a print in a tie-dye style. There is an iconic design incorporating the word "Milk" on the front printed in white. You can notice that Ted used different shades of blue, pink and purple to create an extraordinary style. The item was made of a very soft material composed of a 100% preshrunk Cotton. You can choose one of six available sizes - anything between S and 3XL.

Next we have two different styles of T-shirt. The first one is white and depicts three skeletons dancing with each other. At the bottom on the front you can spot the title of the fashion line "The Good Stuff, Milk & Co". The other T-shirt is black and features a very bright design on the back incorporating a planet Earth with year 1984. On the left side on the front there is a smaller graphic with a cow sitting in front of a computer, and words "The uprising has begun". Both pieces of Ted Nivison merchandise are made of 100% Cotton and you can get them in six different sizes - S, M, L, XL, 2XL and 3XL.

If you're looking for a matching hat you're in luck. A single one available in two colors - khaki and lavender - is available. On the front you can spot an embroidery of the words "Creamtime's cream time" written in white font on a green background. This very nice accessory is made of a very durable chino twill and will be a good idea for a gift.

The next piece of Ted Nivison merchandise is another long sleeve T-shirt. This time it's dark blue and showcases an image of a statue of David in the middle on the front. Below you can notice an embroidered sentence "Bonum Supellectilem". Some additional small details on the sleeve give the T-shirt a little bit more sophisticated feel. You can order it in 5 sizes, anything between S and 2XL.

Another white T-shirt features a caricature of the Statue of Liberty on the back. The statue is holding a glass of milk instead of the torch. A caption in a bright color is added at the bottom. It says "Empire State of Milk". The same caption is also visible on the front. This piece of merchandise is made of Cotton and is available in everything from S to 3XL.

The next piece of Ted Nivison merchandise is a little bit more original. It is a white and yellow striped T-shirt with white collar. It has a small embroidery depicting a yellow cow on the left side of the chest on the front. As any other pieces of fashion it is made of 100% combed Cotton and comes in five sizes - S, M, L, XL and 2XL.

The second-to-last T-shirt available in this selection of apparel is black. Once again you can spot the title of the selection on the front printed in red font. On the back there is a very interesting artwork depicting Ted Nivison himself floating in the air, surrounded by several bottles of milk. As always six sizes are available, so you can be sure you will get something for you without any problem.

The last T-shirt available on the website is also white. A very interesting artwork is presented on the front - it incorporates a bottle of milk and a sentence "Serve cold", all printed in a high-quality blue ink. On the back you will find a beautiful design with once again featured title of the merchandise collection "The Good Stuff, Milk & Co". This is a very interesting item which comes in a unisex style so it will be perfect for anyone regardless if you are a boy or a girl. As usual five sizes are available. The T-shirt is made of a high-quality ring-spun Cotton.

Next we have a little bit different piece of Ted Nivison merchandise. It is a beautiful pin in a shape of a milk bottle. It has a blue and red label with the words "The Good Stuff". A dark blue backing card is also included, so the item can be an ideal collectible for a gift for someone who is a big fan of Ted.

The last piece of fashion is a stylish crewneck. It showcases the same design on the front as the tie dye long sleeve T-shirt described above. There are two colors to choose from - blue and yellow. This is the only piece of merchandise not made purely of Cotton, but instead of a combination between Cotton and Polyester. Traditionally there are five sizes you can get. You will be pretty much pleased with your purchase.

Finally, there is also a nice pack of die cut stickers fixing some cartoon characters related to the YouTuber. They come in a transparent bag and a very cool paper label protecting the bag. The stickers themselves are of a size of roughly 4 x 2.5 in.

Fan Made Collectibles

If, for any reason, the official website does not carry any Ted Nivison merchandise at the time you are about to acquire new items, you can always try fan made goods. They are usually offered from various e-commerce auction sites, so it can be a perfect solution for you if you need to get something quickly.

There are plenty of very talented fans who like to create their own merchandise and share it with other people. Sometimes they upload their art works on many available print-on-demand websites that offer a delivery of a high quality custom made products. The artwork can be printed on different items including mugs, hoodies, phone cases and stationery. This can be a really great solution that does not cost too much.