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Woodz Merchandise

Woodz, also known as Cho Seungyoun, is a singer, songwriter, and a former member of a KPop group X1. He debuted as a main rapper of a band Uniq in 2014 under Yuehua Entertainment. He was a participant of a survival TV show Produce X 101, and finished on the 5th place. As a result he joined X1. The band released their first and only mini album titled Emergency: Quantum Leap, containing the lead single Flash. The group disbanded after the controversy regarding the Mnet vote manipulation.

The artist started his solo career on June 29, 2020 with his first extended play Equal, and the title song Love Me Harder.

If you are a fan of the soloist and you're looking for some interesting Woodz merchandise, there are some cool collections you would be interested in. One of the most interesting items is the official Woodz light stick which came out on May 28, 2021. Additionally there are of course the physical editions of the artist's albums including his 2022 release Colorful Trauma.

25th Birthday Limited Merchandise

The first collection of official goods released by the artist was announced on his official media on August 7, 2020. The pre-orders began the same day and lasted until August 14. You had exactly a week to make a decision and order some collectibles. They were available from the online store Withdrama, and the shipping was scheduled for September 9, 2020. The items were prepared to commemorate the 25th birthday of the artist.

There are 14 different pieces of Woodz merchandise in the collection. The first one is a white T-shirt. It features the words "How we're ordinary how" on the front and is made of Cotton. It is available only in one, free size, and comes with an extra photo card. Additionally you could get a white eco bag with the same design. The bag has an inside pocket and is made of Polyester. The size of the item is 410 x 320 mm.

Next we have two different keyrings. The first one comes in both blue and white color, and is made of acrylic. Its size is 35 x 38 mm. The second one, a Moodz keyring, is composed of three small charms - depicting sun, moon, with the additional rectangular metal charm showcasing the word Woodz. The product is made of brass and epoxy and measures 18 x 70 mm.

Woodz 25th Birthday Limited Merchandise

If you are an owner of Aripods, you will definitely be interested in the Airpod cases available in the collection. You can get two different types - a solid color one (either blue or white) of a dimensions of 47 x 55 mm, and the glitter case with a nice drawing on the front. The second one is a little bit bigger and measures 55 x 65 mm. The solid color one features the words "Weighty roots with light branches". Both come with a bonus photo card featuring the artist. The card is of a standard size you can typically find in any KPop album - 55 x 85 mm.

A dog tag necklace can be a very nice present for anyone who is a big fan of the soloist. It consists of a main metal pendant of a size of 50 x 27 mm, and a smaller round one featuring a smiley face (18 x 18 mm). The necklace is made of a surgical steel and brass and comes in an elegant black box.

The next piece of Woodz merchandise is a tattoo sticker set. Inside a plastic pouch you will find 4 sheets of tattoo stickers measuring 80 x 80 mm, and 5 different photo cards of a regular size (55 x 85 mm).

A behind photo book titled "The Past Woodz Ep1" consists of 192 pages full of pictures of the artist. Its dimensions are 150 x 125 and was priced at 20,000 KRW. If you like photobooks it will be a perfect item for you.

Next we have a film photo set. Inside the package you will find a paper frame of a size of 100 x 115 mm, 2 sheets of film photo (with 4 pictures on each), and a paper stand. It will be a cool item to put it on your desk or a shelf. And it's very affordable - it costs just 9,000 KRW.

And if you're looking for something to decorate your room with, you should definitely think about getting a fabric poster. It is available in 2 variants (both featuring a photo of Woodz) and measure 700 x 1000 mm. Additionally there is the LP poster set, composed of 4 sheets of a size of a cover of typical vinyl record that measure 300 x 300 mm.

The second to last piece of Woodz merchandise is a keyring with a mini album, you can write in and open and close it with a button. It comes with 3 ID card photos (30 x 40 mm) and 3 passport photos (35 x 45 mm).

The final item prepared for the 25 birthday of the artist is a paper hanger featuring a picture of the soloist on both sides. The size of the product is 370 x 410 mm.

KCon:tact 2 Festival Goods

Woodz joined the lineup for the second KCon:tact during the Fall of 2020. KCon:tact is the first KPop online festival streamed online, and is held usually for several days. It is co-organized by CJ ENM and KOCCA (The Korean Creative Content Agency), and streamed through the Youtube channels of Mnet and KCON.

The second season of the festival took place at the Mnet television studio in Seoul between October 16 and 25, 2020. The former X1 member joined other artist such as A.C.E, ONF, Everglow, The Boyz, JO1, Kim WooSeok and Lee EunSang.

A selection of goods was prepared for each of the artists that took part in the festival. The collection of Woodz merchandise is composed of 5 different items. The first one is a set of 2 acrylic badges. The first one is a round and features a smiley face. The second one is a blue and purple simple name tag with the artist's name written in white. The tags measure 30 x 30 mm and 20 x 65 mm respectively.

Woodz KCon:tact 2 Festival Merchandise

The second product is a set of AR photos of a size of 40 x 60 mm. The augmented reality cards can create interesting effects on your smartphone. All you have to do is to install the app called Moing, which will allow you to scan the cards and enable the effects.

The third item is a simple blanket showcasing a picture of Woodz. On the bottom left corner of the blanket you will spot the artist's name. The item measures 800 x 1000 mm.

Next we have a great accessory for your face mask. It is a pouch ample enough to contain your mask and maybe other small things. It comes with a white strap of a size of 20 x 650 mm. The size of the pouch is 200 x 140 mm.

The last piece of Woodz merchandise is a name strap with the name of the soloist on one side and the title of the festival along with the date it took place on the other. The white strap comes with a carabiner and measures 150 x 20 mm.

KCon:tact 3 Festival Selection

The artist for the second time took part in the KCon:tact festival in 2021. The festival lasted for nine days between March 20 and 28, 2021. That was another occasion when the official light stick of Woodz would come in handy, but unfortunately was not yet available at that moment.

Many different KPop groups and soloists performed live during the festival. That included AB6IX, Loona, Oh My Girl, The Boyz, Dreamcatcher, SF9, TXT, Ha SungWoon, Jessi, iKON, JO1, P1Harmony, A.C.E, Everglow, HyunA, Stray Kids, Lee JinHyuk, Ateez, Enhypen, ITZY, Sunmi, BtoB, Kang Daniel, Mamamoo and Too.

This time 3 pieces of Woodz merchandise were available for the fans who wanted to get something related to their favourite artist and the festival. The first one is a set consisting of a ticket featuring the event's name, and a set of 10 different AR photo cards with pictures on one side and the artist's signature on the other. The ticket measures 155 x 60 mm and the cards are of a size of 100 x 150 mm.

Woodz KCon:tact 3 Festival Merchandise

Next item is a voice keyring featuring the letter "K" and the word "Woodz". Its dimensions are 63 x 61 x 20 mm, and it comes in a transparent plastic package.

The final product is a behind the scenes photobook. There are 5 options to choose from, each of them showcases 3 different groups/artists that performed during the festival. The 4th option contains pictures of Woodz, AB6IX and Everglow. The photobook measures 188 x 257 mm. Inside you will find 48 pages. It comes with a coloring set composed of 6 stickers and 3 background papers of a size of 188 x 257 mm.

2021 Season's Greetings

The package of Woodz merchandise titled "Jo's Day" prepared for the new season of 2021 was announced in December of 2020. As a typical KPop Season's Greetings it includes a desk calendar split into 2 sections. The first is composed of 100 pages, and the second of 28. The calendar measures 294 x 160 mm.

Woodz 2021 Season's Greetings Merchandise

There are plenty of other pieces of Woodz merchandise inside the package including the calendar memo board (100 x 120 mm), a hardcover diary with 204 pages containing many pictures of Woodz (145 x 205 mm), a 28 pages monthly message book (55 x 100 mm), a set of 12 postcards measuring 175 x 120 mm, 2 sheets of stickers (175 x 120 mm), a set of 30 photo cards of a size of 54 x 86 mm, a double-sided door sign with a text "Away from the desk. Be back soon." and some cute photos of the artist (80 x 250 mm), and 1 folded calendar poster.

In each package an AR photo card is included. It measures 54 x 86 mm and is able to unlock a special behind the scenes video of a duration of around 18 minutes.

Everything comes in a large blue box of a size of 302 x 205 mm.