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Pentagon KPop Merchandise

Pentagon debuted in 2016 with the extended play of the same name and a title song Gorilla. The group initially was composed of 10 members - Hui, Jinho, Shinwon, Hongseok, Yeo One, Yan An, Kino, Yuto, Wooseok and E'Dawn. After the rumors about the relationship between E'Dawn and Hyuna were confirmed, Cube Entertainment - the company of both artists - terminated E'Dawn's contract. Pentagon is now active as a 9-member KPop group.

If you happen to like the band you have a chance to get some interesting Pentagon merchandise officially released by Cube. The company did release some of the goods in conjunction with their mini concerts, showcase, fanmeetings including the 2022 Pentagon's Private Party, the 2019 concert Prism, and the 2020 online concert titled We L:ve.


Debut Showcase The Museum Of Pentagon Merchandise

6 Days after the debut on October 16, 2016 the group held their first showcase titled The Museum Of Pentagon. The fans had an opportunity to purchase 3 goods.

Debut Showcase The Museum Of Pentagon Merchandise

The first item is the first version of the official slogan of Pentagon. It has a big logo and the name of the group in the middle on the dark blue background. The slogan measures 800 x 600 mm. The second item is one sheet of tattoo stickers composed of 11 pieces. You can just cut out the design of your choice, remove the transparent film and paste the sticker wherever you want on your body. Then you have to wet the back paper and remove it after 20-30 seconds. The final product is a set of photos that includes 2 photos of each member - a profile card with the name of a member and his date of birth at the back and message card with a hand written message with an autograph of a member. In the package you will find 20 different sheets.

Pentagon Mini Concert Tentastic Vol.1 - Love Goods

Just two months after the debut the group held their first solo concert that took place at the Yes24 Live Hall in Seoul on December 6, 2016. The tickets sold out within 8 minutes after the sale began. It's the first event of a series of 5 Tentastic concerts.

The boys again prepared three pieces of Pentagon merchandise including the slogan (version 1). Other items available at the event were a poster set and a photo set. The two posters has a photos of all members and a calendar for the year 2017. The size of each one is 525 x 370 mm. They come in a black square tube. The set of photos consists of 20 sheets - 2 per a member.

Pentagon Mini Concert Tentastic Vol.1 - Love Merchandise

Pentagon Mini Concert Tentastic Vol.2 - Trust Collection

The Tentastic Vol.2 concerts was held over three days on June 10-12, 2017 at the Shinhan Card Fan Live Hall in Seoul. The event was divided into a P, T and G day during which the fans had a chance to experience a different concepts from their favourite KPop group. The concerts were a part of promotions for their newest extended play Ceremony which came out on the final day of the events.

The group prepared a new selection of collectibles for their fans which includes a slogan we're already familiar with. The attendees could also purchase 4 other items. The first one is a dark blue ticket case with a transparent window and the name Pentagon on front and the logo of the group at the back. It comes with a white lanyard. The second product is a set of 20 photos with the pictures of all members on one side and the logo with the title of the event on the back. Next we have an image picket with a photo of the whole group. The diameter of the picket is 300 mm. The final item in this collection is a dark blue wire bandana with a small Pentagon's logo.

Pentagon Mini Concert Tentastic Vol.2 - Trust Merchandise

Pentagon Mini Concert Tentastic Vol.4 - Miracle Selection

On November 23, 2017 the fifth concert of the Tentastic series was held at the Blue Square I-Market Hall in Seoul. Once again the Pentagon merchandise were ready to be picked up by the fans. This time aside from the ticket case and a wire bandana two new items were available. The first one is the second version of the official slogan of Pentagon. It measures 800 x 200 mm and has the name of the group with the names of all 10 members in the middle. It has a little bit more sophisticated look than the first version. The second item is the official Pentagon light stick Uni Bong. This is the first time the light stick was revealed.

Pentagon Mini Concert Tentastic Vol.4 - Miracle Merchandise

Additionally the fifth mini album titled Demo_02 was available to purchase at the venue. It was released the day before on November 22, 2017.

1st Unibirthday - Pentagon's Private Class Selection

The fan meeting with the official fan club Universe was held at the Daeyang Hall Sejong University in Seoul on August 11, 2018. Due to a recent controversy E'Dawn did not participate in the event. Yan An was also not present.

Cube Entertainment prepared a collection of 4 new items for the members of Universe including a pouch for the official light stick (110 x 110 x 235 mm), a white strap key ring with a small round pendant and the words "Pentagon 1st Universe" on the strap (18 x 125 mm), a set of 14 mini posters consisting of 10 member sheets, 3 unit sheets and 1 group sheet (420 x 297 mm) and a garland consisting of a string and 11 elements.

1st Unibirthday - Pentagon's Private Class Merchandise

2019 Pentagon World Tour Prism Merchandise

Prism is the first world tour of Pentagon that began with two concert on their home soil at the Blue Square iMarket Hall in Seoul on April 27-28, 2019. The members are scheduled to give a performances in 23 cities during the tour that's split into 6 legs - Seoul and Jakarta (Leg 1: Asia), Toronto, New York, Chicago, Dallas, Seattle, Los Angeles and San Jose (Leg 2: North America), São Paulo, Santiago, Monterrey and Mexico City (Leg 3: Latin America), Taipei and Hong Kong (Leg 4: Asia), Milan, Lisbon, Berlin, Paris and Moscow (Leg 5: Europe), Singapore, Tokyo and Osaka (Leg 6: Asia). In July it was announced that due to a medical reasons Yan An will not participate in the tour.

The collection of the Pentagon merchandise prepared by Cube for the concerts in Seoul is the biggest to date. It consists of 9 different items.

2019 Pentagon World Tour Prism Merchandise

The first one is the Uni Bong. The batteries were not included in the package but you could get them separately at the venue. The second item is already the third official slogan of the group. It has the name of the group with their logo in the middle and the name of their official fan club Universe on both sides. The size of the slogan is a standard 800 x 200 mm.

Next we have a set of 10 postcards sized 100 x 148 mm, set of 20 polaroids (2 for each member) sized 108 x 85 mm and a bookmark set of 9 pieces.

The unit poster set consists of 10 sheets with the photos of 4 or 5 members on each one. The size of each poster is 364 x 257 mm.

The necklace comes with a round silver pendant with the logo of Pentagon on one side and its name on the other. The length of the chain is 500 mm and the diameter of the pendant is 16 mm.

The black T-shirt is available in one size and has the logo of the Prism tour on front.

The final item in this collection is a mini flag with the photo of a chosen member. It measures 65 x 160 mm.

Additionally you could purchase a plastic bag with the logo of Cube Entertainment for other products you acquired.