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BAE173 is a boy group that debuted in 2020 under Pocketdol Studio, a subsidiary of MBK Entertainment. It is composed of 9 members including Hangyul, J-Min, Muzin, Yoojun, Youngseo, Junseo, Bit, Doha and Dohyon. Hangyul and Dohyon are known from their participation in the Mnet's TV survival show Produce X 101. They finished program in the top 10 and as a result debuted as X1. The group was eventually disbanded due to the voting manipulation controversy. Both members debuted as a duo H&D in April of 2020.

The group debuted with their first mini album titled Intersection: Spark on November 19, 2020.

There are no official BAE173 merchandise available at the moment, that includes the official light stick. All you can get are the physical albums of the group such as their 2022 extended play titled Intersection: Blaze, and the unofficial, fan made items.

Physical Albums

The group released their first extended play titled Intersection: Spark on November 19, 2020. It consists of 5 tracks - Prelude : With Me, the lead single Crush On U, Fly, I'll Never Say, and a CD only song Every Little Thing Is You. It reached number 12 on the Gaon Weekly chart and sold 11,816 copies in its premiere month, and additional 6,969 in December.

The physical edition of Intersection: Spark is composed of many interesting pieces of BAE173 merchandise. The album measures 220 x 160 x 14 mm and comes with CD disk in a pocket holder, a photobook with 120 pages full of beautiful pictures of all members of BAE173, 1 sheet of logo stickers (120 x 160 mm), a folded card featuring 3 members, chosen out of 3 variants (300 x 150 mm), a folded lyrics poster showcasing a group photo on one side and the lyrics of all songs on the other (300 x 410 mm), 2 photo cards randomly selected out of 27 different sheets (3 per member) of a standard size of 55 x 85 mm, and finally a single AR card added at random out of 9 versions (55 x 85 mm).

The photo book features a cover of a randomly chosen member of the group. The folded cards connect on the backs and create a bigger group photo.

BAE173 Intersection: Spark Merchandise

The first of the group's albums came with 3 pre-order only pieces of BAE173 merchandise. That included a randomly chosen (out of 3 variants) 20 pages mini photobook (100 x 130 mm), a random set of 9 photo cards (3 variants), and a group poster (515 x 728 mm).

The second mini album of the group Intersection: Trace had its premiere on April 8, 2021 under Pocketdol Studio. Similarly to the previous release it is composed of 5 tracks including #Trace, Loved You, I Can't Sleep, Green Light, and the instrumental version of Loved You, which serves as the title song.

BAE173 Intersection: Trace Merchandise

The second installment of the Intersection series is available in 1 physical version. It is of a similar dimensions to its predecessor and measures 161 x 221 x 30 mm. The package contains many BAE173 merchandise including a CD in an envelope, a 120 pages photobook with a random cover (150 x 210 mm), a folded card selected out of 3 variants (445 x 210 mm), 2 random postcards of a size of 105 x 148 mm chosen out of 10 versions (1 group and 9 single member sheets), a sheet of stickers (148 x 210 mm), a folded poster (420 x 296 mm), and 2 photo cards added randomly out of 18 variants (55 x 85 mm).

There are 3 pre-order benefits if you ordered your copy before the official release. You could get 3 random photo cards selected out of 18 variants (2 per each member of BAE173), 1 extra sheet of stickers (148 x 210 mm), and a poster with a group picture measuring 730 x 515 mm.

Fan Made Merchandise

If you are still in need of BAE173 merchandise, you should think about getting a fan made goods, especially while waiting for the BAE173 light stick. There are not official, but you will find them very interesting. They often tend to be of the same quality as the officially released ones. The fans create their own designs incorporating different logos and phrases, and upload them online so you can print it on your own, or with a use of external websites.

These sites offer a print-on-demand service. You can just order an item with an artwork or design related to your favourite group and they will make it for you and deliver to your home address. It is very convenient and will not take much of your time. The products are often of a very affordable prices so you don't have to worry too much if you are on a budget.

If you are a big fan of BAE173 you should definitely think about it. You will most likely be pleased to add these merchandise to your KPop collection.