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Ghost9 Merchandise

Ghost9 is a boy group formed in 2020 by Maroo Entertainment. It is composed of 9 members including Dongjun, Shin, Junseong, Junhyung, Prince, Kang Sung, Woojin, Taeseung and Jinwoo. Four of the members are known from their participation in the survival TV show on Mnet titled Produce X 101 - and Jinwoo, Woojin, Junseong and Taeseung. They finished the program on 22nd, 41st, 46th and 53rd position respectively.

After the TV show ended, three members joined a group Teen Teen and released their first mini album titled Very, On Top. Junhyung and Dongjun participated in the TV show Mix Nine.

Ghost9 eventually debuted on September 23, 2020 with the first extended play titled Pre Episode 1: Door, and the lead single Think Of Dawn.

Currently there are no official Ghost9 merchandise available beside the physical albums. The official Ghost9 light stick is yet to be announced. If you're looking for interesting items related to the band, you can acquire the physical editions of their albums including Arcade: V. You should also definitely check out fan made goods.

Physical Albums

The physical releases of the albums are considered a valuable Ghost9 merchandise. The KPop group released their first EP titled Pre Episode 1: Door on September 23, 2020 under Maroo. MHN Bugs was responsible for the distribution. It is composed of 6 tracks including the intro Vision, Think Of Dawn, Reborn, It's Gonna Be Hot, Lay Back and Flying At Night.

It managed to reach number 14 on the Gaon Weekly chart and sold 5,882 copies during September, and the additional 6,041 units the next month.

The physical edition of the first installment into Pre series is composed of a CD disk with the music, a 76 pages photobook with some beautiful pictures of all boys (153 x 153 x 8 mm), an 18 pages booklet with the lyrics (153 x 153 mm), 1 story-telling photo card chosen at random out of 9 versions, which connected on the back sides create an image of a haunted castle (65 x 100 mm), and 1 regular photo card selected randomly out of 9 variants (1 per each member of Ghost9) of a typical size we can find in many KPop albums nowadays (55 x 85 mm).

Ghost9 Physical Albums Merchandise

If you pre-ordered your copy you could get a group poster of a size of 525 x 770 mm. The dimensions of the whole package are 162 x 162 x 25 mm.

The second extended play of Ghost9 titled Pre Episode 2: W.all came out on December 10, 2020. Similarly to its predecessor it features 6 tracks - the intro Peace, Splash, W.all, Red Sign, Focus, and Way To You. W.all serves as the title song. It peaked at number 12 on the Gaon chart (which is a better result than the previous one) and was the 41st best-selling release of December 2020 in South Korea with 8,797 units sold.

The physical edition of the EP is of a similar size as Door. It measures 164 x 162 x 30 mm. Inside the package you will find some cool Ghost9 merchandise including a CD disk, a photobook with 76 pages of pictures (153 x 153 x 8 mm), an 18 pages lyrics booklet (153 x 153 mm), 1 story-telling photo card added randomly out of 9 sheets, which joined on the backs create an image (65 x 100 mm), and 1 random photo card chosen out of 9 variants (55 x 85 mm).

This time once again a poster was included with all pre-orders. It features all 9 members of Ghost9 and measures 525 x 770 mm.

The third release of the group titled Now: Where We Are, Here had its premiere on March 11, 2021 under Maroo. On the CD you will find 6 tracks - Trigger (Intro), Seoul, Uno, Starvoy, Hide & Seek and Monday to Sunday. It repeated the success of the previous album and reached number 12 on the weekly Gaon chart.

The physical edition of Now comes with some interesting Ghost9 merchandise. Aside from the CD containing the music, inside the package you will find a photobook with 144 pages full of pictures (155 x 200 x 14 mm), 1 photo card chosen at random out of 9 variants (54 x 86 mm), 2 group postcards (170 x 120 mm), 1 sheet of holographic stickers, and finally a booklet and a sheet of stickers featuring the characters from the cartoon series Gleez (Ghosts Living in an Empty Earth and Z) uploaded on the group's official Youtube channel (150 x 150 mm).

A poster came inside the package if you ordered your copy before the premiere date (420 x 594 mm).

Fan Made Unofficial Merchandise

While waiting for the official Ghost9 light stick and some other goods, you should definitely check out various e-commerce websites for some cool fan made stuff. The fans can get very creative and show their talents by making their own Ghost9 merchandise.

They offer these items online for other to purchase, especially when the official ones are not available or simply are out of stock. You will be pleased with what you will get, since the quality are almost or exactly the same as from the official manufacturer.

There are many print-on-demand sites, when the fans upload their artworks and designs. You can then order a particular item with the design printed on it and own something related to Ghost9. There are many items to choose from including posters, hoodies, T-shirts, coasters, phone accessories and stickers. I'm pretty sure you will find something that will be right up your alley.

These are available for a very affordable prices so you certainly don't have to worry if you are on a budget.