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P1Harmony Merchandise

P1Harmony was formed by FNC Entertainment in 2020 as the company's next boy band after SF9. There are six members in the group - Theo, Keeho, Intak, Jiung, Soul and Jongseob. They debuted on October 28, 2020 with their first extended play titled Disharmony: Stand Out and their lead single Siren, for which a music video was released. After the debut they were nominated in the category Rookie of the Year at the 2021 Seoul Music Awards.

Although FNC is known for the memorabilia they release for each of their artists, there are not many official P1Harmony merchandise available at this moment. Although the official light stick has been released. There are several collections you can check out including the ones released for the group's first online fanmeeting titled P1uspace H : Get Together, the 2022 live tour [P1ustage H : Peace], and the premieres of some of their records including the mini album Disharmony: Break Out.

Online Fan Meeting P1uspace H : Get Together Merchandise

The first fanmeeting of the group was organized for the fans all around the world, who couldn't participate in the event personally. It was held on January 10, 2021 at 3:00 PM, and was streamed through the band's official account on Naver's V Live. The event was watched by more than 300,000 viewers from 136 countries, and received 23 million hearts. It was a big success, especially if we take into account that it was the first this kind of fanmeeting for the group.

It is worth noting, that the fanmeeting was broadcasted for free. You didn't have to pay a penny to watch it.

But there was another method to support the members. A special line of P1Harmony merchandise was prepared to commemorate the event. That was a perfect opportunity for the fans to show their gratitude towards the members. The collection of 4 items were available for purchase from the official FNC store even before the fanmeeting took place - on December 31, 2020. The shipping began five days later on January 5, 2021.

P1Harmony Online Fan Meeting P1uspace H : Get Together Merchandise

Although the 4 items showed up on the store, there was still no sign of the official P1Harmony light stick which was released on July 5, 2021. Nevertheless these high quality products will definitely worth what you are going to spend.

The first piece of P1Harmony merchandise in this collection is a set of postcards. There are 7 sheets in the set, each of them featuring either a single member or the whole group. They measure 100 x 150 mm and were priced at 14,000 KRW.

The second product is a set of photo cards. 2 variants are available. The first variant - Polaroid version - contains 6 regular cards (1 per each member of P1Harmony) and 6 polaroid photo cards. The Selfie version set is composed of 12 regular sheets (2 per member). All photo cards are of a standard size you can find in a majority of KPop albums, and measure 55 x 85 mm. Each set costs just 12,000 KRW.

Next we have a set containing 6 ID pictures and 6 vertical photos. Each sheet showcases a single member, that means you will get 2 photos of every member. The pictures measure 30 x 40 mm and 70 x 50 mm respectively. You can get it for a price of 9,000 KRW so it's definitely worth it.

The final piece of P1Harmony merchandise in the collection (the official P1Harmony light stick was still not available) is an acrylic keyring. It features a cool design depicting a Rubik's cube, and featuring many different colors and letters. The design was prepared by the members of the group. The keyring is made of acrylic and metal and its size is 30 x 65 mm.

Please remember you can order only 5 pieces of each item per person. You will have to hurry up before the stock will be sold out. Otherwise you could try to get it from the third party sellers on various e-commerce websites.