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The Boyz Merchandise

The Boyz debuted under Cre.ker Entertainment on December 6, 2017 with their debut track Boy and the extended play The First. The group is composed of 11 members - Jacob, Sangyeon, Hyunjae, Younghoon, Juyeon, New, Kevin, Q, Ju Haknyeon, Sunwoo and Eric. Hwall left the band in October of 2019.

The officially released The Boyz merchandise was available at different events like showcases and fan-cons such as The Film Festival and The B Zone held in 2020 and 2021 respectivelly, and also on various online KPop shops. Many of these items were personally designed by Kevin, New and even other members.


Debut Showcase The First Goods

On December 6, 2017 The Boyz held their debut showcase titled after their album "The First" at the Hall of Peace of Kyunghee University in Seoul. The 60 minutes event was broadcasted through The group prepared a treat for their fans in form of 4 collectibles that were sold at a special booth in front of the hall.

The Boyz Debut Showcase The First Merchandise

The collection consists of the official light stick which is in a shape of the red logo of The Boyz, a black and golden wappen designed by Kevin, the official slogan with the group's logo on one side and the names of all members written twice on the other, and finally a ball pen with a cartoon depicting every member.

1st Anniversary & 'The Only' Comeback Showcase 'One & Only' Goods

One year after the debut The Boyz met with their fans at the Kyunghee University's Grand Peace Palace once again to celebrate their first anniversary and comeback with the album The Only. The event was held on November 29, 2018. The collection of 5 new pieces of The Boyz merchandise was prepared.

The Boyz 1st Anniversary & The Only Comeback Showcase One & Only Merchandise

The first item is a completely new light stick that has a round head and black handle. The strap is included. The size of the light stick is 110 x 20 x 217 mm.

The second one is a set of 19 photo cards. It includes 12 solo cards, 1 group card and 6 unit cards: Q & Younghoon, Jacob & Eric, Juhaknyeon & Sunwoo, Hyunjae & Hwall, New & Juyeon, Kevin & Sangyeon. The size of each photo card is a standard 55 x 85 mm.

The third product is set of three rolls of masking tape - black, purple and yellow. Each roll is 7 meters long and 20 mm wide.

The last two items are a black key ring with the group's logo a small pendant (25 x 155 mm) and a black wappen with the title of their single No Air (64 x 60 mm). It was designed again by Kevin.

1st Fan-Con 'The Castle' Merchandise

The first fan-con of The Boyz took place at the Olympic Hall in Seoul on 26-27 of January 2019. The members of the group's official fandom The B had a chance to get their tickets 2 days before the general audience. The boys gave the performance of their most popular songs and talked with their fans.

For this occasion another collection was prepared. This time 11 items were available. They are licensed by Cre.ker Entertainment and manufactured by Beatro Co., Ltd.

The Boyz 1st Fan-Con The Castle Merchandise

We start with the official light stick that's exactly the same as in the One & Only showcase collection. The second product is a black T-shirt with the event's logo on front. It comes in two sizes - M and L. Next we have a black eco bag with a different logo on front. It was designed by both New and Kevin. The dimensions of the bag are 380 x 420 mm.

The official slogan is different here from the previous one. It has the logo of the event on one side and a back side designed by New & Kevin. The size is no different than the size of a typical slogan (600 x 200 mm).

In the pencil set we will find a pencil with every member's name and the name of the group. It comes in a box. The size of the pencil is 190 x 8 mm.

Next there's a set of 13 L-Holders (12 members + 1 group, 220 x 310 mm) and set of 13 mini posters (12 members + 1 group + cover, 210 x 297 mm).

The name badge comes in 12 options - every member is available. The size of the badge is 85 x 35.5 mm.

In this collection we have the third wappen designed by Kevin which proves how talented he is. The size of the wappen is 43 x 68 mm. What is more we have here also 12 cartoon character badges designed by all members. They are sized from 22 to 44 mm.

The final item is an acrylic stand with your favourite member (80 x 80 mm).