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E'Last Merchandise

E'Last (formerly known also as EBoyz) is a boy band formed by E Entertainment in 2019. It is composed of eight members - Rano, Choi In, Baekgyeul, Seungyeop, Won Hyuk, Romin, Yejun and Wonjun. Two of them - Wonjun and Won Hyuk are known from their participation in the TV survival show Produce X 101. Before the debut the group had its own variety show Unlock, frequently uploaded on their official Youtube channel.

E'Last eventually debuted on June 9, 2020 with their first mini album titled Day Dream, and a title track Swear, for which a music video was released.

There are not many officially released E'Last merchandise at this moment. The only item you can get is the light stick. Of course you can also find the physical editions of their albums, which you can proudly add to your KPop collection. That includes their 2021 single album Dark Dream and the 2022 extended play titled Roar.

E'Last Official Light Stick

The first fanlight of the group is a simple one comparing to other these type of items of any other KPop artist. It is made of ABS and acrylic and is similar to those we can get as part of the collections prepared for concerts, fanmeetings and showcases.

E'Last Official Light Stick

The E'Last light stick is composed of a white handle with the name of the group, and a flat head featuring the word "E'Last" alongside the group's logo in green and purple. On the handle you will spot a round turn on button. The product comes with a purple hand strap which will be very helpful at the venue.

It is the official item from E Entertainment, manufactured in China by Beatro Co., Ltd. The dimensions of this piece of E'Last merchandise are 75 x 252 x 20 mm.

Physical Albums

The physical editions of the albums may be a very nice addition to your collection of E'Last merchandise. The group released some nice looking albums, so you will be very pleased if you decide to get it.

E'Last debuted - as mentioned earlier - with the first extended play Day Dream. The EP is composed of 5 tracks including the intro, the lead single Swear, Sunrise, My Flower and Light. Won Hyuk, Wonjun, Rano and Baekgyeul helped with the lyrics for all songs except My Flower, while Won Hyuk and Baekgyeul co-composed Light.

E'Last Day Dream Album Merchandise

Day Dream managed to reach number 27 on the Gaon Weekly chart and sold 5,877 copies during the whole June of 2020. It was the 66th best-selling release of the month in South Korea.

The physical edition of the EP was distributed by Kakao M and comes in 2 different versions - Day and Dream. Both are of a square shape and measure 180 x 180 mm. Inside the package you will find a CD disk with the music, a photobook containing 96 pages of pictures featuring all members of E'Last (175 x 175 mm), 4 lyrics bookmarks of a size of 100 x 160 mm, 3 different postcards sized 100 x 148 mm selected randomly out of 29 variants (1 individual member out of 16 variants, 2 logo stickers of a size of 50 x 20 mm (green and purple), 1 unit out of 8 variants and 1 group out of 5 variants), 2 random photo cards added from a lot of 8 sheets. The photo cards are of a standard size of 85 x 55 mm.

Two different group posters were prepared for all copies purchased during the pre-order period. Their dimensions are 620 x 420 mm.

E'Last came back with their second extended play titled Awake on November 11, 2020. Due to his schedule Won Jun could not participate in the promotions. On the CD you will find - similarly to the its predecessor - 5 tracks including the Intro, Tears of Chaos, Dangerous, Present and Because of You. Tears of Chaos serves as the title song.

E'Last Awake Album Merchandise

Awake peaked at number 34 on the Gaon chart. It sold 4,286 units in November of 2020 and became the 71st most purchased release of the month.

The physical edition is available in 2 version full of interesting E'Last merchandise - White and Navy. Both are of the same size as the previous release of the group and measure 180 x 180 mm. Both consist of a CD disk, a 96 pages photobook (175 x 175 mm), 7 lyrics bookmarks with photos on one side and the lyrics on the other (100 x 160 mm), a 4cut photo chosen randomly out of 7 variants (1 per each member) of a size of 75 x 110 mm, 2 stickers showcasing the word "E'Last" (50 x 20 mm), 1 pet photo card featuring a random member of E'Last, and 2 regular photo cards randomly added out of 7 versions. All cards are of a typical size and measure 55 x 85 mm.

Two posters were issued for Awake (1 per each of 2 versions of the EP). The size of both is 620 x 420 mm.

As you can see you can get either the physical releases or the official light stick. The products will be perfect to fill the void in your KPop collection.