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D1ce Merchandise

D1ce is a boy group that debuted in 2019 under Happy Face Entertainment and its sub-label D1ce Entertainment. It consists of five members including Hyun-soo, Yong-geun, Woo-dam, Yoo-jun and Jin-young. Woo-dam, Jin-young and Yong-geun took part in the survival show Produce 101 Season 2 on Mnet, and reached number 35, 40 and 93 respectively. In 2017 Woo-dam, Jin-young, Yong-geun and Hyun-soo became participants in the TV show Mix Nine. Jin-young won the competition and was scheduled to debut with a new boy band. Unfortunately that never happened due to disagreements between the involved agencies. In 2019 Jin-young was a contestant during the eight series of Show Me The Money. The majority of members enlisted in the military in 2021 and 2022, and are currently inactive.

The members officially debuted on August 1, 2019 with their first mini album titled Wake Up: Roll the World.

There are 2 different collections of D1ce merchandise released by their company. The first is related to the premiere of their first extended play, and the second was available at the group's 1st fanmeeting in Japan in 2019.

Wake Up: Roll The World Album Merchandise

On August 1, 2019 the group released their first album titled Wake Up: Roll The World. It is composed of 6 tracks including the intro Roll The World, Wake Up, Dot, Amazing, Hands Up, and U R. Wake Up serves as the lead single. It was composed and arranged by Space One and KZ. The EP reached number 12 on the weekly Gaon chart, and sold 6,372 copies during its premiere month (as the 38th best-selling release of August in South Korea).

To commemorate the premiere of Wake Up, a selection of D1ce merchandise was released for the fans. The selection consists of 4 different items you would be pleased to add to your KPop collection.

The first one is an acrylic D1ce light stick. If you want to own something you could cheer the group with, this product will be perfect for you. It has a white handle and a round gold head featuring the logo of the band in the middle. The dimensions of the collectible are 120 x 270 mm. You could get it for a price of 18,000 KRW.

D1ce Wake Up: Roll The World Album Merchandise

The second item is a slogan. It is black and showcased the name of the group alongside the title of their first release on one side, and the names of all members on the other. It will certainly be a nice addition to the light stick. The size of the product is 1000 x 200 mm.

Next we have a keyring with some charms representing each letter of the word "D1ce", with the additional rectangular charm with the words "Wake Up: Roll The World". You could get the product for a reasonable price of 15,000 KRW. The size of the keyring is 32 x 128 mm.

The last piece of D1ce merchandise in this collection is a set of photo cards. You will get 8 sheets including 5 individual member cards, 2 unit and logo card. The size of each of them is larger than the regular size (55 x 85 mm). Each of the cards measures 60 x 90 mm.

All pieces of merchandise were manufactured and distributed by Compact.D company. All are the official products from D1ce Entertainment.

Wake Up: Roll The World 1st Fanmeeting In Japan Goods

The first fanmeeting of D1ce in Japan was held on September 23, 2019. Another selection of D1ce merchandise was released for the fans, who could purchase them at the venue. The collection is composed - similarly to the previous one - of 4 products.

Among the collectibles you will find another light stick. Although it has a white handle, the head is a little bigger than the group's first fanlight. On the head you will spot the logo of D1ce and the names of all 5 members. The price for the light stick was very affordable - you had to spend only 2,500 JPY.

D1ce Wake Up: Roll The World 1st Fanmeeting In Japan Merchandise

The second item is a promotional slogan. It features the name of the group and the names of all members. The size of the slogan is 200 x 1100 mm. It cost only 2,000 JPY.

The third piece of D1ce merchandise is a round can mirror you can easily hold in your hand. It showcases a similar design as on the light stick. The diameter of the item is 76 mm.

The last collectible is a set of 3 trading photo cards chosen out of 10 variants. There are 2 variants per each member of D1ce. Each set was sold for just 700 JPY. That was a very affordable price.