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T1419 Merchandise

T1419, also known as Teen 1419, is a boy group under MLD Entertainment. It is composed of both Korean and Japanese members, and is promoted in South Korea, Japan and United States. The group consists of Sian, Noa, Gunwoo, Kevin, On, Leo, Kairi, Zero and Kio. The members debuted with their first single album titled Before Sunrise Part. 1 on January 11, 2021.

Although there is no official T1419 merchandise at the moment (that includes the official light stick), you can always get their physical albums, which are full of interesting goods you will definitely like. A great example is their 2021 series of albums titled Before Sunrise.

Physical Albums

The group released the first part of the Before Sunrise series on January 11, 2021 under MLD. It is composed of three tracks including Asurabalbalta alongside its instrumental version, and Butt Out. Asurabalbalta serves as the lead single. The debut single peaked at the 8th position on the Gaon Weekly chart and sold 13,382 copies during its premiere month, reaching number 32 on the January best-sellers list. It sold additional 3,540 copies the following month.

The physical edition of the Part 1 can be considered a valuable piece of T1419 merchandise. It is available in one version of a size of 172 x 204 x 29 mm and comes with a transparent sleeve. Inside the package you will find a CD disk containing all three tracks, a photobook with 120 pages full of beautiful pictures (158 x 192 mm), a folded accordion postcard with individual photos of all members of T1419 (150 x 190 mm), a white strap for your face mask with some black details, 1 random transparent photo card chosen out of 9 variants, and 1 regular photo card selected randomly from a lot of 9 sheets. All photo cards included with this single are of a standard size and measure 55 x 85 mm.

T1419 Before Sunrise Part. 1 Album Merchandise

If you pre-ordered your copy you could get 2 different posters - 1 group poster (out of 2 versions available), and 1 single member poster (out of 9 versions). The size of all of them is 743 x 519 mm.

T1419 came back only 2 months later with their second single album titled Before Sunrise Part. 2. It was released by MLD Entertainment on March 31, 2021 and consists of 3 tracks - the title song Exit, its instrumental version, and a B-side song Dracula. The release reached the 7th position on the Gaon chart, and eventually became the 31st with the sales equal 17,933 copies.

T1419 Before Sunrise Part. 2 Album Merchandise

The single comes physically in one version with a sleeve, of the same size as the Part 1. The package measures 172 x 204 x 29 mm. It is composed of several interesting pieces of T1419 merchandise including CD disk with the music, a 120 pages photobook (158 x 192 mm), 3 sheets of stickers measuring 158 x 192 mm, 1 random postcard added randomly out of 9 versions (100 x 150 mm), and 1 selfie photo card of a regular size (55 x 85 mm) selected at random out of 9 variants.

Two different posters were prepared for this release. Both feature a picture of the whole group and measure 743 x 519 mm.

Fan Made Unofficial Merchandise

If you're still in need of something related to your favourite KPop group, you should think about getting something unofficial. The T1419 light stick is still yet to be released, so getting the physical albums or a fan made stuff will be a very reasonable decision.

The fans tend to be very creative. They always try to find a way to show their talents and create their own collectibles, which are often offered on various e-commerce website, where they can open their store. The fans like you and me can get the items for a very affordable prices. That can be a great solution when there is no official T1419 merchandise available or they are simply out of stock. This can be especially important if you're looking for a gift for someone who is a big fan of the members.

You can be sure the fan made products were prepared with a special care and can be of the highest quality possible. The items you can get are usually T-shirts, phone cases or other phone accessories, hoodies and other pieces of fashion, and finally a very unique objects like coasters and acrylic blocks.

Alternatively you can try to use a special service - print-on-demand websites, where you can upload your own design (or browse the designs that are already there), and print them on a particular item. It can be then delivered to your front door without any hassle. That can be a very convenient solution.