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Taemin Merchandise

Taemin - after debuting with SHINee in 2008 - started his adventure as a soloist with releasing his first mini album Ace on August 18, 2014. His first studio album Press It was released two years later in 2016. This year he also held his first concert tour "OFF-SICK" where the fans had a chance to get some nice Taemin merchandise prepared by SM Entertainment.

Taemin is also known as a member of a super-group SuperM along with Baekhyun, Kai, Taeyong, Ten, Lucas and Mark. They debuted with their first mini album SuperM consisting the lead single Jopping. They later came back with their full-length record Super One.


OFF-SICK Concert Tour Merchandise

The first concert of Taemin as a solo artist "OFF-SICK" took place at the Olympic Park Hall in Seoul on August 25-17, 2017. The concerts were followed by the performances in Yokohama and Kobe. A total number of 23 songs were showcased.

OFF-SICK Concert Tour Merchandise

Taemin prepared a selection of merchandise for his fans - exactly 20 wonderful items - fan light, poster set, postcard book, mood lamp and glass cup set, clear frame, desk mat, folding fan, one of two available badges (A or B), ball cap, black T-shirt, eco bag with the words "off" on one side and "sick", black canvas wallet with a special photo card as a gift, ring and strap set, bracelet, bandana, strap key ring, tumbler, shower curtain, two versions of style ring and a portable charger with a capacity of 5 000 mAh.

OFF-SICK On Track Collection

The encore concerts of the tour called "OFF-SICK On Track" was held on October 14-15, 2017. The additional collection was created for all the attendees to give them a chance to get something nice from the event.

OFF-SICK On Track Merchandise

A total number of 7 new products were added: a slogan towel with the name of the encore concerts, new badge with the name "Taemin", hip sack, two new strap key rings, hoodie, style ring and a different portable charger.

Some of the products of the first collection were also available at the event.

1001101 Concert Tour Merchandise

The second Teamin's concert as a soloist called "1001101" was held on March 15-17, 2019 at the SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium in Seoul. The songs from the mini album "Want" were performed by the artist.

1001101 Concert Tour Merchandise

24 new pieces of Taemin merchandise were introduced to the audience.

The first one is - surprisingly - a SHINee official lightstick. The batteries (3 x AAA) and a battery socket were both available at the event.

The second one is a new slogan with the name of the concert on one side and the photo of Taemin on the other.

The two strap key rings are very similar to the ones from the OFF-SICK On Track encore concerts collection.

If you love fashion you will be pleased with the five pieces of clothing available here: black coach jacket, white or blue hoodie, black backpack, bucket hat and a pair of white socks.

And if you need some kind of a jewelry you can get a necklace with a pendant (68 cm long), bracelet with a "T" pendant and an acrylic charm set with the six letters from the name "Taemin".

Next we have two new badges, a key ring with the concert's logo and photo acrylic charm set.

The next item is a set of one sheet of epoxy stickers, on sheet of deco stickers and one photo card. The size of each sheet is 120 x 140 mm.

The photo acrylic charm set comes in two variants - version A: Taemin's name and silhouette charms, version B: Taemin's name and face charm.

The fortune scratch set consists of 2 random scratch cards (out of 6 different types) and one random photo card from 6 versions.

The postcard book includes 10 different postcards sized 127 x 178 mm.

The film and photo set consists of two translucent negative-like photos and one paper photo of Taemin.

You can stick the clear memo sheet on your wall and use it as a reusable notebook - you can simply clear what you've already written.

The card holder comes with two photocards.

The other items are: a pouch, one of two rolls of sticky tape, two wappens - one with the concert's logo and one with Lee Tae Min written in Korean.