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ACE KPop Merchandise

A.C.E (Adventure Calling Emotions or ACE) is a KPop group formed by Beat Interactive in 2017. It is composed of five members: Chan, Donghun, Jun, Wow and Kim Byeongkwan. Jun was previously a trainee under Jellyfish Entertainment and Wow trained with Winner members under YG Entertainment. After his participation in a TV show I Can See Your Voice Donghun gained recognition from GOT7 member JB. For a period of time Chan and Kim Byeongkwan were training under JYP Entertainment. The group officially debuted on May 23, 2017 with their first single Cactus. Both Jun and Chan were a participants in a survival TV show The Unit. Jun was eliminated but Chan finished on ninth position an as a result debuted as a member of a temporary group UNB. Kim Byeongkwan, Donghun and Wow joined the survival show Mix Nine on JTBC and the first two members finished in the top 9 which entitled them to debut in a project group. The debut was unfortunately canceled.

The group released some interesting collections of ACE merchandise for their concerts and tours including To Be An Ace Tour and a global project Sweet Fantasy. There are also some interesting selections of goods prepared for the premiere of some of their albums including Changer : Dear Eris. The official character dolls has also been released.


ACE Global Fan-Con 2018 In Seoul Sweet Fantasy Merchandise

The KPop group began their special global project Sweet Fantasy in Japan on March 2, 2018 and then headed to Brazil where they met with the fans on March 9. They came back to South Korea on March 17 for a performance in Seoul. They concluded the project in Toronto and Canada respectively on May 19 and 20.

The A.C.E Global Fan-Con 2018 - Sweet Fantasy in Seoul was held at the Yes24 Live Hall. The tickets went on sale on February 18 and sold out within 5 minutes. The fans had a chance to get some cool ACE KPop merchandise for their collection. The selection of ACE merchandise consists of 9 items and all of them were manufactured in Korea.

ACE Global Fan-Con 2018 In Seoul Sweet Fantasy Merchandise

We start with a white T-shirt with a purple square on front featuring the logo of the group. It comes in a free size.

The second product is the official ACE light stick/penlight with the title and logo of Sweet Fantasy project on it and the signatures of all five members. The size of the items is 28 x 250 mm.

Next there's a badge set consisting of two badges - black and white. They have the KPop group's logo on front and the name of the group along with their debut date on the back. The diameter of both badges is 30 mm.

The commemorating purple slogan has the word "A.C.E" on a front side a white logo of the group on the back side. The slogan measures 600 x 200 mm.

The mini poster set consists of 6 six including 1 poster for each member and 1 group poster. The size of each sheet is 252 x 357 mm.

Next we have a set of 12 photo cards - 2 for each member of ACE, 1 with a group photo and 1 with the logo of the project. Each of them measure 54 x 85 mm.

The bracelet comes with a small silver pendant. The pendant has the logo of the group on one side and the word Choice (the name of the official ACE fandom) with the group's debut date on the other.

The last two items in this collection is a gray hoodie and an eco bag with the words "Adventure Calling Emotions" sized 380 x 420 mm.

ACE World Tour To Be An Ace Collections

In 2018 the group began their first world tour To Be An Ace. In a collaboration with MyMusicTaste the KPop boy band decided to visit 21 cities on three continents. In November of 2018 they performed in Latin America, throughout November and December they gave the concerts in the United States, and finally headed to Europe in February of 2019. During the shows in USA and Europe the attendees could purchase the ACE merchandise from a special selections prepared by Beat Interactive and MyMusicTaste.

ACE World Tour To Be An Ace In USA Goods

The first leg of the world tour kicked off on November 24, 2018 with a performance at The Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles. Then the members of A.C.E continued the tour in Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, New York and Miami. A special selection of merchandise was prepared and available for purchase both online and offline at the venue.

ACE World Tour To Be An Ace In USA Merchandise

The first of 7 items was a black pullover hoodie with a pastel photo of the group on front. It had a part of the fabric covering the elbows cut out. Next there was a long sleeve T-shirt with a yellow logo of ACE on front and the title of the song Take Me Higher from the repackaged album A.C.E Adventures in Wonderland on the left sleeve. The other three pieces of apparel were a pink pullover with a black square logo of the group, a black T-shirt with the list of all North American tour dates on the back, and a cap that came in two variants - a black one with the words "Take Me Higher" and a blue one with a pink logo of A.C.E. The other two item in this collection are a pink tote bag with the title of the world tour "To Be An Ace" on front and a black wristband.

ACE World Tour To Be An Ace In Europe Goods

In 2019 ACE started their European leg of the tour. They started with a performance on February 20 at the Teatro Barcelo in Madrid and then continued the tour in Paris, Berlin, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Brussels, Moscow, Budapest, Dublin. They concluded To Be An Ace tour with the concert at the O2 Academy Islington venue in London on March 10. This time the attendees again had a chance to take home some cool collectibles. They could choose one or more out of 8 goods.

ACE World Tour To Be An Ace In Europe Merchandise

The first item is the T-shirt with the list of all European dates on the back similar to the T-shirt in the USA collection. Next we have two pieces of fashion with a pastel photo on front and the list on the back - a black T-shirt and hoodie. These three items are available in 5 sizes: S, M, L, XL and 2XL. In this selection of ACE KPop merchandise we will also find an acrylic light stick with a black handle and a transparent square head with the logo of the group. The other 4 products came from the USA leg collection. These are Take Me Higher long sleeve T-shirt and cap, To Be An Ace pink tote bag and a black wristband.

ACE 1st Concert Under Cover: Area No.1 Korea Merchandise

The group held their first domestic concert UNDER COVER : AREA NO.1 KOREA at the YES24 Live Hall in Seoul on June 23, 2019. It supported the release of their second extended play Under Cover that came out on May 17. A selection of new merchandise was prepared for the concert. The goods were also available for purchase online on various KPop stores.

ACE 1st Concert Under Cover: Area No.1 Korea Merchandise

The collection consists of 9 items. The first one is a white and red penlight with black A.C.E logo on it. It measures 18 x 240 mm.

The second on is a set of 2 sheets of deco stickers - which you can use to decorate your diary for example - and 10 photo cards with the photos of every member on the front size and the title Under Cover on the back side. The size of the sticker sheet is 130 x 180 mm and the size of the photo card is 55 x 85 mm.

Next we have two pieces of fashion - a free size T-shirt with a white silhouettes of all members on the back and a black ball cap.

The key ring has a red logo of the concert on it and comes with a small silver pendant with the logo of ACE. The key ring measures 45 x 130 mm.

The necklace comes with a silver ring on which we will find an inscription "Adventure Calling Emotions" on the outside and another one "ACE & Choice" on the inside. The length of the necklace is 470 mm.

The other pieces of ACE merchandise in the Under Cover concert collection are a grip tok (40 x 40 mm), a black waist bag with two pockets (390 x 130 mm) and a black pouch opened and closed with a zipper (220 x 170 mm).