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Oneus Official Light Stick Dalbit (Version 2)

Oneus Official Light Stick Dalbit (Version 2)
Release Date 1 April, 2022
Price $69.88
Width Depth Height
100mm 100mm 250mm
Light Colors
Operating Time 4 Hours
Power AAA Alkaline Batteries 3EA
Material ABS, PC
Content Light Stick, Strap, User Manual
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The second version of the Oneus light stick was officially announced on April 1, 2022 on the official Twitter account of the group. Although it happened on the April Fools' Day, it was not a joke but definitely a genuine announcement. Several pictures with the specification of the item were also uploaded.

The light stick was available for pre-order between April 4 and 11, 2022. It was officially released a week after the pre-orders were closed, on April 18, 2022. The official name - Dalbit - stays the same.

The version 2 of the Oneus light stick, similarly to its predecessor, is composed of a white handle and a translucent globe. Inside the globe you will find a planet Earth incorporated in a logo of the group. The shiny glitter is also present inside the plastic of the globe. The handle of this version of Dalbit is a little bit simpler than the last one. It seems to be composed of only one part instead of three. One button is missing. Only a single one is visible on the handle.

There are three different modes the Oneus light stick can work in - on, blink and flicker. Although it can emit a light in the whole spectrum, by default it shine in 3 colors - white, green and blue.

Although the specification states that the version 2 of the Oneus light stick can work in a central control mode, there are still no sign of the official app. In theory the collectible could be connected through Bluetooth with a device based on Android or iOS, and can be used for creating a special light effects at the concert, after pairing it up with your seat. Some additional options could be provided such as changing the light color, brightness, and checking the battery levels.

The Oneus light stick is powered by 3 AAA alkaline batteries, and can last for about 4 hours before you will have to swap the batteries. That's significantly longer than the previous one which could operate for an estimated 2 to 3 hours. The dimensions of the version 2 are 100 x 100 x 250 mm. It is exactly of the same size out of the previous light stick of Oneus. It weights approximately 210 grams, and is made of ABS and PC. It was manufactured by a South Korean company Everline Co., Ltd.

Beside the version 2 of the light stick you will also get a white hand strap to help you with carrying the item around, and a user manual full of information on how to properly set up the item, and how to use it. Everything comes in a really nice white box featuring the name of the group and their logo. The box measures 130 x 105 x 280 mm. On its backside you can find a sticker of authenticity, so you can know for sure it is a genuine piece of merchandise.

A wonderful benefit was included for those who purchased their light stick during the pre-order period. You could get a set of six exclusive photo cards featuring all members holding the version 2 of the Oneus light stick in their hands.

If you're looking for a little bit refreshed version of the collectible, this will be a great treat for you. If you happen to know a Oneus fan and you want to give them a perfect gift, this is certainly an obvious solution.

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