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Rocket Punch Merchandise

The group debuted in 2019 and released several collections of official Rocket Punch merchandise so far. The KPop girl band was created by Woollim Entertainment and consists of six members - Juri, Suhyun, Yeonhee, Yunkyoung, Dahyun and Sohee. They debuted on August 7, 2019 with the release of their first mini album titled Pink Punch. Their first title song was Bim Bam Bum. To commemorate the release a special showcase was held in Seoul. However the fans had to wait for the first goods to show up until the first fanmeeting of the group later that year.

The collectibles you can currently get are those from both fanmeetings Punch Time held in 2019 and 2022, and the items issued for the premiere of their single album Ring Ring.


Punch Time Fanmeeting Merchandise

The only collection of Rocket Punch merchandise comes from the first fanmeeting of the group titled Punch Time. The event took place at the BlueSquare I-Market Hall in Seoul on October 26 at 6PM. The ticket sales began on October 10. One ticket cost KRW 44,000 (with a two ticket per person limit). Rocket Punch met with their fans and prepared a selection of four items they could purchase. This small collection consists of a cool basic products that any fan would be glad to own.

Rocket Punch 1st Fanmeeting Punch Time Merchandise

The first one is a Rocket Punch light stick. It is made of an acrylic and is very similar to the fanlights of other groups that don't have yet their official ones. The light stick does not feature the logo of Rocket Punch but instead showcases the title of the fanmeeting. It has a white handle with a power on button and measures 140 x 225 mm. It was priced at KRW 13,000. You can still get it online for a slightly higher price from a second-hand sellers. Of course this Rocket Punch light stick will be a perfect addition to your collection of albums of the KPop group. The second item is a commemorating slogan with a photo of all members on one side and the title of the event and a list of the names of all members on a yellow background on the other. The dimensions of the slogan are 800 x 200 mm. It cost KRW 15,000 and comes in a transparent plastic pouch. The next piece of Rocket Punch merchandise is a set of 8 posters featuring the photos of all members. In the package you will get 6 single member sheets and 2 group sheets. Each of the posters measures 610 x 450 mm. The attendees could get the set at the venue for KRW 15,000. The final product is a set of 40 photo cards with the pictures of all members. They are of almost a standard size - they measure 54 x 86 mm - and they come in a yellow cardboard box.

All of the Rocket Punch merchandise were manufactured by Copan Global. The company is known for the collectibles (including light sticks) of other KPop artists such as Twice, Seventeen, GOT7, DAY6 and Monsta X. All of the items have a hologram sticker on the package that proves that they are the official goods from Woollim Entertainment.