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Astro Merchandise

Astro debuted on February 23, 2016 with their first EP Spring Up and the title song Hide & Seek under Fantagio which is also a company of other KPop group Weki Meki. The boy band is composed of 6 members: MJ, Cha Eun Woo, JinJin, Moon Bin, Yoon San Ha and Rocky. They were named as one of the best new KPop group that debuted in 2016 by Billboard.

Fantagio released a solid number of Astro merchandise in conjunction with concerts such as The 3rd Astroad Stargazer in 2022 and fan meetings including Gate 6. There was also a special selection prepared for the charity exhibition where the members had been raising the funds for impaired kids.

The collections are rich in slogans (almost all events have their own), light sticks and photo cards.


2016 Mini Live Concert Thankx Aroha Merchandise

The first mini concert by Astro called Mini Live Concert Thankx Aroha was held on August 27-28, 2016 only 6 months after the debut. The event took place at a theater-like KEPCO Art Center venue in Seoul. During the 3 concerts over 2 days the members performed their own songs and also danced to songs like A-pink's Mr. Chu, Twice's Cheer Up and Red Velvet's Dumb Dumb.

2016 Mini Live Concert Thankx Aroha Merchandise

A selection of 5 collectibles was available for the fans to purchase:

The official purple slogan of Astro with the names of the members and the group one one side and the logo on the other. Another slogan - blue one with the photo of the group on one side and the title of the event Astro 2016 Mini Live Concert Thankx Aroha on the other. Both come in a pouch with a zipper. They are in a standard size of 800 x 200 mm. The other three items are a purple light stick/penlight, a bottle in a box and set of 3 sheets of stickers.

The 1st Astro Aroha Festival Fan Meeting Goods

The first fan meeting with the official group's fandom called Aroha took place at the JangChung Arena Stadium in Seoul on February 26, 2017. The boys prepared a special performances and talked to the fans. The ticket sales was opened on January 24th for the Aroha members and February 25th for the general public.

The 1st Astro Aroha Festival Fan Meeting Merchandise

This time nine collectibles were available at the venue ready to be purchased by the ticket holder.

The first two are slogans - the official purple one and the new one with a photo of members on a white background on one side and the title of the event on the other.

Next we have a light stick with a round head with a purple cup and a white handle. The size of the item is 160 x 230 mm.

The set of 6 posters is available in 2 variants - either 6 members in a elegant dark suits or in a more casual attire. The size of the posters is 260 x 770 mm. They come carefully packaged in a box.

Both postcard set and photo card set also are available in two versions - elegant and casual. There are 7 postcards (130 x 180 mm) and 18 photo cards (54 x 86 mm) in each set.

Next there's a set of 30 stickers.

The last two items were only accessible for the AROHA members. These were a mini stand set (420 x 290 mm) available in two variants and two versions of wappen (60 x 77 mm) with the Aroha logo.

The 2nd Astro Aroha Festival Fan Meeting Collection

On February 24, 2018 the second fan meeting The 2nd Astro Aroha Festival was held at the KBS Arena Hall in Seoul. At the same time they were preparing for the fan meeting in other cities in Asia and North America.

The 2nd Astro Aroha Festival Fan Meeting Merchandise

The collection of Astro merchandise from the event consists of 15 products including previously released purple slogan.

The additional memorial slogan is also available. The size is the standard one - 800 x 200 mm. It is made of suede and comes in a pouch.

Next there's a memorial light stick similar to the one from the previous fan meeting. It's size is 120 x 230 mm. The batteries were included.

The poster set consists of 1 group and 6 posters of every member wearing a school uniform. The size of each poster is 410 x 585 mm. They come in a black tube.

The photo card set is composed of 18 photo cards in a standard 55 x 85 mm size. You can easily store them in a typical photo card binder.

A special set was also prepared. It consists of a card wallet with a photo of the members and Astro logo on one side and the logo of Aroha on the other and a necklace with a pendant. Both come in a box sized 70 x 110 mm.

The set of 6 post-its (for each member) comes with a glass bottle. Each post-it's size is 20 x 63 mm and it has 50 pages. The bottle's diameter is 61.5 mm and its size is 78.5 mm.

There's also a set of photo standing dolls (50 x 180 mm) of each member. This time it was accessible for other than the Arohas. The stand is made of a transparent plastic.

The other items are a sticker set (4 sheets), a set of 6 notes (48 pages, 180 x 245 mm), a set of 7 clear files - 7 individual and 1 group clear file (220 x 310 mm), a set of two black pencils (175 x 7.2 mm), a set of 7 postcards (125 x 180 mm), an eco bag made of canvas (340 x 380 x 80 mm) and a set of 6 pin buttons (50 x 50 mm).

The 3rd Astro Aroha Festival "Black" Fan Meeting Goods

The third fan meeting with Aroha fandom took place at the Olympic Hall of The Olympic Park in Seoul on March 2, 2019. The event was called The 3rd Astro Aroha Festival "Black" and bears a similarity to the Men in Black movie franchise.

The sales of the official merchandise started online on February 20, 2019 on the Korean Apple Music store. It ended four days later on February 24. The collectibles were also available at the venue over two periods - from AM 11:00 to PM 13:30 and from PM 16:00 to PM 18:30. One person could only purchase 10 items.

The 3rd Astro Aroha Festival Black Fan Meeting Merchandise

The collection is composed of 11 products.

Aside from the official purple slogan - which is also available in this collection - we have the official Astro light stick. It comes with a cradle & mood stand, a strap and a warranty. All comes in w white box. At that time it was an on-site only product. You can connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth. The dimensions of the light stick are 88 x 227 x 40 mm.

A special pouch was designed for the light stick. It comes with a hologram strap and can be opened and closed with a zipper. The dimensions of the pouch are 110 x 235 x 50 mm.

The memorial slogan of course has to be present. This time we have a slogan with the logo and the title of the event on one side and the photo of all members wearing black suits and sunglasses resembling the main characters from Men In Black. It is made of suede and is a little bit smaller than the other ones - 700 x 200 mm. It comes in a zipper bag.

There are two stamps in a set. One represents Astro and the other represents Aroha. Both are made of wood and come without inkpad. The size of the stamp is 40 x 40 x 25 mm.

The cell phone design film consists of 4 sheets of film that you can use with your smartphone. But please notice it is available only for iPhone X/XS models. The size of each film is 66 x 138 mm.

The photo set consists of 10 sheets (127 x 178 mm) and the polaroid set consists of 7 sheets (70 x 105 mm). The concept photos from the first album of Astro All Right were used for both sets. Some of the photos were signed by the members themselves so if you were lucky you could have received them.

A special package called Black Box was available exclusively for the people that attended the event. It looks like a briefcase and contains 5 pieces of stationery - a pocket book (110 x 180 mm), pencil (180 mm long), to do list (70 x 140 mm), post-its (70 x 70 mm) and masking tape (width: 15 mm). The dimensions of the package are 200 x 25 x 130 mm.

The other two items are a set of 12 photo cards (55 x 85 mm) and a set of 7 posters (297 x 420 mm).

Rise Up Photo Exhibition Goods

Astro joined forces with Nave Happy Bean and held a special exhibition for kids with hearing impairment. The event titled Rise Up Photo Exhibition started on August 14, 2018 and lasted to August 26. The earnings from the Astro merchandise sales were donated to organization that specialized in making cochlear implants under the name of the official fandom Aroha.

The collection consists of 22 items and many of them came with a special photo cards that were randomly added. The fans had an opportunity to collect a total number of 5 sets of photo cards: standing photo cards (6), ellipse photo cards (6), special unit photo cards (2), special group photo cards (2) and pet photo cards (6).

Astro Rise Up Photo Exhibition Merchandise

Two pieces of fashion were available at the event - a white T-shirt (free size) with the words "Always You. By Your Side. Call Out. Stay With Me. Real Love." at the back and a light purple ball cap with the title "Rise Up" on front.

Next we have a cotton bag in two options - white and blue. The size of the item is 360 x 380 mm.

The fabric poster also comes in two options - the vertical and horizontal (580 x 680 mm).

The set of 8 sheets of posters includes 2 group and 6 posters for each member. It comes in a tube. The size of the poster is 420 x 594 mm.

A dark blue photo card album can be used to store your photo card collection. It has a transparent sleeve on the cover for a random card it comes with.

The stitch patch set comes in three options. Each option consists of 2 different patches.

In a message envelope we will find a 8 pages leaflet, 1 photo card and 1 sticker. There are 6 different options available - 1 for each Astro member. The size of the blue envelope 110 x 150 mm.

The flip book is a treat for every fan. You will certainly enjoy 120 pages full of photos of Astro members. 2 types are available - type A and B. The size of the book is 120 x 45 mm.

A set of 8 bookmarks is available in 2 options - white and blue. The size of the product is 105 x 160 mm.

A pocket sticker set consists of 6 sheets (100 x 140 mm) of stickers that look like a had drawn cartoon characters. It comes in an envelope.

A can button hand mirror can be a very good addition to your makeup accessories. You can choose from 6 versions - each member is available. The diameter of the mirror is 75 mm.

If you love stickers you will be more than pleased. The boys prepared also a set of 10 sheets of removal stickers (160 x 110 mm) and two versions of lenticular sticker (35 x 35 mm).

The other items are a set of 13 postcards (1 group and 2 x 6 postcards of each member, 100 x 150 mm), a strap key ring with a pendant, ice tumbler 100 x 168 mm, white umbrella with the autographs of all members, a pair of white socks, a white rectangular pencil case (300 x 210 mm), a paper mobile to hang in your room and a special photo (103 x 151 mm).

As I said before certain items came with an extra photo card - T-shirt came with 1 standing photo card, ball cap with 1 ellipse photo card, cotton bag and fabric poster with 1 standing photo card, poster set with 1 special unit photo card, the album with 1 special group photo card, key ring, tumbler, umbrella and pencil case with 1 pet photo card, socks with 1 ellipse photo card.

The 1st Astroad To Seoul Concert Collection

The first solo concert of Astro was titled The 1st Astroad To Seoul. The event took place at the Olympic Hall of the Olympic Park in Seoul on July 15-16, 2017. The group performed their most famous songs and the tracks from their newly released album Dream Part. 01.

Nine items were prepared for the fans who attended the concert including three that we're already familiar with - the official Astro light stick with a pouch and the official slogan. The maximum number of each product the attendee could buy was three.

Astro The 1st Astroad To Seoul Concert Merchandise

We start with a slogan prepared especially for the 1st Astroad concert. It is made of suede and is sized 800 x 200 mm. It comes in a pouch.

The second item is a set of two official badges - one that resembles a small light stick (12.5 x 20 mm) and a beverage bottles (40 x 17.55 mm). Another set made for the event was available - it consists of a bus badge (25 x 12 mm) and an emblem (35 x 13 mm).

The set of 6 posters (370 x 520 mm) comes in a long blue box.

Two last items are a set of 18 photo cards sized 55 x 86 mm and a white T-shirt.

The 2nd Astroad To Seoul "Star Light" Concert Memorabilia

The second concert of Astro The 2nd Astroad To Seoul "Star Light" was held at the KBS Arena Hall on December 22-23, 2018. The tickets went on sale on November 21 for the members of the official fan club and on November 23 for the general public.

The online pre-order of the official Astro merchandise started on December 10 and lasted until December 16. The goods which were not sold during this time were available at the venue. The quantity of the items one person could purchase was limited to 10.

Astro The 2nd Astroad To Seoul Concert Merchandise

The collection consists of 15 products and once again the official slogan, light stick and a pouch were included.

We start with a set of 6 official badges. The size of each badge ranged from 15 to 32 mm. It was a product that was exclusively available for the Aroha members and was sold only at the venue.

A little bit smaller than the previous ones slogan was prepared for the concert. This time we have a 600 x 200 mm slogan made of suede with a photo of all members on one side and a hologram print of the title "Star Light" on the other.

Another set of round metal badges representing each member was also available. The diameter of each one is 25 mm.

Next we have two sets of photo cards (55 x 85 mm). The first one consists of 18 sheets (3 for each member) and comes in a tin case. The second is a limited edition set that includes 13 sheets (3 of each member and 1 group) prepared for the Christmas season.

A special program book for the concert was also available. It has 48 pages of content and the photos taken during the promotional photo shoot.

The other items are a glitter key ring made of acrylic and metal (120 x 38 mm), a glitter card case made of PVC (75 x 105 mm), a black hoodie made of cotton with a tag with an Astro logo (free size), a set of 7 posters in a black tube (420 x 594 mm), a set of two sheets of transparent stickers (130 x 230 mm) and a set of 8 postcards (100 x 150 mm).