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Stray Kids Merchandise

One of the companies that are exceptionally interested in releasing collectibles related to their artists is certainly JYP Entertainment. We are used by now to being spoiled by them whenever another new music video shows up on Youtube and the new album is released. Almost immediately an accompanying line of Stray Kids merchandise is available on various online stores for thirsty fans to grab.

There are plenty of events for which a selection of new products are prepared. That includes showcases before the premiere of new albums, fanmeetings with the official fandom STAY (including the #LoveSTAY series), concerts, and tours. The most recent event with its own line was the second world tour titled Maniac which began on April 29, 2022 in Seoul.

Additionally there are many Stray Kids merchandise related to the cartoon characters of the group known as Skzoo. The project was launched in February of 2021 with the release of 8 different plush dolls.

ITEMS (16)

JYP Entertainment is always very keen to commemorate every Stray Kids' comeback with a special event. While these events are a great success Park Jin Young doesn't forget about a nice treat to fans which is a set of cool goods. I hope that the infographics below will be very helpful.

Unveil Op. 01 : I Am Not Official Merchandise

On 25, March 2018 the first showcase Unveil Op. 01 : I Am Not took place at the Jang Chung Arena. It was the first time when the group released a selection of official Stray Kids merchandise. That was a great gift prepared especially for the fans. 10 different items were released: a lightstick, 600 x 200 mm black slogan with the group's name on one side and the names of the members on the other alongside the SKZ logo, a 56 pages photobook, a set of 10 photocards, a set of 2 different clear files with 90 pages note, two rolls of masking tape in a set, a free size black T-shirt (a small Stray Kids logo on front and bigger on back), a keyring with a strap, three different logo badges - type A with the group's logo, type B with words "I Am Not" and type C with a title of the song "District 9". The tenth and the last piece of merch was a special capsule that you could get in a lucky draw.

Stray Kids Unveil Op. 01 : I Am Not Official Goods

Unveil Op. 02 : I Am Who Official Goods

The second event was held at Grand Peace Palace at the Kyung Hee University on August 5, 2018. It was called Unveil Op. 02 : I Am Who. This time JYPE prepared more Stray Kids merchandise in their collection than for the previous showcase. 15 different goods were released including the newly introduced official light stick, a black free size T-shirt with yellow elements on the front and back, a free size bucket hat, a black backpack featuring the SKZ logo printed in yellow, a black keyring with a strap and words "I Am Who", 6 posters - 1 group poster, 3 unit posters and 2 of a single member - were chosen randomly out of 9 different types, black and yellow bandanna, a black free size bracelet with the album's title on it, a pair of free size socks, a set of 13 sheets of postcards, a set of 10 randomly selected out of 60 variants Polaroid photocards, a set of 10 bookmarks with every member, a set of removal stickers, a set composed of 1 postcard, 3 circle stickers and 2 photo cards. The last of merchandise was a special capsule available only to those who had won in a lucky draw.

Stray Kids Unveil Op. 02 : I Am Who Oficial Merchandise

Unveil Op. 03 : I Am You and Unveil : Review Selections

The third showcase took place at the Olympic Hall on October 21, 2018 and was called - as you've probably guessed - Unveil Op. 03 : I Am You. A total number of 15 Stray Kids merchandise was released: once again a lightstick, a free size black hoodie, a black cap with the group's logo on the front, a neck strap, a mini black key string with a strap, a bracelet with words "Stray Kids I Am you", a silver ring with a black pouch, a mini photobook with 124 pages inside, a set of 10 random Polaroid photo cards in a box (added out of 60 versions), an envelope with 1 postcard, 3 stickers and 2 photo cards, a set of 10 stickers in a transparent cover, a standing doll with all members, a photo fan and one of three different magnet bookmarks.

Stray Kids Unveil Op. 03 : I Am You Goods

This time they also prepared a special draw during which the fans were able to get a mini pendant key ring, a name tag and a random rubber bracelet.

A special selection of merchandise from the Unveil : Review was chosen to be available online for those who couldn't attend the event. Nevertheless you can still find other items on various websites like Ebay or any other KPop shop. The selection was a response of JYP Entertainment for a high demand and a massive success the Stray Kids merchandise had been achieving so far.

Stray Kids Unveil : Review Goods

The included products are lightstick, slogan, hoodie, key ring, ring, Polaroid postcards, stickers, standing doll and bookmarks.

The 1st World Tour District 9 : Unlock Merchandise

District 9 : Unlock is the first world tour of the group. It was launched with the first two concerts at the Olympic Hall in Seoul on November 23 and 24, 2019. It was expected to be held over 7 legs, but ultimately all the shows in Europe and some in Japan (Osaka) were canceled. During the tour the members performed in the United States, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and in Japan (Yokohama).

As always a number of Stray Kids merchandise was prepared for the world tour. The District 9 : Unlock collection included 14 different products (Seoul concerts), while the US selection consisted of 8 items.

The Seoul merchandise included several pieces of fashion such as a black hoodie with the logo of the event on both the front and back, a white T-shirt with the same design on the back, a black travel bag of a size of 640 x 420 mm, a silver necklace with a chain of a length of 500 mm and 3.2 mm pendant, a black ball cap, and 2 different pairs of shoelaces (black or white) with a slightly different lettering on it.

The other pieces of Stray Kids merchandise were a strap keyring with a name of a member of your choice and his small silhouette, a set of 4 translucent multi PVC pouch, a set of 2 sheets of tattoo stickers featuring colorful graphics including the SKZ logo, a set of 17 postcards measuring 127 x 188 mm, 26 Polaroid photos in a set (54 x 85 mm), a random photo selected randomly out of 10 variants (105 x 148 mm), and a set consisting of an L-Holder, A4 photo and a mind map (220 x 311 mm).

The last item in the world tour collection was a special pouch for the official light stick of Stray Kids. It is black and showcases the SKZ logo on the front. Its dimensions are 145 x 205 mm, and it comes with a 125 long strap. It is made of a very soft material.

The audience of the US concerts had an opportunity to acquire 8 different Stray Kids merchandise including mentioned above ball cap, the T-shirt, the Polaroid set and the strap keyrings. There are 4 additional items - a black version of the T-shirt, a crewneck with the same design as the hoodie, a set of 9 posters (1 group and 8 individual member sheets) of a size of 11 x 17 in, and finally the fanlight.

Unlock : Go Live In Life Concert Goods

The first online concert of Stray Kids was held on November 22, 2020 and streamed through Beyond LIVE platform. The viewers could watch it at 3PM KST via Naver's V Live. The members are the second group of JYP Entertainment to hold a Beyond Live show after Twice. On April 9, 2021 a video-on-demand version was released for the fans.

The pre-orders of the Stray Kids merchandise prepared for the concert were opened between November 20 and 27, 2020. A total number of 22 collectibles was released. That included the official light stick alongside its smaller mini keyring representation, and a black slogan promoting the event featuring a sentence "You Make Stray Kids Stay" (200 x 800 mm).

As always a small selection of apparel was included. You could get a black hoodie with a design prepared especially for the concert (size 100), a black T-shirt, a fleece jacket, a white and black raglan sleeve shirt, a beanie of a size of 210 x 200 mm, a beautiful brooch composed of 4 elements, a ring made of a Silver 925, a mask strap, and a sling bag measuring 280 x 120 mm.

Among the items you could also find accessories for the Airpods including a case for the standard earbuds (48 x 55 mm), a Pro case (65 x 49 mm), and a mini bag featuring the classic Stray Kids logo (100 x 70 mm).

The other pieces of merchandise were a binder for your collection of photo cards (115 x 125 mm), a set of 8 posters (2 per member) of a dimensions of 297 x 420 mm, a set of 9 lenticular photo cards (54 x 85 mm), a 48 pages photobook with beautiful pictures taken during the promotional photoshoot (210 x 297 mm), a new set of Polaroids (24 pieces) of a size of 54 x 85 mm, and a set of 3 badges - 1 bigger with a face of a selected member (32 mm) and 2 smaller with logos (12 mm).

The final piece of Stray Kids merchandise in the Unlock : Go Live In Life concert collection is a special AR ticket set. It consists of the special ticket itself (70 x 130 mm), a single AR photo card (55 x 85 mm), a ticket holder (240 x 165 mm), a photo invitation (120 x 165 mm), envelope (185 x 135 mm), a photo stand (153 x 50 mm), a portrait sticker (55 x 85 mm), 3 logo stickers, and a paper. Each of the sets is related to a single member, so there are 8 different sets to collect.

Additionally you could also get a bonus Polaroid selected out of 40 variants if you pre-ordered your items.

The 1st #Lovestay SKZ-X Fanmeeting Collection

The first fanmeeting with the fans from the official fandom STAY was held on February 20, 2021 and broadcast online through V Live. The concept of the event was influenced by mysteries and detectives themes.

The Stray Kids merchandise prepared for the fanmeeting were split into two parts - the regular one and the Skzoo related collectibles. They were available for pre-order for 10 days between February 18 and 28, 2021.

The regular selection consisted of 22 products, with additional randomly added Polaroid photo (out of 40 options) as a pre-order benefit. That includes always present fanlight and its smaller counterpart - a mini keyring.

Of course a small collection of fashion is also available. You had an opportunity to purchase a new ball cap, a black T-shirt with a fancy design on the back, a layered shirt, a sweatshirt with a red strap on the front, an anorak, and a mini cross bag of a size of 210 x 290 mm. All pieces of merchandise come in a single free size.

Three containers will be extremely helpful in your everyday life. That includes a pouch for your tablet PC (210 x 290 mm), a holder for your credit cards (80 x 110 mm), and a pocket made of PVC for one of your books (65 x 95 mm). Next we have another useful item, that is a roll of box tape featuring a sentence "SKZ Line Do Not Cross". The tape is 48 mm wide and 40 m long.

The photobook set will be a perfect piece of Stray Kids merchandise for a gift for a fan of the group. It consists of 8 photobooks with 24 pages of pictures of all members, of a size of 148 x 210 mm and in a saddle stitch binding. All of them are carefully packed in a sturdy package of a dimensions of 150 x 213 x 19 mm. The next set will be a perfect match for this collectible. The set is composed of several smaller items including the file (166 x 227 mm), a secret postcard with the regular postcard (148 x 210 mm), an ID card (55 x 85 mm), and a paper, there are 8 variants to choose from, each containing the goods related to the member you select.

If you're looking for something to hang on your wall you should consider getting a poster set. Each of them features a chosen member of Stray Kids and consists of 2 sheets of a dimensions of 297 x 420 mm. Next there is a tape frame keyring composed of the frame itself with a transparent window, and 2 pendants - one with a star and the other oval with the word "SKZ-X". Each comes with 4 mini photo cards featuring a single member. There are 2 options for you to choose - version A (Bang Chan, Hyunjin, Han, Seungmin) and version B (Lee Know, Changbin, Felix, I.N).

The other pieces of Stray Kids merchandise prepared for the #Lovestay SKZ-X fanmeeting are a set of 8 ID photos (35 x 45 mm), a set of special photo tickets (68 x 128 mm), 2 different jigsaw puzzles (285 x 210 mm), a set of 12 photos (4 unit plus 8 individual member sheets) and a paper frame, a film photo keyring, and finally a set composed of a clip board and a memo.

The collection of Skzoo related merchandise available at the fanmeeting consisted of 22 products including a set of 3 pin buttons (8 options), a character gel pen (8 options), a sticky memo set (type A or B), a pack of 25 die-cut stickers in a PVC bag, a set of 3 wappens (8 variants), a character face mini pouch (8 options), a grip tok selected out of 8 variants, and a white canvas bag.

The 2nd #LoveSTAY SKZ's Chocolate Factory Fanmeeting Merchandise

The second fanmeeting of the #LoveSTAY series titled SKZ's Chocolate Factory took place before the live audience at the Olympic Hall in Seoul over two days on February 12 and 13, 2022. The second date was also streamed online through Beyond Live platform. Due to injury the performances of Felix were heavily limited.

Similarly to the previous fanmeeting, two separate collections of Stray Kids merchandise were released. The first one consisted of 16 items, while the Skzoo selection was composed of 9 items. You could pre-order both between February 2 and 20, 2022.

The regular selection included the official fanlight and the light keyring. As always a small collection of fashion was prepared. It is composed of a very elegant ring made of Silver 925, a black T-shirt with a heart logo of the Chocolate Factory on the front and the Skz logo on the back, a black hoodie, a buttoned cardigan, a ball cap and a bucket hat.

6 products present in this collection were similar to the Stray Kids merchandise from the previous meeting, including a photobook set (this time with 8 solo member and 1 additional unit/group book), an ID photo set, 8 special tickets in a set, a set composed of 2 postcards, a single ID card, a profile sheet, and 1 file (8 variants), 8 different sets of 2 posters (364 x 257 mm), 2 different rolls of a box tape, 8 versions of a message pop-up card, and a photo prop featuring the silhouette of a member of your choice (80 x 230 mm).

The Skzoo related merch were the original plush dolls, a pin button set of 3 pieces, an acrylic stand with the silhouettes of both the member and the related character, a gel pen available in 8 variants, a paper air freshener depicting a selected cartoon character, a mask strap with a special case, a fluffy pouch for your small belongings which looks like a face of each of the mascots, a pack of colorful die-cut stickers in a bag, and 8 different Skzoo outfits.

A special benefit was included inside the package for those who pre-ordered their Stray Kids merchandise from this collection. You could get a single photo card added at random out of 16 variants.

The 2nd World Tour Maniac Collection

The second world tour of Stray Kids titled Maniac began with three performances in Seoul. The events took place between April 29 and May 1, 2022 at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium. It gathered the audience of 15,000 people. The members are scheduled to visit 10 cities on 2 continents including Kobe, Tokyo, Newark, Chicago, Atlanta, Fort Worth, Inglewood, Oakland, Seattle, and Anaheim. The Maniac tour was organized to support the sixth mini album of the group titled Oddinary which was released on March 18, 2022.

The merchandise prepared for the audience of the Seoul concerts were traditionally split into two parts. The first part included the regular, member-related goods, while the second was composed of Skzoo collectibles. All of them were available for pre-order for two weeks between April 28 and May 12, 2022.

As usually a selection of apparel was offered for the fans. It consists of a black ball cap with the title of the tour on the front, a black T-shirt with some lime colored design, a black hoodie with a zipper and a lime drawstrings featuring a cobweb design on the sleeves, a grey and black messenger bag, a white reusable eco-friendly bag with the Maniac logo on the front, a pair of white and black socks in a size of 240~260 mm, and finally a black slippers in either M or L size.

Next we have several smaller Stray Kids merchandise including a roll of box tape (2 variants), a set of 2 metal badges of a size of 25 x 25 mm and 30 x 10 mm respectively, a photobook with 76 pages full of pictures taken during the promotional photoshoot (210 x 297 mm), and a laptop pouch of a dimensions of 410 x 290 mm (15 in) which will be perfect as a computer accessory.

The 4-cut photo set is composed of 2 sheets showcasing a chosen member of Stray Kids. Both sheets measure 100 x 150 mm and come in an envelope of a size of 110 x 160 mm. Similarly, the poster set consists 2 sheets with a photo of a selected member and comes in a black tube. It measures 50 x 350 mm while the posters itself measure 297 x 420 mm.

The fans can also purchase a single photo card from the world tour selected randomly out of 24 options. It measures 54 x 86 mm and comes in an envelope.

The last two pieces of Maniac merchandise are a set of 16 stickers (8 photo plus 8 logo stickers) in a tin case of a dimensions of 68 x 107 x 9 mm, and a set of a slide film and a pendant keyring available in 8 unique options.

The Skzoo collection prepared for the Maniac world tour included a pin button set similar to the one from the SKZ's Chocolate Factory fanmeeting, a set of a dual frame keyring which comes with 8 photos (4 member and 4 cartoon characters) available in 2 types - S and K, a new selection of acrylic photo stands, 8 different gel pens with an emblem depicting a single mascot at the top, 8 different acrylic keyrings composed of 3 small charms, 8 variants of a deco sticker set (100 x 100 mm), and the Maniac version of the Skzoo outfit which comes in 8 variants - each with an extra lab coat. The final piece of Stray Kids merchandise is a very cute cape for the official light stick of the group (8 options).

This time once again you could get a bonus photo card randomly chosen from a lot of 40 sheets if you pre-ordered the products.

The Albums of Stray Kids

Mixtape Pre-debut Album

Before the official debut Stray Kids released a special album consisting of seven songs from the reality TV show they were in. The extended play was called Mixtape and was available for purchase in a physical form in January of 2018. In the package you will get some interesting Stray Kids merchandise including a CD, a nice 176 pages photobook, 2 random photo cards - Selfie version and Making version (each selected out of 9 different types). A benefit in a form of a postcard set and a random poster chosen out of 3 types were added for those who pre-ordered the album.

Stray Kids Mixtape Album

The First EP I Am Not: Versions I Am and Not

Two months after Mixtape the boys released their debut album I Am Not. The EP comes in two versions - I AM and NOT. Both have different covers and different CD art. They include a photobook - I AM and NOT versions, both with 1 of 9 covers. Additionally there's a set of three photo cards - one Childhood ver. (out of 9), one Unit ver. (out of 21) and one Selfie ver. (out of 9). Unit and Selfie versions have QR code on the back. You could also get a bonus merchandise when pre-ordering the album - a poster (out of 10 types) and 20 pages postcard book (out of 2 types).

Stray Kids I Am Not Album

The Second EP I Am Who: Versions I Am and Who

Their third album I Am Who came out in August of 2018. It's another release full of merchandise because who would have preferred a simple CD in a jewel case and nothing more. Each of two different versions - I Am and Who consists of a CD (black or yellow background), a photobook (two different variants - on the second page there is a random photo chosen out of 9 styles), a set of three QR photocards (1 Self-portrait, 1 Selfie and 1 Behind) and a lyrics poster (one random out of 9 styles). Three items were added only to pre-ordered album: a book of 15 postcards (chosen out of 2 different types), a sheet of stickers and a random poster (from 3 styles).

Stray Kids I Am Who Album

The Extended Play I Am You: Versions I Am and You

Stray Kids came back with their fourth official album I Am You in October 2018. The release follows the same pattern when it comes to added goods as I Am Who. We have here two different album variants - I Am and You which contains a unique photobook (with one of 9 photos on the second page), a CD with different background and 3 types of QR photocards (type A, B and C). A lyric poster is omitted. The only other difference is the number of photo cards the random ones are chosen from (B version has 36 and C version has 27). Three additional goods were included if you pre-ordered the album: a random poster (one of three), a postcard book (one of two) and a random photo card (one of 9).

Stray Kids I Am You Album

Stray Kids

The group was created in 2017 through an Mnet TV survival show. Although the two contestants were eliminated they were brought back to the final line-up. Stray Kids officially debuted under JYPE only three months after the show had ended. The band is currently composed of eight members including Bang Chan, Changbin, Lee Know, Hyunjin, Felix, Han, Seungmin and I.N. The ninth member Woojin left Stray Kids in 2019. They debuted with their first extended play I Am Not and the music video for "District 9". Their second and third EPs were released respectively on August 6 and October 22, 2018 with as a title tracks "My Pace" and "I Am You".

The members are very active during the production of their music. Three members - Changbin, Ji-sung and Bang Chan were credited as composers and lyricist multiple times. The trio is called 3racha. 3racha contributed to a total number of 27 songs from their first four albums (including Mixtape).