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Kingdom Merchandise

Kingdom is a boy band formed in 2021 under GF Entertainment. It is composed of seven members including Louis, Dann, Chiwoo, Arthur, Mujin, Ivan and Jahan. Dann was chosen as the leader. He is also a lead vocalist. Alongside Arthur they used to be a members of a group Varsity, which debuted in 2017 (as Seungbo and Yunho respectively). Kindgom released their first mini album titled History Of Kingdom : Part I. Arthur, and the lead single Excalibur on February 18, 2021.

There are no official Kingdom merchandise available, and no official light stick of the group. All you can get at this point is the physical edition of their albums, including the series of extended plays titled History of Kingdom released between 2021 and 2022. Alternatively you can try to find some interesting fan made goods offered online.

Physical Albums

The members debuted with their first release titled History Of Kingdom : Part I. Arthur. The album is composed of 7 tracks including Majestic Departure, the title song Excalibur, Night Air, Picasso, X, the acoustic version of Night Air, and the instrumental version of Excalibur. It was released by GF Entertainment and distributed by Genie Music.

Kingdom History Of Kingdom : Part I. Arthur Merchandise

The physical edition of the EP is available in only one version. It can be considered as a very valuable piece of Kingdom merchandise, so if you're looking for something related to the group you will be more than pleased. The dimensions of the package are 150 x 210 x 16 mm. The album comes with a CD disk containing the music in a tray, a photobook with 80 pages full of beautiful pictures of all members of Kingdom (144 x 204 x 7 mm), and a single photo card with a picture of a selected member on the front and an illustration featuring a sword on a black background on the back.

Fan Made Merchandise

If you are still in need of something related to the KPop group, especially waiting for the official light stick, you should definitely consider getting something made by fans. They tend to get very creative and make their own Kingdom merchandise, which are of a very good, even high quality. Sometimes they are as good as the official ones, released by the company.

The fans often sell these items online on different e-commerce websites, so we have a chance to get them. Since they are of a moderate to very affordable prices, you don't have to worry you will spend too much of your hard earned money. It is a great solution for any of us, especially if we are looking for something nice to buy for a fellow fan, or our friend who happens to be a big fan of the group.

What is more, there are plenty of Kingdom merchandise available on print-on-demand sites, where a particular design can be printed on any item, including phone cases, hoodies, T-shirts, posters, etc. This is a very convenient way of getting the goods. The service will print the graphic designed by you or the fans, and send over the item directly to your home address. That is also a great solution.