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Kim Jae Hwan Merchandise

Kim Jae Hwan is a vocalist and a former member of a project group Wanna One. In 2017 he was a participant in the Mnet's survival show Produce 101 Season 2. He reached the top 11 (at number 4) and became a member of Wanna One as a result. He debuted with the band on August 7, 2017 with the release of their first mini album titled 1X1=1 (To Be One), and the lead singles Energetic and Burn It Up. After the group disbanded in January of 2019, the Jae Hwan debuted as a solo artist under Swing Entertainment on May 20, 2019, with his first extended play Another featuring the title track Begin Again.

There are several interesting collections of Kim Jae Hwan merchandise, released officially by Swing. They were prepared for his fanmeeting and concerts. Among the items you will find the official light stick of the artist. Of course you can also get the physical editions of his records including the extended plays Change and The Letter, both released in 2021.

Min:D Fanmeeting Merchandise

In 2019 the artist began his solo fanmeeting tour. The tour titled Min:D was organized by Swing Entertainment and Spring Entertainment, and began with the event in Seoul. It took place at the Jamsil Arena on May 26, 2019 at 2:00 PM and 7:00 PM Korean Standard Time. The tour continued all across Asia. Kim Jae Hwan visited Japan giving two performances (on June 7 at the Orix Theater and on June 8 at the Omiya Sonic City Hall), Thailand (on June 22 at the Indoor Stadium Huamark), Jakarta (on June 29 at the Istora Senayan), Singapore (on July 6 at The Star Theatre), and Kuala Lumpur (on July 27 at the Stadium Malawati). The tour concluded with the fanmeeting in Hong Kong on July 30. Another date was scheduled in Taiwan, but was eventually canceled.

A special selection of the official Kim Jae Hwan merchandise was prepared for the fans who attended the Seoul fanmeetings. 13 different items were available for purchase. You could buy them onsite between 10:00 AM and 13:00 PM, and between 15:00 PM and 18:00 PM.

The collection starts with the acrylic light stick. It has a purple handle and a flat head in a shape of a windmill, and featuring the name of the artist. It comes with a hand strap and measures 115 x 239 mm. The official fanlight was still not available at that time. It was only included in the Illusion concert collection.

Kim Jae Hwan Min:D Fanmeeting Merchandise

The second item is a promotional slogan. It features a picture of the soloist on the front and the name of Jae Hwan alongside the title of the fanmeeting on the back. The slogan is made of Polyester and measures 600 x 200 mm. It weights around 65 g.

The third piece of Kim Jae Hwan merchandise is a pouch. It comes in a transparent envelope and features the title Min:D on the front. Below you will spot the name of the vocalist. It is made of canvas composed of Cotton and can be opened and closed with a zipper. The size of the pouch and the envelope is 170 x 135 mm and 220 x 150 mm respectively. As a bonus you will receive a single random photo card.

Next there is a keyring with a purple strap showcasing the word "Min:D". It comes with a small circle charm featuring the photo of Kim Jae Hwan. The size of the item is 175 x 30 mm. It is made of Cotton and metal.

The ticket binder will be useful if you need a space to store the tickets of events you attended to. Inside you will find 50 sleeves with a total number of 100 pockets for your tickets. It features an interesting design incorporating the title of the tour on the cover. The dimensions of the product are 223 x 215 x 28 mm. Inside the package you will find a randomly included photo card.

Next we have a photo set available in 2 different variants - A and B. Both contain 5 sheets of a size of 152 x 102 mm. If you like the sets, you should definitely get a Min:D photobook with 80 pages of pictures taken during the promotional photoshoot. It includes a DVD disk with the video material from the photoshoot. The size of the item is 185 x 260 mm.

The eco bag will be look nicely with the pouch mentioned earlier. It showcases the word "Min:D" on both the body and the strap. It is made of Cotton and its dimensions are 330 x 330 mm. A single photo card is included. It is selected out of 4 different versions.

The acrylic stand comes in 2 variants - A and B. Both feature the silhouette of the artist, and his name on a small transparent panel. This piece of Kim Jae Hwan merchandise comes with a photo card, distinctive in both variants. The size of the item is 70 x 50 x 200 mm.

Next there is a scratch postcard. You will receive 3 different sheets with a hidden message from the artist. All are of a size of 104 x 147 mm.

The only piece of fashion in this collection you can proudly wear is a white T-shirt. It comes in only one size - free size, and is made of Cotton. On the front you will spot the logo of the tour. The item weights approximately 230 g. Inside the package you will find a photo card selected at random out of 4 versions.

The other 2 pieces of Kim Jae Hwan merchandise are a big photo fan (version A or B) of a size of 295 x 430 mm, and an umbrella made of Polyester, ABS and metal (950 x 950 mm).

Illusion Concert Collection

The first concert of Kim Jae Hwan was announced for December of 2019. The ticket sales began for the members of the official fanclub on November 12, and for the general audience on November 15 through Interpark. The event took place at the Jamsil Arena in Seoul over two days on December 14 and 15, 2019, both at 6:00 PM Korean Standard Time.

Similarly to the Min:D tour, a special collection of Kim Jae Hwan merchandise was prepared for the fans who attended the concert. They could purchase a total number of 15 products including the official fanlight of the artist, and an extra battery pack for the item (33 x 33 x 115 mm). Additionally a pouch for the light stick was available at the venue. It is very sturdy and will be useful during the concerts if you want to keep your precious item safe when carrying it around. It features the windmill logo on the front and has a long strap. The dimensions of the pouch are 145 x 310 x 100 mm.

The collection continues with a ticket holder. It features the title of the concert and has a cut out window to put your ticket in it. It comes with a special photo ticket and a string so you can hang it on your neck. The size of the item is 70 x 165 mm.

Kim Jae Hwan Illusion Concert Merchandise

The wappen set is composed of 2 pieces - a wappen and metal badge. It comes in 2 different options - A: a round wappen (63 x 63 mm) with a badge depicting the official fanlight (21 x 47 mm), and B: a wappen which looks like a score with notes (47 x 35 mm) alongside a badge depicting a guitar (22 x 42 mm).

Next we have a light blue cloak blanket. It has a hood so you can wear it as a piece of apparel. On the back you will spot the title of the concert Illusion printed in white. The blanket is of a dimensions of 1048 x 700 mm and comes in a matching pouch of a size of 230 x 175 mm. A single random photo card is included inside the package.

If you're looking for a nice KPop storage stick you can use to store your photos, mp3s and other files, you can get an USB stick available in this collection. It can contain up to 16 GB of data, and is of a shape of the official fanlight. The size of the collectible is 38 x 88 mm. Inside the package you will find a randomly chosen photo card.

The next piece of Kim Jae Hwan merchandise is a set of photo cards. You will receive 8 different sheets featuring the vocalist. All of them are of a typical size of 55 x 85 mm you can find in many currently released albums of the KPop artists. You could purchase the set for only 6,000 KRW which is more than affordable price.

The mini crossbody bag is black and showcases an interesting design incorporating the word "Illusion" on the front. It will be perfect for your small belongings or you can use it to keep your concert tickets in it. It comes with a long strap and measures 170 x 200 mm. Additionally you will get a photo card selected randomly. If you like the bag, you should definitely think about getting the passport case. It measures 99 x 141 mm and contains a mini note inside.

If you're looking for something to decorate your fanlight with, a deco sticker set will be perfect. It contains several stickers featuring logos, letters and numbers which can be used to decorate the item of your choice. All come in a nice transparent pouch of a size of 150 x 110 mm.

The next item can be a better choice than the blanket. The hoodie features a smiley face in the middle on the front, and some Chinese letters on the hood. Although there is no front pocket, the item comes with a matching drawstrings. It is only available in free size, but it comes with a bonus photo card. It costs 52,000 KRW.

The tumbler showcases an illustration of the vocalist and the title of the concert on the front. It can contain around 255 ml of your favourite beverage. The size of the tumbler is 73 x 190 mm. A single photo card is included inside the box.

The final 2 pieces of Kim Jae Hwan merchandise are a set of 8 postcards with photos from the same promotional photoshoot as the photo card set (125 x 180 mm), and an acrylic keyring with 2 different charms (40 x 100 mm).

Docking Online Concert Goods

The online concert of Kim Jae Hwan titled Docking was announced in August of 2020. It was organized by Swing Entertainment and the tickets were available through Olleh TV, Seezn and Kavecon. The event was streamed live on September 26, 2020 at 9:00 PM Korean Standard Time.

The artist prepared a substantial collection of Kim Jae Hwan merchandise for the concert. All of them were available through the official online store of Swing Entertainment.

The collection opens with the special photo card ticket set. It is composed of 2 tickets with a picture of the artist on the front, and some mockup information on the back. Both are placed in a special folded cover inside a dark blue envelope with the logo of the concert. The size of the collectible is 130 x 60 mm.

The second product is a set of voice polaroids. Inside the package you will find 5 different polaroids of a size of 55 x 85 mm with a QR code on the front. You can scan the code with your smartphone and listen to the message recorded by Jae Hwan.

Kim Jae Hwan Docking Online Concert Merchandise

The third item is another set, this time composed of 2 film postcards. Both with a photo of the artist and a handwritten message from him. The size of the postcard is 105 x 148 mm.

The next piece of Kim Jae Hwan merchandise is a jigsaw puzzle. It is composed of 1000 pieces and measures 735 x 510 mm after completion. The puzzle comes in a nice cardboard box with a picture featured on the jigsaw.

The phone strap set will be perfect if you're looking for some interesting and KPop related smartphone accessories. You will get 2 straps with a Korean message on the first one, and an English one stating "I Just Wanna Fall In Your Eyes" on the second. Both are of a size of 320 x 12 mm. Additionally there is an Airpod case cover available among the items prepared for Docking. It is white and features a sentence: "Baby I Love You. Say You Love Me Too". It comes with a small charm depicting a keyhole. The size of the case is 48 x 57 mm.

Next we have 2 pieces of fashion. The first one is a black ball cap with the windmill logo embroidered on the front, and the word "Jaehwan" on the back. The second item is a blue sweatshirt. On the left side of the chest you will spot the same graphic as on the Airpod case's charm, while the back features the name of the vocalist. Both cap and sweatshirt come in free size.

The other Kim Jae Hwan merchandise in this collection are a photo prop with a silhouette of the artist (65 x 150 mm), a set of 5 mini bromides (210 x 297 mm), and a multi pouch (200 x 280 mm).