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iKON Merchandise

iKON is a group formed by YG Entertainment in 2015. It was initially composed of 7 members: Yunhyeong, Jinhwan, Donghyuk, Bobby, Chanwoo, Ju-ne and B.I. They were introduced during the survival TV show WIN: Who is Next as Team B and after that they participated in a show Mix & Match where the final lineup of iKON was decided. The members debuted on September 15, 2015 with their first album titled Welcome Back and 6 title songs including My Type, Apology, Dumb & Dumber, Rhythm Ta, Airplane and Anthem. In June of 2019 due to a controversy B.I left the group.

Since the group debuted YG Entertainment have been constantly releasing many interesting pieces of iKON merchandise including whole collections prepared especially for the band's concerts and tours, but also for the premiere of their albums such as Flashback. The goods are available on many online KPop stores, from many third party sellers on various e-commerce websites and from the company's official online store YGSelect. They were manufactured mainly in South Korea and China by many different companies. It's worth mentioning that all iKON merchandise related to B.I excluding the group items are no longer available on YGSelect.


iKON Debut Concert Showtime Collection

On October 3, 2015 the group held their first concert before the audience of 13 000 people. It took place at the Olympic Gymnastics Stadium in Seoul and was broadcasted through V Live. The members showcased their most popular songs and other tracks from the debut album such as Sinosijak, YGGR, M.U.P, Today, Oppa's Car, Wait For Me and Just Another Boy. Hip-hop groups Epik High and Jinusean performed as a guests.

iKON Debut Concert Showtime Merchandise

The group prepared 24 new pieces of iKON merchandise for purchase at the venue. This includes the official slogan towel, apparel and other products.

We start with 12 fashion items: a black T-shirt with the title Showtime and number 15 on the back, a grey hoodie with the iKON logo on front, a white and red windbreaker, a black sweatshirt with the YG Entertainment mascot Krunk on front. All these items are available in two sizes - M and L. Other products are a red campcap, a beanie either in white, black or red color, a black or red Krunk baseball cap, a bandana, a set of head and wrist bands (the wrist band features the words "Get Ready Showtime"), a set of socks, made of polyester and metal black small bag sized 110 x 160 mm, a Krunk sack backpack made by Lepieton (320 x 380 mm) and a limited edition cross bag. The red cross bag is made by polyethylene and was manufactured by Neoaura. It measures 450 x 320 x 90 mm and weights 375 g.

Next we have the official slogan towel made of cotton. It features a white logo of iKon on a red background. The slogan measures 900 x 250 mm and its weight is 120 g. It comes in a red square tube made of cardboard.

Next there are two limited edition pieces of iKON merchandise - a cushion with the photo of all 7 members (350 x 350 mm), and a silver tumbler that can contain 500 ml of liquid. It looks like a typical drink can and features the name of the group written in red. The size of the tumbler is 70 x 195 mm.

The badge set includes two badges - one with the photo of a member and the other with his name and a corresponding number. You can choose between 7 different variants - B.I (1), Jinhwan (2), Bobby (3), Yunhyeong (4), Ju-Ne (5), Donghyuk (6) and Chanwoo (7). The diameter of each badge is 58 x 58 mm.

The jigsaw puzzle consists of 144 pieces and features the same photo as the cushion. The size of the solved puzzle is 170 x 170 mm. It comes in a nice cube box made of PVC that measures 60 x 60 x 60 mm. This product was made in South Korea by A3Tech company.

The sticker set consists of 21 iKon and Krunk stickers that come in a beautiful silver tin case with the logo of the KPop group on it. The size of the case is 140 x 135 mm. The item was manufactured by SPO.

If you would like to have some cool accessory for your smartphone you can get one of three available here cases. They were prepared for iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5/5s and Galaxy Note 4.

Other iKon collectibles in the Debut Concert Showtime selection are a black ID necklace with a lanyard (70 x 110 mm), an image picket with a square head (180 x 180 mm) instead of a round one (7 options, each with different member), a note (8 options including a group note) of a dimensions of 105 x 70 x 13 mm and a white Krunk ball pen (30 x 15 x 165 mm).

iKONCERT 2016 Showtime In Seoul Merchandise

On January 30 and 31, 2016 iKON began their first Asian tour with the performance at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena in Seoul. A total number of 24 000 fans saw the shows. The group subsequently headed to other countries across Asia - Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia - where they performed in 18 different cities. 14 shows in Japan gathered the audience of 146 000 spectators (iKON debuted in Japan on January 13, 2016).

iKONCERT 2016 Showtime In Seoul Merchandise

During the events in Seoul the group performed their hit songs and covers such as EXID's Up & Down and GFriend's Me Gustas Tu. The fans had a chance to purchase one or more of 41 pieces of iKON merchandise. The collection included 17 items previously released in conjunction with the Continue debut concert. These were the official slogan, a grey hoodie, a campcap, three versions of beanie, a bandana, a wrist and head band set, socks, a limited edition cross bag, a black small bag, 8 versions of note, a Krunk ball pen, the 2015 jigsaw puzzle, image picket, a badge set, an ID necklace, a tumbler and the logo version of a phone case.

In the collection consisting of 24 new products we could find a newly introduced official iKON light stick named Konbat. As the name suggests the light stick looks like a baseball bat. It has a black handle and an orange head with black iKON logo. It requires 2 AAA alkaline batteries to operate. It is made of ABS and PC and measures 46 x 46 x 370 mm. In the package you will also find a black strap with the YG logo and a user manual. Konbat was manufactured in South Korea by a company Anymode.

The second item is a key ring consisting of three elements - a red baseball glove, a white ball and a wooden bat. Beside wood it was made of aluminum, steel and polyester. The key ring was made in Korea by Neoaura. It comes in a red box sized 80 x 35 x 80 mm.

Next we have a cool novelty device - Konband that is slightly similar to the Day6's Light Band. It emits light and you can wear it on your wrist like a normal watch or bracelet. It was made of PC and ABS and its size is 35 x 70 x 70 mm. The Konband was manufactured by Beatro Co., Ltd. which is known for the merchandise they created for AB6IX and The Boyz and light sticks of artists such as Kim Samuel and NU'EST W.

Next there is a selection of new apparel - a black jumper with the iKON logo on the left side of the chest and the word "Showtime" on the back, black or red sweatshirt with the words "Dumb Dumber" on the back, and finally two limited edition items - a fleece zip hoodie with words "Dumb Dumber" and a black T-shirt commemorating the Seoul concerts. All these items are available in two sizes - M and L. The other additions to this selection is a striped pajama (two options - one piece or two piece) made of cotton and manufactured by Lepieton, a sleeping mask (190 x 95 mm) featuring the photo of eyes (opened or closed) of each member from Standard Supply company, a black knit scarf with the words "Get Ready Showtime" (1300 x 200 mm) and shoestrings available in red or white color.

Another limited item is a pink coin wallet made of synthetic leather. You can use the wallet to keep not only the coins in it but also a banknotes and credit cards. The size of the item is 100 x 80 mm. It weights 45 g.

The air freshener is also a limited product which comes in seven different scents - lovely peony (B.I), sweet baby (Jinhwan), pink grapefruit (Bobby), holiday berry (Yunhyeong), fig soap (Ju-Ne), bamboo garden (Donghyuk) and clean cotton (Chanwoo). It features a photo of a chosen member on each of two sides. The air freshener was created by Herbland and its size is 76 x 129 mm.

Additionally to the 8 notes from the Debut Concert Showtime collection a set of three new notes was introduced here - each with different photo of the whole group on the cover. The set came from Taesung DPA and measures 100 x 150 mm.

Next we have a selection of new iKon merchandise related to the YG mascot Krunk - a pouch made of synthetic leather (110 x 170 mm) that comes in a special bag, a pair of sleeping socks, a plush key ring with a special baseball bat (120 x 210 mm) and a hot pack plush toy (100 x 100 mm). The last one item is a sticky note set available in two variants - type 1 with 7 sticky notes representing each member plus 1 featuring Krunk bear, and type 2 with 1 group note plus 1 Krunk note.

The last two products are a set of two rolls of plastic tape and three new jigsaw puzzles - two rectangular (126 pieces, 100 x 300 mm) and one square (144 pieces, 170 x 170 mm). They come - similarly to the previous puzzle - in a transparent boxes.

iKON Private Stage Re-Konnect Goods

Re-Konnect was the first fan meeting of iKon with their official fandom iKONIC. It took place at the Olympic Hall in Seoul on March 11, 2018. The members gave a mini concert and spent some time talking to the fans. And they did not forget to provide them with an opportunity to get some interesting collectibles including 6 items we already know - the official light stick Konbat, the official slogan, a windbreaker, a black small bag, a plastic tape set and a shoestrings. At the Re-Konnect event they were sold for a discounted price. 16 new pieces of iKon merchandise were also available.

iKON Private Stage Re-Konnect Merchandise

We start with a selection of fashion that includes a light purple hoodie released for their second album Return, a dark red sweatshirt with a drawing of all members on front and a track listing from the Return album on the back, a white T-shirt with the same design as the sweatshirt, a black or white version of another Return related T-shirt and finally a ball cap and engineer cap. The apparel was manufactured by Standard Supply, Zion Company, Mango Design and Rinse&Co.

The card wallet and necklace comes with a velcro patch with a transparent socket where you can put a photo of your favourite member. The size of the item is 75 x 114 mm. In the package you will also find a strap and 7 photos. Two versions are available - red or black.

The velcro patches come in two options - Spray version (1 patch in a shape of a can of paint, 47.5 x 63.5 mm) and iKon version (8 patches in a rectangular shape with the names of all members plus name of the group, 50 x 20 mm). You can use them with your card wallet. The product was manufactured by Heidenei.

Next there is a necklace that comes with a silver ring with the names of all members and the title of the album Return on the outside. It has engraved a small iKon logo on the inside. The ring is made of a 925 sterling silver. This piece of jewelry was manufactured in South Korea by RealContents.

Next we have two new cases for your smartphone. This time it's a hologram phone case which is available in two variants - iKon version and Logo version. You can purchase one if you're the owner of iPhone 7/8, iPhone 7+/8+ or iPhone X. It is made of polycarbonate and was created by Woyc Korea.

If you're a person that likes to keep a daily record of events then you should definitely get a diary and pen holder set. The diary has a very sturdy cover and you will find some cool photos of iKon inside. The dimensions of the item are 137 x 217 x 19 mm. It was manufactured by G&D.

The photo set consists of 7 made of paper photos and 7 square transparent photos (two for each member). It is available in two different versions.

The sticker set consists of 6 stickers with various logos of iKON and 7 stickers with a photo of each member. They are made of PVC and were designed by PatchMania.

The last three items in this collection are an eco bag (36 x 40 mm), a pin button which is at the same time a photo stand, and an acrylic stand (50 x 150 mm) with a photo of all members by Bandiya company.

iKON Private Stage Kolorful Merchandise

Kolorful is the next fan meeting of iKon that also took place at the Olympic Hall in Seoul. The two events happened on June 9, 2018 and gathered the audience of 6000 people. A selection of 7 new iKon merchandise was prepared especially for the Kolorful fan meeting. Additionally the fans could purchase the official light stick Konbat.

iKON Private Stage Kolorful Merchandise

The collection starts with a white belt bag with the word "Kolorful" on it. It is made of cotton and weights 500 g. The dimensions of the bag are 220 x 170 x 60 mm. It was manufactured by DOB in South Korea.

The earrings set consists of 3 round pieces of earrings made of epoxy and metal. Each of them has a diameter of 15 mm and weights 6 g. You will get one earring with the logo of iKon, one with the name of the group and one regular. The set was designed by Yabes Jewelry.

The third item is a set of 7 posters - each with a photo of a single member. The size of each sheet is 250 x 350 mm. The set was manufactured by Taesung Dpa.

Next we have a set of 7 polaroid photos that comes in two variants. Type 1 consists of a black and white photographs while the Type 2 features the photographs in color. The size of each photo is 150 x 200 mm.

The acrylic badge is available in 7 different options - you can choose one of your favourite members: B.I, Jay, Bobby, Song, June, DK and Chan. Each badge is made by Bandiya and weights 10 g. The size of the badge is 35 x 35 mm.

The last two items are a key ring (85 x 30 mm) and a roll of round stickers of a diameter of 55 mm.

iKON 2018 Continue Tour In Seoul Collectibles

The first world tour of iKON titled Continue began with the concert at the KSPO Dome in Seoul on August 18, 2018. After this the group visited other countries in Asia and Oceania: Taiwan (Taipei), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), Thailand (Bangkok), Australia (Sydney and Melbourne), Singapore, Phillippines (Manila), Indonesia (Jakarta) and Hong Kong. The tour was meant to support the second album of the group Return. It concluded with the encore concert in Seoul on January 6, 2019.

iKON 2018 Continue Tour In Seoul Merchandise

The collection of merchandise available at the concert in Seoul on August 18 consisted of some of the items from the Return album selection including belt bag, earrings set, two types of photo set, poster set, engineer and ballcap, two types of card wallet necklace, trinity ring necklace, diary and pen holder, pin button, key ring and acrylic stand. We will also find here the items introduced earlier: campcap, shoestrings, black small bag and Konbat.

The new iKON collectibles start with a white T-shirt with the title of the song Killing Me on front. It is made of cotton and is available in two sizes: M and L. The T-shirt was manufactured in Bangladesh by Zion brand.

The second item is a mini cross bag which comes with a shoulder strap and a smaller strap as a decoration. It has two spacious compartments which can be opened by a zipper. It has words "New Kids Continue" on front and a small tag with the iKon logo on the back. The bag comes in two options - black or red. It was designed by Union Object and manufactured in Korea. The size of the bag is 245 x 170 mm and the size of the shoulder strap is 20 x 890 mm. It weights 100 g.

The third item is a hair pin. You can choose between two options - one gold with the word "Continue" and one silver with featuring the title "Killing Me". The item is made of brass. The "Continue" pin measures 73 x 14 mm while the size of the other one is 73 x 22 mm.

Next is a key ring made of PVC and Aluminum from the manufacturer Patchmania. It features a name of each member with a corresponding color: Bobby (pink), B.I (orange), Ju-Ne (yellow), Song (green), Jay (blue), Chan (navy) and DK (grey). A red iKON version is also available. The dimension of the key ring is 45 x 140 x 5 mm. The luggage tag also comes in 7 options featuring the name of a single member. The size of this made of polyester item is 30 x 460 x 5 mm.

The black lanyard has a similar design to the strap from the mini cross bag. The size of the product is 20 x 500 mm. It was manufactured by Union Object company that I've mentioned earlier.

Next we have two different sets of a phone case and a grip holder/popsocket. The first one (type 1) has the words "New Kids Continue" on a red background and comes with a red grip tok featuring a black logo of iKON. Type 2 depicts a glass of drink and features the title of the song Cocktail with a sentence from the lyrics of the song - "We're Gonna Party Yay". The grip holder added to the second set looks like a slice of orange. The case will be perfect for iPHONE 6/6s, iPHONE 7/8, iPHONE 7/8 PLUS, iPHONE X, GALAXY S8, GALAXY NOTE 8 and GALAXY S9.

The photo cards in this collection look like a polaroid photos. You can choose out of two options. Both of them are composed of 7 photo cards sized 115 x 130 mm. The set of photos also comes in two variants. Both consists of 7 individual photos and two group photos. The size of each sheet is 250 x 350 mm. Both items were manufactured by Taesung DPA.

The next item which is a strap key ring was created in a collaboration with the Korean smartphone case brand Second Unique Name. It comes in 7 different versions - each of the members are here available. The key ring measures 30 x 180 mm and is made of cotton, nickel and a polyester mix. It was manufactured by YoungBoyz.

Next we have a set of items that will be perfect of a picnic. The set is composed of a picnic mat (450 x 450 mm), an eco bag (350 x 450 mm), a bottle and a badge with one sheet of stickers including a graphics of a small ketchup bottle, an egg, a sandwich and a tomato. The same elements are featured on both the mat and the eco bag. This kind of a picnic set was also released for other YG Entertainment artists such as Blackpink, Big Bang, Sechskies and Winner.

At the Seoul concerts the attendees had a chance to also get a selection of iKON merchandise related to the group's series of New Kids albums.

The collection includes four pieces of fashion - three T-shirts (white, black and blue) with the title of the album on front and a black ballcap. The T-shirts come in M or L size and were designed by Zion Company while the cap was manufactured by Rinse&Co.

Next we have another set of poster composed of 8 sheets (two options) sized 420 x 594 mm and a set of 8 postcards (two options) of a size of 105 x 148 mm.

The last item promoting the New Kids concept is a key ring made of epoxy that measures 30 x 70 mm.

And finally we have three summer related items including a beach ball of a diameter of 350 mm, a pair of slide slippers (size 4 (230-240 mm), 6 (255-265 mm) or 8 (270-280 mm)) and running shorts available in two colors - black and red - and two sizes - S and M.

iKON 2018 Continue Tour Encore In Seoul Goods

The encore concert in Seoul on January 6, 2019 wrapped up the Continue world tour. Similarly to the first event of the tour it was held at the KSPO Dome. The tickets were available for purchase starting November 22, 2018 for the fans from the official fanclub and starting November 29 for the general public.

iKON 2018 Continue Tour Encore In Seoul Merchandise

The iKon merchandise prepared for the encore concert includes collectibles that were previously released for other events: a beanie (black or white version), small bag, mini cross bag, belt bag, Continue key ring (8 versions), Kolorful key ring, lanyard, two hair pins, Kolorful poster set, acrylic stand, diary and pen holder set and photo stand/pin button.

The new merchandise include the second version of the official light stick of iKon - Konbat. The newest version of the fanlight is made of ABS and PC and measures 90 x 300 x 57 mm. It can work in two modes - On and Reflect. It still needs 2 AAA batteries to operate which is 1 battery less than usually.

If you like the shape of the light stick you can get a small key ring that looks very alike. It is made of PC and ABS and require LR41 button alkaline battery. The estimated operating time is from 40 minutes to 6 hours. The size of the Konbat key ring is 100 x 20 x 20 mm. It was manufactured by Tradit company.

Next there's a selection of 4 pieces of fashion. The first one is a sweatshirt with the graphics depicting the group on front and the list of all tour dates on the back. It is made of cotton and comes in two sizes - M and L. The second one is a college hoodie with words "Continue iKon Tour Encore Seoul 2019" on front. It is available in two colors - dark green and navy. Next there is a warm jacket made of acrylic, polyester and cotton. It has one pocket on front with a small iKon logo. The jacket was created by Standard Supply. The last product is a clutch from the same company. It measures 300 x 200 mm and weights 100 g.

Next we have two interesting objects. One is a red - the official color of iKon - tray of a dimensions of 230 x 94 x 13 mm made of synthetic leather (enamel) and PET, and the second one is a white tumbler made of stainless steel, polystyrene and rubber and can contain 350 ml of liquid. The tray was manufactured by NMTech Korea Co., Ltd. and the tumbler by ACE KOREA Co., Ltd.

The new key ring consists of two pendants - one square with a calendar with marked date of the group's debut, and the other coin-like with the iKon's logo. The size of the calendar is 23 x 32 x 2.3 mm, the size of the coin is 14 x 14 x 2.3 mm and the length of the key ring is 70 mm.

Next is an acrylic photo frame which is a magnet that you can attach to your refrigerator for example. You can put inside it a photo card (one of 7 that are added to the package). The size of this transparent acrylic magnet is 60 x 90 x 3 mm and the size of each of the photo cards is 56 x 86 mm. Two different types are available.

Another piece of merchandise in this collection is a postcard book consisting of 9 sheets (7 individual and 2 group postcards). There are two variants available and both come in a special cover. The package measures 102 x 150 x 5 mm.

Next there's an item that can be perfect as a gift for every iKon fan - a soap called Konisoap. You can get one of three options. Each of them consists of 1 group soap Young & Wild and one of three soaps representing the members: Way To Go (Jay and Ju-Ne), By Your Side (Bobby and DK) and Luv U More (B.I, Song and Chan). You can also purchase a whole set which is composed of one Young & Wild and all three members soaps.

The iKon Winter Edition is a package of items that will be helpful for a colder season. This includes a muffler (165 x 1600 mm), a pair of gloves, a small badge (33 x 42 mm) and a calendar (75 x 124 x 15 mm).

The last two items are a notebook with a white cover and the names of all members on it (196 x 196 x 20 mm) and a binoculars with the iKon logo which is extremely difficult to buy.

iKON Private Stage Kemistry Collection

Another of the group's Private Stage fan meetings was held at the Jang Chung Gymnasium on May 11, 2019. During the event titled Kemistry the fans could get a selection of completely new pieces of iKon merchandise.

iKON Private Stage Kemistry Merchandise

The selection consists of 10 new items including apparel - T-shirt with the logo of the event (pink, blue or yellow), T-shirt with names of all members (green, white or black), Stripe version of socks (black, yellow or green), Neon version of socks (white, pink or yellow), green ballcap, white campcap and two versions of bracelet (Kemistry or iKon version).

Next there are some cool transparent items including a neon pouch (230 x 145 mm), a card wallet (60 x 250 mm including strap) and a pink cross bag (150 x 200 x 50 mm).

The final products are a giant card (210 x 295 mm), a set of 20 stickers and a set of 8 badges.