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BDC (Boys Da Capo) Merchandise

BDC, also known as Boys Da Capo, is a boy group formed in 2019 under Brand New Music. The band is composed of three members including Kim Sihun, Hong Seongjun and Yun Junghwan. All members are known from their participation in the TV survival show broadcasted on Mnet titled Produce X 101. Unfortunately all were eliminated and could not join X1.

BDC debuted on October 29, 2019 with the first single album titled after their name Boys Da Capo, and Remember Me serving as the lead single. The single managed to reach number 10 on the Gaon Weekly chart. It sold 5,000 copies during its debuting month, and additional 6,916 units the following month.

There are currently only one selection of BDC merchandise consisting of 7 items including the official BDC light stick. The products will be a perfect addition to your KPop collection, especially if you are a big fan of the trio. You can also get the physical editions of the group's albums including the 2021 extended play The Intersection and a single album titled Blue Sky released in 2022.

BCD Official Goods

The first - and the only so far - collection of BDC merchandise was released in December of 2019. It is composed of 7 products manufactured by Beatro Co., Ltd. under the license by Brand New Music.

The first item is a blanket. It features a picture of all three members standing in an industrial background. On the back side you will spot a small logo of the group. The item measures 1000 x 750 mm and is made of polyester.

The second item is a white canvas bag showcasing the name BDC among other letters of alphabet on one side, and the words "Boys Da Capo" on the other. It is made of Cotton and will be perfect if you need something for your products when you're shopping. The dimensions of the bag are 360 x 450 mm.

BDC Official Merchandise

The next product is a great accessory for your smartphone. A BDC griptok will be perfect to help you with holding your smartphone in a steady way and minimize the chances of dropping it. You can attach it to your phone case and remove when you don't need it. The item features the logo of the group on a blue background on the front and measures 40 x 40 mm, which is a standard size of all popsockets. It is made of PC, TPU, iron and gel tape.

The next piece of BDC merchandise is a keyring. It is available in three variants and feature a silhouette of a chosen member, alongside a corresponding small charm - Sihun: microphone, Seongjun: flower, Junghwan: cat. The keyring is made of acrylic and metal and measures 80 x 30 mm.

Next we have the official BDC light stick. It is similar to the acrylic fanlights of other KPop artists they prepare for various concerts, showcases and fanmeetings. The light stick is composed of a light blue handle with a button, and a round translucent head showcasing the logo of the group. The size of the product is 110 x 238 mm. It is made of acrylic and ABS. It is the only item in this collection not manufactured in South Korea but in China. It comes with a matching hand strap.

The photo card binder features the same design as the canvas bag. It will be extremely useful if you are a collector and you're out of the room for your new cards. The dimensions of the binder are 600 x 200 mm. It comes with a set of 8 photo cards (2 per each member of BDC plus 2 group sheets).

The final piece of BDC merchandise is the commemorating slogan. It features a picture of all three members on one side and their names along with the word "BDC" on the other. The slogan is made of a material composed of Polyester and Polyamide. It is a standard-sized cheering slogan measuring 600 x 200 mm.

As you can see there are several interesting items you can choose from. All of them are of a high quality and you will be definitely pleased with anything you will purchase. If not you can always check the physical editions of the group's albums, or even the unofficial merchandise.