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Kim Woo Seok Merchandise

Kim Woo Seok (also known as Wooshin) is a member of a boy group Up10tion and a former member of a disbanded band X1. He debuted under TOP Media with the Up10tion's first mini album titled Top Secret on September 11, 2015. He was a participant in the Mnet's TV survival show Produce X 101 in 2019, and finished the competition in the second place, becoming a member of X1. The group eventually disbanded in January of 2020, after the voting manipulation controversy.

Woo Seok began his solo career the same year, on May 25, 2020, with his debut mini album titled 1st Desire [Greed], and the lead single Red Moon.

If you're looking for some interesting Kim Woo Seok merchandise, there is only a single officially released collection available at the moment. It came out in 2021 for the first online fanmeeting of the artist titled N423. There are of course the physical editions of the albums you can get. That includes his series of records 1st Desire (Greed), 2nd Desire (Tasty) and 3rd Desire (Reve) released between 2020 and 2022.

1st Online Fanmeeting N423 Merchandise

On March 10, 2021, an announced about the artist's first online fanmeeting showed up on the official SNS accounts of TOP Media. The ticket sales began on March 12 through Seezn, Olleh TV, Mahocast and Kavecon, and cost 39,000 KRW. Some lucky fans who pre-ordered the tickets received special goods including selfies and behind-the-scene photos. The fanmeeting titled N423 was broadcasted live on March 28, 2021, at 8:00 PM Korean Standard Time.

The artist did not forget about the fans, and prepared a total number of 11 pieces of Kim Woo Seok merchandise. They were manufactured by Copan Global known for their goods created for other KPop artists, and were available online through SubKShop.

The collection starts with 2 pieces of fashion. The first one is a black hoodie with the logo of the fanmeeting on the left side of the chest, and some details on the right sleeve. It is made of Cotton and is available in only one free size (shoulder: 60 cm, chest: 65 cm, arm: 57.5 cm). The other item is a pink mask strap. It is made of Polyester and PU, and measures 10 x 400~700 mm. Please notice that the length is adjustable. On the strap you will spot a small logo of the fanmeeting.

Kim Woo Seok 1st Online Fanmeeting N423 Merchandise

Next we have a pink eco bag with the same logo as the other items. It measures 360 x 380 mm and will be perfect if you do shopping very often. It is made of Cotton.

Next there is a suncatcher keyring. It is composed of 3 distinctive elements - a pink plaque with word "N423", a diamond shape piece made of glass, and a brass cage with a diamond inside. The product will be a nice gift who is a big fan of Kim Woo Seok. If you like this collectible, you should thing about getting a matching chain badge made of brass and epoxy. It is composed of 2 elements - a planet featuring the title of the event and the name of the artist, and a puppy paw. Both are connected with a small chain. The dimensions of the item are 30 x 30 mm.

Another keyring looks like a roll of traditional camera film. It is composed of a film case measuring 46 x 25 mm and a film of a length of 516 mm and width of 34 mm. The film features 25 different pictures of Kim Woo Seok. The item is made of PET and plastic.

The glassball mood light is a very interesting piece of Kim Woo Seok merchandise. It will look beautifully on a desk or shelf in your house. It is composed of a wooden stand with the words "Kim Woo Seok 1st Ontact Fan Meeting", and a glass sphere showcasing the logo of N423, and some planets. The size of the item is 100 x 105 mm.

Next we have a habit tracker set, composed of the tracker itself with 30 pages, a 30 pages checklist and 1 sheet of check stickers. Both notes measure 120 x 165 mm, while the size of the check stickers is 100 x 150 mm.

A photobook will be a great addition to your KPop collection. This piece of Kim Woo Seok merchandise consists of 100 pages full of beautiful pictures of the artist and comes with a transparent plastic sleeve. On the cover you will spot the title of the fanmeeting and 3 planets incorporated in a fancy design. The size of the photobok is 185 x 225 mm.

The photo card set is composed of 10 different cards that look like a polaroid photos. Each of them has a short handwritten message printed at the bottom and is of a size of 70 x 110 mm.

The last piece of merchandise in this collection is a simple heart-shaped griptok (popsocket) with a hologram printing. It will be ideal phone accessory for your smartphone. If you are a fan of the artist you should definitely get it. It is made of PP and ABS and measures 50 x 48 mm.

All Kim Woo Seok merchandise were available for pre-order between March 23 and March 30, 2021. The shipping began on May 7, 2021. Any customer who purchased anything during the pre-order period received the official acrylic Kim Woo Seok light stick. Additionally if you purchased the goods for a price of $30 USD or more, you were given a random photo card selected out of 4 different variants. The light stick was limited to 1 per order, while a photo card was gifted for every $30 USD spent (1 for more than $30, 2 for more than $60, etc.).