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Jaiden Animations Merch

There are plenty examples of official Jaiden Animations merch available online if you're wishing to acquire something to enlarge your collection. They are being offered for a very affordable prices so you will be able to get something regardless of what your budget is.

Jaiden Animations is an American animator and YouTuber who creates a content about her personal life and animations. She opened her YouTube channel in 2014 and gained some wider recognition after she was featured on 2017 edition of YouTube Rewind. Jaiden currently has around 11 million subscribers and a total number of two billion views. She is known for her videos about traveling and games. Her content is perfect for the whole family, regardless of your age.

Probably the best place to get some interesting Jaiden Animations merch is the official website of the animator. A large variety of collectibles is available in the shop. That includes many different apparel such as hoodies, T-shirts and raglan tees, notebooks, lanyards and pins. Everything is available for a very reasonable prices so you don't have to worry about that aspect of the experience. The website offers a worldwide shipping to more than 180 countries. That means you can get the merch regardless of where you reside. Let's see what kind of interesting items are currently available.

The first collection consists of several hoodies. The first one features a gradient using two basic colors - yellow and pink. On the front you can spot a nice graphic composed of an illustration of Ari and the word Arigato below. Ari is a pet of Jaiden Animations which is a Conure bird. It has its own Instagram and Twitter accounts. It is worth noting that the second bird of the artist is called Tofu. The hoodie was made of an organic Cotton and manufactured in a dip-dyed technique. The piece of Jaiden Animations merch is available in six different sizes including XS, S, M, L, XL and 2XL. As a bonus you will also receive a special ice trading chart depicting Ari.

The second hoodie is unisex and showcases a cartoon character of the YouTuber herself printed in white on a black background. Below the character you can spot a word "awkward". It has a nice hood and big front kangaroo pocket. This nice piece of Jaiden Animations merch is also made of 100% Cotton, and comes with a trading card.

The third one is in a baby blue color and features a design composed of 4 pixelated illustrations of Ari on the front. Of course six sizes are available.

Next we have a small selection of jackets. The first one is very special. It is exactly the same as the one you could spot in the Jaiden Animations The Anime. It is purple with black sleeves and other black elements. On the left side of the chest you can find a circle logo, with a bigger one on the back.

The second jacket in this collection of Jaiden Animations merch is relatively more affordable. It is purple and white and is made of a combination of 70% ring-spun Cotton and 30% Polyester. Several patches are also included in a package so you can decorate the varsity jacket as you wish.

If you're looking for some other pieces of apparel you should definitely think about the T-shirts. There are a couple you can order. The first one is white and you can spot a black, blue and yellow stripes on it. It was made exclusively for women and you can get it in everything between XS to 2XL. On the front you can spot the same word Arigato as on the first hoodie, along with some Japanese letters.

The next T-shirt is unisex and features a design on the front incorporating an illustration of a white dinosaur captioned with a Japanese lettering. The piece of Jaiden Animations merch titled Gigameal is as usual available in six sizes so there is no option you won't find the right one for you. A full color alternative is also available.

The last one you should definitely consider is a white T-shirt with only Japanese letters on the front, yellow right sleeve and red left sleeve.

Of course the shop offers plenty of pieces of merch related to pet Ari. If you like this cute animal as much as Jaiden, you should definitely consider adding them to your collection. The first one is a beautiful ceramic mug in a shape of the bird. It can contain approximately 20 oz (or 568 ml) of your favorite beverage. It measures 4 inches in height and you can purchase it for a very nice price of $10.99.

Next we have a satchel bag that depicts Ari and comes with a shoulder strap. It is reinforced and sturdy so it will definitely protect your small belongings. It has a zipper with a special pulls featuring the logo of the animator. The dimensions of the item are 11 x 8.8 x 6 in.

Probably the most original piece of Jaiden Animations merch related to Ari is a Kigurumi onesie costume. It perfectly mimics the bird and is very comfortable. It has a hood that looks like the head of Ari, wings and tail. It was manufactured in Shanghai and comes in only two sizes - small for the youth and small adults, and large. You can get it for a very reasonable price of $69.99.

You can also get something more traditional - a plush animal doll. It is very soft in feel and measures 9 in (230 mm). If not you can always get a 1 inch gold-plated enamel pin. This small piece of Jaiden Animations merch is definitely worth getting it.

Of course there are plenty of other wonderful items you can acquire that will definitely be right up your alley. That includes an Ari poster of a A2 format made of a heavyweight silk paper, a gift bag measuring 8.5 x 8.5 in, a set of two wristbands, stickers, or a set of 3 randomly selected trainer cards (one every 10 cards is holographic).

All the official Jaiden Animations merch were designed by the artist herself. She put a lot of effort into the collectibles claiming they were made responsibly, often of recycled materials, and with the respect towards the workers. You can be sure the merch was ethically made and purchase them without any hesitation.