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The Rose Merchandise

The group debuted in 2017 under J&Star Company and has already released some interesting collections of The Rose merchandise. The KPop band consists of four members: Dojoon, Woosung, Hajoon and Jaehyeong, and was already a popular indie act before they released their first single Sorry on August 3, 2017. In February of 2018 The Rose held their first European tour titled Paint It Rose during which they performed in Brussels (La Madeleine), Moscow (Izvestia Hall), Istanbul (UNIQ Glass Room), London (ULU Live) and Budapest (Dürer Kert). The tickets for all concerts had sold out. The same year the members continued the tour during the American and South American legs.

Although the members were on hiatus for quite some time, they released their newest song titled Beauty and the Beast in 2021.


The Rose Paint It Rose In Europe: 2nd Coloring Tour Merchandise

After the enormous success of the group's visit in Europe in March the group decided to go back there with another tour titled Paint It Rose In Europe: 2nd Coloring. It was organized by MyMusicTaste, which also prepared a selection of The Rose merchandise. The four members visited and performed in 8 cities including Kiev, Berlin, Cologne, Milan, Paris, Madrid, Stockholm and Helsinki. The tour began on November 16, 2018 at the Atlas venue in Ukraine and concluded on December 2 at the Nosturi in Finland.

The Rose Paint It Rose in Europe: 2nd Coloring Tour Merchandise

The Rose prepared a special collection of merchandise for their fans. The selection consists of 8 items including three pieces of fashion. The first one is a black hoodie with the name of the group with their logo on front and the tour's title with the list of all cities involved on the back. The second one is a black T-shirt with the smaller logo on front and the list with the same design as on the hoodie's front on the back. This is a short-sleeve T-shirt. The third apparel is a classic cap featuring the logo alongside the name of The Rose. Next we have a black tote bag with similar designs on both sides. If you find a popsockets useful you could get a phone holder with white logo of your favourite KPop band. The other two The Rose merchandise were a small black keychain and two posters featuring all four members. The last item you could acquire was the official The Rose light stick. It is made of acrylic and is very similar to those of other KPop artists that are usually available at different events including showcases and fanmeetings. The light stick has a transparent flat head shaped as the logo of The Rose and a black handle with a power on button on it.

The Rose Paint It Rose In Australia: 2nd Coloring Tour Goods

After their European leg of the tour the group headed to Australia to give two concerts, at 170 Russell in Melbourne (December 6) and at Metro Theatre in Sydney (December 9). This time the attendees could purchase only four out of 8 The Rose merchandise that were previously introduced. The selection included the hoodie and T-shirt, the tote bag and the official light stick. All priced at respectively 80 AUD, 45 AUD, 45 AUD and 30 AUD.

The Rose Paint It Rose in Australia: 2nd Coloring Tour Merchandise

The Rose Homecoming Concert Selection

The group went back to South Korea at the end of 2018 for a special concert titled Homecoming. The concert was held over two days on December 29 and 30 at the Olympic Park K-Art Hall in Seoul and lasted 120 min. The tickets were priced at KRW 66,000. A small selection of The Rose merch consisting of 2 items was prepared for those who attended the event. The first one is a different version of the acrylic light stick which now has a red handle instead of a black. The second items is the commemorating black slogan towel featuring the logo of the Homecoming concert on front and the logo of the KPop band on the back. You could get both products for respectively KRW 20,000 and KRW 15,000.

The Rose Homecoming Concert Merchandise

The Rose We Rose You Live Tour Merchandise

In 2019 the group held another world tour that was again organized by MyMusicTaste due to the demand of the fans. This time the band began the tour on their home soil with the performance in Seoul at the MUV Hall on August 17. The fans who happened to attend the first concert had an opportunity to get some interesting The Rose merchandise. They could purchase at the venue 6 different items including a masking tape (12 x 1000 mm), a black T-shirt with the title of the tour on front and the logo of the group on the back (two sizes: M and L), a black slogan featuring the faces of all members (600 x 200 mm), four different guitar picks with the same photos as on the slogan and the signatures of all members (35 x 35 mm), a set of 5 posters (1 group plus 4 individual member sheets) of a size of 200 x 285 mm, and finally another version of the light stick (120.5 x 210 mm).

The Rose We Rose You Live In Seoul Concert Merchandise

At the end of August The Rose left South Korea for the American leg of the tour which began at the Center Stage in Atlanta on August 28, 2019. The group visited 8 other cities in the United States including Minneapolis, New York, Dallas, Chicago, Miami, Houston, Seattle and Los Angeles. The selection of merch for the leg was composed of three products from the Seoul collection (T-shirt, guitar picks and the official The Rose light stick) and two other items. The two new pieces of The Rose merchandise were a black hoodie listing all US cities the group performed in and a different version of the black tote bag.

The Rose We Rose You Live In USA Tour Merchandise

The next stop of We Rose You Live tour was Europe. The group flew to Poland where the next concert took place. The event was held at the Palladium venue in Warsaw on November 3, 2019. The tour was continued in Berlin, Milan, Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Barcelona, London, Manchester and Moscow. The members did not forget about their fans and prepared a selection of 9 collectibles including one we're already familiar with - guitar picks. Four of those were apparel including a black cap, a hoodie, and two versions of T-shirt - Band Photo and Slogan versions. The hoodie and T-shirts listed all cities of the European leg of We Rose You tour. The other The Rose merchandise were the tour poster, a luggage tag, two versions of a rubber wristband (white and black) and a new variant of the tote bag.

The Rose We Rose You Live In Europe Tour Merchandise

In December of 2019 the group went back to Asia and gave their last two performances of the regular tour. The first one took place at the KL Live venue in Kuala Lumpur on December 6, 2019 and the second at the Samsung Hall in Manila on December 15. Four pieces of The Rose merchandise were available for purchase at both venues - a black T-shirt, an acrylic light stick, a set of 5 posters and finally a one new item a black fanny pack.

The Rose We Rose You Live In Southeast Asia Tour Merchandise

The We Rose You Live tour concluded in Seoul and Busan in South Korea respectively at the MUV Hall on December 27 and at the Oz Hall on December 29, 2019. During the Encore concerts the attendees could get 5 items including the masking tape, fanny pack and the light stick that were previously released. The collection also consisted of two new versions of the hoodie and T-shirt available in M and L size, on which you will find a complete list of all cities The Rose visited during the tour.

The Rose We Rose You Live In Seoul & Busan Encore Concerts Merchandise