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IVE Merchandise

IVE is a KPop girl group formed in 2021 under Starship Entertainment. It is composed of Gaeul, Rei, Liz, Leeseo, and two former members of IZ*ONE - Yujin and Wonyoung. They debuted with their first single titled Eleven on December 1, 2021, and the lead song of the same name.

There are several examples of officially released IVE merchandise. Unfortunately that does not include the light stick, for which we will have to wait a little bit more.


The first selection of goods came out in conjunction with the premiere of the debut single. The second item you should definitely think about is a season greetings package released for the year 2022. Additionally there are of course the physical editions of the albums. They can also be a very attractive collectibles to own. They are probably the most popular among the fans.

Eleven Album Merchandise

The debut single of IVE had its premiere under Starship Entertainment on December 1, 2021. It was distributed by Kakao Entertainment. It is composed of two songs including the lead eponymous song Eleven and Take It.

The physical edition of the single comes in two different versions. Additionally a small line of IVE merchandise was released as a nice treat for the fans.

Three different pieces of merchandise came out to commemorate the premiere of the single. The first one is a small red badge showcasing the logo of IVE on the front. It measures 20 x 26 mm. The second item is the official cheering slogan of a regular size of 600 x 200 mm. On the front there is a photo of the whole group photographed in black attires on a light background. On the back you can spot the names of the members alongside the group's logo, printed on a bright red background.

The final piece of IVE merchandise is a very interesting set of square postcards. It is composed of 6 individual member sheets, and 2 group sheets. They measure 145 x 145 mm and come in a very elegant square package with a hexagonal window on the front.

Unfortunately the official IVE light stick was still not available at this time.

A Ray Of Sunshine Welcome Package

A welcome package titled A Ray Of Sunshine was one of many examples of season greetings released for the 2022 season. As all others it is full of interesting IVE merchandise including a calendar and a personal diary.

Inside the package you will find the mentioned desk calendar with beautiful photos of all IVE members inside (200 x 265 mm), the diary with a light blue cover (148 x 210 mm), a set of Polaroid photos featuring each of the members (116 x 100 mm), a set of photo cards of a standard size 55 x 85 mm, 6 message postcards in a set measuring 150 x 100 mm with a white envelope, 6 different bookmarks showcasing a picture of a single member (50 x 100 mm), an acrylic coaster in a circle shape of a diameter of 90 mm and in a separate container, and finally a folded poster calendar you can hang on your wall, of a size of 560 x 420 mm.

One additional piece of IVE merchandise was included. It was a DVD disk containing a making of video material of a duration of 40 minutes. It can be played in all DVD players regardless of your location. The disk comes in a blue envelope.

Everything is carefully packed in a sturdy and elegant cardboard box of a dimensions of 304 x 227 mm. This piece of IVE merchandise can be a great idea for a gift for someone who is a big fan of the group or of KPop in general. This one-of-a-kind item can still be purchased from various stores online, or some third-party sellers on e-commerce auction sites.

Fan Made Goods

The unofficial IVE merchandise can be an option when the things you wanted to get are out of stock, especially when you're waiting for the light stick to come out. They are available online from the people who are the fans of IVE, and want to provide others with some nice collectibles. They are often of a high quality so your satisfaction is almost hundred percent guaranteed.

The items you can currently find are different sets of photo cards, some pieces of apparel, posters and other paper products. They are also available for a reasonable prices so you don't have to worry you will be spending too much.

Sometimes the ideal way to get some IVE merchandise is to print your own previously prepared designs on apparel. There are some print on demand services that will help you with that. They can even do it for you without any of your involvement. If you are not a talented artist, you can always choose one of hundreds artworks of other people, who are willing to upload them online and share them with you. You should definitely think about that kind of a solution. It's very easy and affordable.