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Wanna One Merchandise

Wanna One was a South Korean boy group composed of eleven members who were selected through a survival TV show titled Produce 101 during its second season.

The group debuted on August 7, 2017 with a special event Wanna One Premier Show-Con held at the domed stadium Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul. Around 20,000 showed up. To make their debut more significant they prepared and released a collection of merchandise.

Since it was only a project group, it disbanded after their final concert performance in January of 2019. The members briefly came together in 2021 and 2022 (all except Kuan-lin) to perform at the Mnet Music Awards and release their new single Beautiful Part.3.

The Premier Show-Con Goods

Since the number of the members is 11 this set contains 11 different items: lightstick (another different version was announced and released in December that year), slogan, white T-shirt with a name of the group on the back and a small logo on chest, two types of a silicon band, fan, 12 different types of a strap keyring, white cap with a long strap, water bottle in a box, bracelet with a pouch and a randomly selected photocard with one member, a fidget spinner that can project a glowing words "Wanna One". And the last but not least a handmade limited edition figurine that's 7 inches tall in a sophisticated package. It is extremely difficult to find and the price is always well above $200 for a single one.

Wanna One Premier Show-Con Official Merchandise

The First Wanna One Pop Up Store

In August Wanna One opened their first pop up store in Myeongdong Lotte Young Plaza. The store was operating for nine days starting from 11th to 20th. A total number of 11 pieces of merchandise were available to purchase: 12 different versions of keyring, cushion (500 x 300 mm), a set of 11 postcards personalized with the photos of the members, two versions of eco bag (SKY version and PINK version), pouch, 11 types of rings, three different badges (type A: with group's logo, type B: with the words "Wanna One", type C: with the words "To Be One"), three steel badges (type A: with logo on a black background, type B: with the band's name "Wanna One", type C: with the title "1x1=1"), a lightstick, a fan and finally a bracelet in a pouch with transparent card of a random selected member.

Wanna One Pop Up Store 2017

Official MD and Fan-Con MD

At the end of the year, on December, two different collections of merchandise were announced: Official MD and Fan-Con MD. The first one was prepared on the occasion of a repackaged album "1-1=0 (Nothing Without You)". The second one is a special line for Wanna One's first fan meeting 2017 Premier Fan Con that was held a few days after the album was released.

The Official MD line consists of 14 different items. The most significant one is probably the official light stick. It is made of plastic and comes with a wrist strap in a black package box. The group's logo is encased in a transparent bulb. It is powered with three AAA batteries but these are not included. The warranty is added.

Wanna One Official MD Goods

The second item is a paper masking tape. There are two versions in a set - version Wanna and version One. Then we have a 80 x 300 mm acrylic memo board and a book full of paper memos. It can be very helpful to stay organized and manage your weekly schedule. The next is a bandana made of cotton. It has a word "Beautiful" on front and it's available in two colors.

Another item is a black hoodie with purple name of the group on the back. It was supposed to be a free size but actually it's L size so you should be careful before you decide to purchase it. The next cool thing is a set of 11 posters (300 x 430 mm) in a special cover.

The item that caught my eye was certainly a paper album frame that will help us to keep our calendar from the Wanna One's first album. The package contains 6 Wanna type frames, 6 One type frames and 2 boards.

The electric round hand warmer will keep you from cold. It has a name of one of the members on front and his signature on the back. It comes with a power cord, user manual and a pouch. All in a beautiful white box.

A traffic card is a special merchandise that can help to pay for your public transportation. Of course it works only in South Korea. Eleven different variants are available - one with each member.

The other goods are a paper poster case, a fabric hipsack, protection mask made of cotton and 31 pages binder.

Fan-Con MD line is centered around travelling topic. It contains all products that you would consider important when taking trips especially abroad. The first item though listed on the information list is a slogan (1020 x 220 mm) with the band's name.

Wanna One Fan-Con MD Goods

The travelling stuff starts with a rubber luggage tag which looks like number 1. It comes with a strap. The second item is a fashionable passport wallet but can also hold other things like credit cards etc. It is made of saffiano leather. One random lenticular photocard is included. The black travel pouch makes impression with its design. It is made of nylon and PU leather and it can be easily carried around. A black tumbler made of a stainless steel will contain 360 ml of your favorite beverage. A black blanket cape made of polapolis fabric is a very interesting piece of clothing. One random lenticular photocard is included with the cape.

Other merchandise that the line offers are L-holder set (12 in total: 1 group and 11 of each member), set of 11 photocards in a tin case and a phone strap with a special photocard.

The 2018 Pop Up Store

The second pop up store opened its doors on July 20, 2018 at the Lotte Department Store in Jamsil, exactly one year after the first one was brought to life. The line continues the theme of travelling/summer vacations with plenty of helpful products. This time the members prepared an impressive number of 20 products. The biggest of them all is a real carrier. If you're overseas and decide to buy it you would probably spend more on shipping than on the actual thing. The carrier is available in two versions - gold and black. Additional lining stylized with a photo of a random member a carrier belt with a stylized number "1" are also provided but it have to be bought separately. The second product are slippers available in three sizes: 230-240 mm (size 4), 240-250 mm (size 5), 260-270 mm (size 6). We have also here a passport wallet but in a different style than the one from Fan-Con MD. The set of three travel pouches in different sizes might come in handy.

Wanna One Pop Up Store 2018

The other goods are ice tumbler, strap keyring made of PVC and brass, 11 types of bracelets, free size cap, neck pillow, 11 types of name tags and badges, acrylic frame each with a photo of a single member, pop-up paper card, set of 12 posters, 82 pages diary with a transparent cover, 11 cartoon characters stickers for your Wanna One carrier and 12 types of postcards.