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Momoland Merchandise

Momoland debuted as a seven-member girl group under Duble Kick Company (now MLD Entertainment) through the Mnet's survival TV show Finding Momoland. Two new members were later added. The group currently consists of Nancy, Ahin, Jane, JooE, Nayun and Hyebin. Yeonwoo and Taeha departed from the group in November of 2019, while Daisy left in May of 2020.

The group released many collections of merchandise for the fans - mostly in Japan - that were available during fan meetings and other special events. The goods are of a high quality and will be a nice addition to your collection.


The Best ~Korean Ver.~ Release Event Merchandise

After the release of The Best ~Korean Ver.~ album in Japan Momoland held a series of events in two cities - Tokyo (Gundam Square store in Odaiba on March 2, 2018 and Tower Record outlet in Shibuya on March 3) and Osaka (Aeon Mall Sakai Kita Hanada store on March 3 and Morinomiya Q's Mall on March 4). The fans had a chance to get some cool pieces of Momoland merchandise.

The four items were prepared: a set of 9 postcards, a logo charm/keyring made of acrylic, a set of three clear files, each with the photo of all members, a pin buttons (9 different variants).

The Best ~Korean Ver.~ Release Event Merchandise

KCon 2018 Japan Collection

In April 2018 Momoland had a great opportunity to take part in a KPop convention KCon 2018 Japan that took place at the Makuhari Messe center in Chiba. The event was created in 2012 by Mnet, Powerhouse Live and CJ E&M. Momoland were scheduled to perform and meet with the fans on April 13.

KCon 2018 Japan Merchandise

A special line of goods were prepared for purchase. The four of them were previously available during the The Best ~Korean Ver.~ promotional event. The collection includes: a set of two clear files, nine different pin buttons, black slogan/towel with the logo and name of the group, acrylic logo charm, a set of postcards, and finally a complete new selection of pin buttons and a new set of clear files.

1st Fanmeeting Merry Land Season 1 Goods

In May 2018 Momoland held a series of events in Japan which were called 1st Fanmeeting Merry Land Season 1. The girls visited two Japanese cities - Zepp Namba venue in Osaka on May 15, 2018 and Akasaka Blitz venue in Tokyo two days later.

The Japanese fans were able to purchase a number of interesting goods.

A white T-shirt with the red logo of the first fan meeting in Japan. Three sizes are available: S, M and L. A red slogan/towel with the logo of the event. A set of 13 photo cards - 9 members cards, 3 trio cards and 1 group card. Nine pin buttons with the face of each member. A set of 9 photocards. A lightstick/penlight. The last ones to complete the collection are the fan with the photo of the whole group, a wristband and an eco bag.

1st Fanmeeting Merry Land Season 1 Merchandise

Additionally to the Momoland merchandise two albums - Momoland The Best ~Korean Ver.~ compilation album with the Korean songs of the group and extended play Great! were sold at the events.

1st Fanmeeting Merry Land Season 1 DVD Release Event Merchandise

In relation with releasing a DVD with the content from Merry Land Season 1 a special events took place in Japan on September 20, 21 and 22. The group visited three places in different cities: Nishitetsu Hall in Fukuoka, Kazuha Mall in Osaka and Kirarina Keio Kichijoji in Tokyo.

1st Fanmeeting Merry Land Season 1 DVD Release Event Merchandise

Momoland prepared three items - beside the DVD - for the fans: a set of 9 photo cards, a set of 9 postcards and 10 different pin buttons - 9 of each member and 1 white with the Momoland logo.

Bboom Bboom Release Event Goods

In June 2018 the group went to Japan for a series of events related to the release of the Japanese version of the song Bboom Bboom. The events were held at the four venues - Lazona Kawasaki Plaza in Kawasaki on June 13, 2018, Twin 21 Tower Artium in Osaka on June 14, Fukiage Hall in Nagoya on June 16 and finally Tokyo Distribution Center on June 18.

Bboom Bboom Release Event Merchandise

5 products were available at the event: an official penlight, eco bag, wristband, keyring and two clear files with the pictures of the whole group.

The fans could also get one of two Momoland albums - The Best ~Korean Ver~ and Great!.

Merry-Go-Round Official Fanclub Merchandise

The girls from Momoland were scheduled to meet the fans on December 22, 2018. Prior to the meeting the recruitment for the official Momoland fanclub were hold from September 21 to October 31 with the additional period from November 5 to November 11. The group announced the name of their fandom - Merry-Go-Round during VLive broadcast in Aprill the year before.

Merry-Go-Round Official Fanclub Merchandise

All members of the official fanclub could get - after paying an application fee of 20 000 won - a collection of merchandise.

Beside the membership card the fans have received a 140 pages photobook, pop-up card, 14 pages calendar for 2019, keyring and a set of 13 photocards.

2018 Fanmeeting Selection

Momoland indeed met with their fans in December 2018. The official fanclub members were the opportunity to buy the tickets three days before the rest of the fans. The event took place at the Ewha Women's University at 6:00 PM. 9 pieces of Momoland merchandise were prepared.

The first one is the official Momoland lightstick Beatlight Bong. The size of the item is 84 x 84 x 220 mm. It requires three AAA batteries and can run for around 6 hours. It can run in three different modes: standard, where the entire lightstick is lit, slow blinking and fast blinking. It can connect through Bluetooth to a special app where you can change some options like changing the color. In the package your will find a lightstick, a strap and an user manual.

2018 Momoland Fanmeeting Merchandise

The second item is a white pouch with the Momoland logo on it (148 x 210 mm, A5 size). Next we have an eco bag with the logo on one side and the name of the group on the other. The fourth item is a set of 4 rolls of colorful masking tape in a box. Each roll is 20 mm wide. Then we have a two metal badges - the name "Momoland" (40 mm) and a heart logo (30 mm). The set of photo cards consists of 13 cards - 9 with each member, 3 with a goup of three members and 1 group card. The size of the photo cards is 55 x 85 mm. The next product is a set of 6 post-its (70 x 88 mm). The stationery set includes a pencil case made of PVC, 3 pencils and 1 eraser.

2nd Japanese Fanmeeting - Hello, Merry Go Japan

The second Japanese fan meeting with Momoland called Hello, Merry Go Japan took place on February 11, 2019 at the Zepp Tokyo venue and then two days later on February 13 Zepp Namba venue in Tokyo. The attendees could get a collection of merch including the penlight/lightstick from the 1st fanmeeting held the year before. The goods were available to purchase 2 hours before the actual event started.

Hello, Merry Go Japan Fanmeeting Merchandise

The collection includes a slogan/towel with the name of the event, 2 different sheets of stickers, a magnet, completely new pin buttons (this time without logo pin button), white T-shirt in three sizes: S, M, L, metal keyring (different to the one from the previous meeting) and a rubber band with a small Momoland logo pendant.