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Golden Child Merchandise

Golden Child is a group under Woollim Entertainment formed in 2017. It is composed of 10 members - Y, Daeyeol, Tag, Jangjun, Jaehyun, Seungmin, Donghyun, Jibeom, Joochan and Bomin. Jaeseok officially left the group in January 2018. The group debuted with their first extended play Gol-Cha! on August 28, 2017.

There are plenty of Golden Child merchandise available. They have been released for various events and other occasions including concerts such as Play held in 2022, fanmeetings and album premieres including their 2021 EP Yes.. The members also prepare collectibles to commemorate the release of some of their songs such as Breathe. The group's official light stick was released in 2018.

1st Fanmeeting Golden Day Merchandise

Golden Child held their first fanmeeting with their official fandom Goldenness at the BlueSquare iMarket Hall in Seoul on May 22, 2018. It was organized to commemorate the first anniversary of the group's debut. The members performed their songs DamDaDi , With Me and I Love You So.

Golden Child 1st Fanmeeting Golden Day Merchandise

A selection of 7 goods was prepared for the attendees who could purchase them at the venue. The first one is a set of 11 posters including 9 individual member and 1 group sheet. They measure 430 x 610 mm and come in a black tube with a sticker showcasing the title of the fanmeeting. The second item is a set of postcards. You will get 22 postcards of a size of 100 x 148 mm in a blue envelope. The third collectible is a set of L-Holders of a dimensions of 210 x 297 mm. They will be perfect for your documents or other papers. Next there is a set of 3 baseball related badges - a T-shirt, a shirt and two bats with a ball. Each of them measure 23 x 23 mm and come with a backing card.

Next we have a set of wappen patches incorporating some school uniform logo designs. You will get 3 patches in a package of a size of 283 x 143 mm. The second to last item is an acrylic light stick, or rather a penlight. It features the name of the event on one side and the words "Golden Child 1st Fan Meeting". The size of the penlight is 20 x 230 mm. The last piece of Golden Child merchandise in this collection is a simple tote bag measuring 370 x 410 mm.

Future And Past Concert Goods

The first concert of the group titled Future And Past took place similarly to their first fanmeeting at the BlueSquare iMarket Hall in Seoul over two days on January 18 and 19, 2020. The ticket sales began on December 18, 2019 and the concert was sold out within just a few hours.

This time the members prepared a line of collectibles consisting of 9 different items. That includes the official light stick in a shape of a bowling pin, and a special pouch for the light stick of a dimensions of 110 x 320 mm.

The first of the Golden Child merchandise was a strap keyring with 2 charms - a round one with the title of the event on a blue background, and the other depicting a bowling pin. The size of the strap is 20 x 165 mm, while each of the charms measure 20 x 30 mm. The second item is a simple wappen in a shape of a rhombus featuring a design incorporating a baseball ball with the words "Golden Child". The size of the wappen is 89 x 62.5 mm, while the whole package measures 120 x 90 mm. Next we have a set composed of 11 postcards (1 group plus 10 solo sheets) and 11 posters. They measure 125 x 175 mm and 210 x 297 mm respectively. All come in a white envelope of a size of 240 x 330 mm.

Golden Child Future And Past Concert Merchandise

The ticket book comes with a set of 10 photo cards of a standard size of 55 x 85 mm, and a set of 2 tickets (120 x 50 mm). Both items feature beautiful pictures of all members. The book is black and has the logo of Golden Child on the front. On the spine you will spot the title Future And Past. The size of the book is 165 x 115 mm. The next product offered at the concert was a set of ID pictures, with 8 photos of each member on 1 sheet (8 sheets in total). The single sheet measures 165 x 115 mm.

If you're looking for a cool piece of fashion, a Golden Child hoodie will be right up your alley. This white item showcases the title of the concert on the front and the logo of Golden Child on the hood. It comes in only one size - L.

The final piece of Golden Child merchandise available in this collection is a grip holder (popsocket). The smartphone accessory has a black cover with the logo of the group, and a mirror underneath. The diameter of the grip tok is 70 mm.

Ontact Concert Now Collection

The group's first concert online titled Now was held on the September 13, 2020 at 3:00 PM KST. The members collaborated with MyMusicTaste as a streaming platform, to bring the event to the fans. The tickets were offered by the platform for the international viewers, while Seezn and Olleh TV provided their services for the domestic viewers.

Naturally the fans could not personally participate in the concert, so the Golden Child merchandise prepared for the event were available for purchase online. The pre-orders began on September 3, 2020 and lasted for 10 days until September 14. The delivery began on September 25.

9 different items were prepared for anyone who wanted to support the members of Golden Child and own something commemorating the event. The first one is a jigsaw puzzle featuring a group photo of all the members, which completed measures 380 x 520 mm. It comes with a poster of 380 x 520 mm with the same picture, in a package of a dimensions of 250 x 185 x 45 mm. The second item is a set of a white wrist band with the group's logo in red, and a single photo card. The size of the band is 100 x 80 mm, while the photo card measures 85 x 55 mm.

Golden Child Ontact Concert Now Merchandise

If you're looking for a simple yet elegant gift for someone you care about, a white mug will be perfect. It showcases a picture of all members and the title of the concert. Its size is 81 x 97 mm and it comes in a white box measuring 118 x 112 mm. The pin button set is composed of 11 pieces (10 single member and 1 concert logo button) of a diameter of 45 mm. It comes in a rectangular pink package of a size of 220 x 170 mm.

Another interesting piece of Golden Child merchandise is a black book pouch. You will get it with a mini clipboard featuring the logo of the KPop group (100 x 180 mm), a matching memo pad with the same black logo on every paper (88 x 154 mm), and a set of 10 postcards (100 x 150 mm). The pouch is opened and closed with a zipper.

Next there's a set of 10 postcards (1 per each member) and 10 white face masks with a discreet name of the group at the bottom. The masks are made of a felt Cotton and measure 175 x 95 mm. The size of the postcards is 125 x 175 mm. You will get all the items in a transparent plastic box.

The next item is a piece of fashion. This time you have a chance to get a black T-shirt made of 100% Cotton. It features a beautiful artwork on the front and the words "One Lucid Dream" on the back. It is available in one free size. The measurements are: length - 740 mm, chest - 590 mm, shoulder - 520 mm, arm - 240 mm.

One of the most interesting pieces of Golden Child merchandise in this collection is definitely a behind photo book. Inside you will find 110 pages of pictures taken during the promotional photoshoot for the Ontact Concert. The size of the book is 188 x 257 mm, and it comes with a set of 10 photo cards of a regular size of 55 x 85 mm. The final collectible is a black bandana made of 100% Cotton measuring 600 x 600 mm.

Golden Air Badge

On October 16, 2020 a single item showed up on the Eveline store. It was a beautiful Golden Air Badge. It was announced on the official social media of the band on the same day. It was offered for pre-order for 4 days until October 20, and delivered starting on October 26.

Golden Child Golden Air Badge

It was prepared in conjunction with the release of the group's second single album titled Pump It Up. It came out under Woollim Entertainment on October 7, 2020.

The piece of Golden Child merchandise features the logo of Golden Child (but with the word "Air" instead of "Child") and two wings on both sides. It measures 75 x 26 mm and comes with a group photo card of a size of 55 x 85 mm. The package itself is made of a dark blue sturdy cardboard, on which you will find the sticker of authenticity. Its dimensions are 115 x 70 x 25 mm. The item was originally priced at 19,000 KRW.

Woollim Mall Grand Opening Merchandise

On November 27, 2020, the company of Golden Child opened their own online store Woollim Mall. It is available in four languages - Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese. The company introduced some interesting collectibles for its artists including Infinite, Lovelyz, Rocket Punch, Drippin and of course Golden Child.

The collection of goods prepared for the fans of the group consists of 8 items. The first one is a beautiful bracelet with the logo of the band and words "Since 2017". It is made of 925 Silver and comes in two sizes - 185 mm and 200 mm. The bracelet comes with an elegant black pouch made of suede measuring 115 x 140 mm. The second product is a nice bookmark composed of 2 charms on a chains. The first one is the Golden Child logo, and the second one depicts a T-shirt. It is made of metal and its size is 15 x 85 mm.

The next piece of Golden Child merchandise is a black hoodie featuring a red logo of the KPop group. It is made of Cotton (100%) and comes in a single, free size. It has a big front kangaroo pocket and a smaller on the left side of the chest, opened and closed by a zipper. Additionally you can also purchase a blue Cotton cap that will be looking great with the hoodie. The size of the cap is 200 x 130 mm.

Golden Child Woollim Mall Grand Opening Merchandise

Next we have a lanyard which is 400 mm long. It comes with an extra photo card measuring 54 x 85 mm. 10 different sets are available, each with a single card with a picture of a chosen member.

The second pouch for the light stick was included in the collection. The first one was prepared as part of the Golden Child merchandise for Future And Past concert. This time the pouch has more rectangular shape and is made of Nylon. You can spot a small blue logo on the front. The dimensions of the item are 140 x 320 x 105 mm.

Next there is a set of photos consisting of 33 sheets. Inside a black package you will find 33 photos including 10 per member and 3 group sheets. Each of them measure 102 x 152 mm.

The cinema kit will be a perfect present for any KPop fan. The package contains a small selection of goods including a white tumbler with words "Golden Child" on it (90 x 90 x 165 mm), a review diary with some pictures (155 x 70 mm), 1 special ticket chosen randomly out of 10 options (70 x 140 mm), and a movie card (55 x 85 mm). The card will allow you to watch a single 2D movie in a selected movie theatre in South Korea. All comes in a beautiful box resembling a popcorn container you can find in your cinema. The size of the box is 90 x 90 x 185 mm.

The last merchandise in this collection is an eco bag made of durable canvas, measuring 215 x 225 x 90 mm.

Yes. Selection

On January 25, 2021 the fifth extended play of the group titled Yes. came out. It had its premiere under Woollim and is composed of 6 songs including the eponymous opening track, Burn It, Cool Cool, Round n Round, Milky Way and Breathe. Burn It serves as the lead single. The album managed to reach number 2 on the Gaon Weekly chart.

Simultaneously with the release of Yes., a small collection of Golden Child merchandise showed up on the Woollim Mall. 4 new items were available for purchase.

Golden Child Yes. Album Merchandise

The first one is a grip tok featuring an interesting star logo, designed for the album. It is a little bit bigger than the regular popsockets and measures 73 x 73 mm. Next there is a set of 2 badges - 1 showcasing the same logo as the grip tok, while the second is rectangular and has the name of the EP on it. They measure 35 x 35 mm and 35 x 16 mm respectively, and are made of zinc.

The next piece of Golden Child merchandise is another hoodie. This time it's white and features the album's logo on the right sleeve, and the words "Golden Child" on the hood. You can spot the album's title above an interesting graphic design on the front. Only one size is available.

The fourth and the final piece of goods is a phonetab and keyring set. The phonetab features a photo card of a single member. The keyring consists of 4 charms including 3 fabric and 1 round acrylic charm. There are 10 different sets to choose from, each representing one member of the group. There are 2 photo cards in each set.