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Kim Se Jeong Merchandise

Kim Se Jeong is a vocalist and a former member of a temporary group I.O.I and Gugudan. In 2016 she became a participant in the survival TV show Produce 101 broadcasted on Mnet, and finished the competition as a runner-up, behind Jeon So Mi. She debuted in an eleven-member I.O.I on May 4, 2016 with the group's first mini album titled Chrysalis and the lead single Dream Girls. That same year she debuted as a member of Gugudan with their first extended play titled Act. 1 The Little Mermaid, and the main track Wonderland. After I.O.I disbanded in January of 2017, Se Jeong continued her career with Gugudan until it was officially disbanded in December of 2020.

Kim Se Jeong began her solo career with a single Tunnel on December 2, 2019. Soon afterwards she released her first solo album titled Plant. It had its premiere on March 17, 2020 and featured the eponymous lead single.

If you're looking for some interesting official Kim Se Jeong merchandise, there are two collections available at this moment. They were released for the artist's second extended play titled I'm, and for the audience of her first fanmeeting titled Se-jeong's World Diary held in 2022. Currently there is no Kim Se Jeong light stick available.

I'm Album Merchandise

The second solo mini album of the vocalist came out on March 29, 2021 under Jellyfish Entertainment. It is composed of 5 songs including Teddy Bear, Warning (with a South Korean rapper Lil Boi, and a member of a duo Geeks), Do Dum Chit, Let's Go Home and Maybe I Am. Sejeong is credited as the lyricist of all songs, she also contributed to the composition of all of them. Warning serves as the lead single.

I'm reached number 19 on the weekly Gaon chart and number 83 on the monthly chart. It sold 7,664 units during March of 2021.

To commemorate the album's premiere, a selection of 6 pieces of Kim Se Jeong merchandise was released. All of them are official products from Jellyfish Entertainment.

Kim Se Jeong I'm Album Merchandise

The collection starts with a DIY diamond painting kit. It is a very nice collectible, which will be a great candidate for a gift for someone who is a big fan of the vocalist. It is composed of a canvas of a dimensions of 400 x 500 x 16 mm, 36 beads (with 10% extra included), 2 beads pens, 2 3-bead connector (which connects to the back of the pen), 2 trays for the beads, 2 glues needed to attach the beads, and a design layout with the user manual consisting additional information. As a bonus you will receive a single photo card. All comes in an elegant paper box.

The second item is a grip tok (known also as a popsocket). It is available in 2 variants. The first one - the Warning version - features a design incorporating a smiley face and the words "Worth It!" on a dark blue background. It is made of PC and TPU and measures 40 x 40 mm. It comes in a package with a backing card sized 60 x 88 mm. The second grip tok (Teddy bear version) is in a shape of a heart and showcases a drawing of a teddy bear on a checkered background. This time its size is 57 x 51 mm and the measurements of the backing card are 80 x 100 mm.

Next we have an acrylic keyring. It is composed of a green circle charm resembling an LP record, and a smaller one with the word "Warning!" on it. This piece of Kim Se Jeong merchandise is made of acrylic and metal, and measures 40 x 74 mm. It comes in a package of a dimensions of 70 x 95 mm.

Next there is a white tumbler if you like to have your coffee or other beverage on you. It features the Warning logo on the front, and is made of a BPA free P.P. Silicon. It measures 80 x 135 mm and can contain around 350 ml of liquid. It comes with an extra selfie photo card of a regular size of 55 x 85 mm. All comes in a package of a size of 80 x 145 mm.

The final piece of Kim Se Jeong merchandise in this collection is a set of badges. Inside the package you will find 2 badges - a metal pin button with a picture of the vocalist, and metal badge which looks like a cassette tape featuring a teddy bear and the title I'M. The size of both is 25 x 16 mm and 44 x 44 mm respectively.

Fan Made Goods

If you still are thirsty for some interesting Kim Se Jeong merchandise, and you just can't wait for the official Se Jeong light stick to come out, you should definitely be thinking about getting some fan made goods.

The fans tend to get very creative, and they produce their own items related to their favourite KPop artists. They often offer them online for other to purchase, especially if this is the only options they can get something to collect. The price is also very affordable. You don't have to worry that you spend too much. This is also a great solution if you're looking for a nice present for someone, but the official Kim Se Jeong merchandise is not available or out of stock.

Additionally you should think about print-on-demand websites. There are plenty of services printing a particular design on an item including T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, crewnecks, phone cases, posters, mugs etc. You can order an item and they will send you the completed product to your home address. That's a great solution if you need a high quality collectibles.