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Dreamcatcher Official Light Stick (Version 1)

Dreamcatcher Official Light Stick (Version 1)
Release Date 5 March 2021
Price $99.99-$109.99
Width Depth Height
90mm 90mm 785mm
Light Colors
Operating Time 5 Hours
Power Internal Battery (2000 mAh)
Content Light Stick (With 2 Extensions), Hand Strap, USB Type-C Charging Cable, User Manual
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The 1st version of the official Dreamcatcher light stick was announced on the group's official media on January 13, 2021. The sales started almost two months later on March 4, and the item was eventually released a day later on March 5. The light stick was immediately sold out (a notice about that showed up on the official store the product was available from). The official store of Dreamcatcher was previously opened on XOfficialShop in August of 2020.

The Dreamcatcher light stick is currently the biggest out of all fanlights of any KPop artist. With the length of 785 mm it dethroned past number 1 on the list - the Loona light stick, which is 435 mm long. The collectible has a transparent sphere with some beautiful red accents at the top, and a handle composed of three elements - the main part of the handle, on which you will spot the name of the group written in gold along with a turn on button, and two extensions. A text is wrapped around all handle parts.

You can use only the main handle, or add either one or both extensions. Naturally the size of the light stick changes depending on how many you will use. All you have to do is to unscrew the bottom cap and connect the parts together. The regular size of the item is 90 x 90 x 282 mm. The size of the extensions stick is 34 x 34 x 271 mm. The dimensions of the longest configuration are 90 x 90 x 785 mm.

The version 1 of the Dreamcatcher light stick can produce light in four colors including white, blue, red and yellow. It can work in two different modes - lighting and flash, although the second one is available only when using white light.

Unlike the majority of the KPop fanlights, this one uses an internal battery instead of 3 or 4 AAA batteries. You have to unscrew the sphere to get to the battery. Its capacity is 2000 mAh and it needs around 3 hours to be charged (it uses the voltage of 5V). The light stick can operate for a maximum time of 5 hours.

Dreamcatcher Official Light Stick

The provided information suggest that new batteries will be available for purchase soon, and will be sold separately.

The item can be connected to your device (smartphone, tablet, etc.) through a Bluetooth connection. A dedicated app will allow you to pair the item up with your seat at the venue, where the concert, fanmeeting, showcase, or any other Dreamcatcher event will be held. That will allow the central control system to wirelessly control your light stick, and create a special light effects. During this mode the normal mode will be disabled. The app is easily available from both Google Play for Android operating system and App Store for iOS devices.

Aside from the Dreamcatcher light stick in the package you will find a black hand strap, a USB Type-C charging cable, which will be very useful, and a user manual containing more details about the collectible. The black strap features the group's name, and will be very useful if you plan to take your stick to the concert, or simply carrying it around. Everything comes in a very peculiar box, which looks like a small coffin. The box showcases the logo of Dreamcatcher along with some additional details on the cover, and lined with red fabric inside. You will immediately spot a paper insert and a perfectly cut out compartments for the main part of the light stick and the two extensions. On the paper insert you will find the names of all members, alongside the lyrics of Full Moon saying:

"A light leading into a dream. We shall forever be together in our dreams. I promise love like my dreaming heart, shining forever, filled with red moonlight. Full Moon."

On the back side of the box you will find a sticker of authenticity. It is the official piece of merchandise from Dreamcatcher Company Co., Ltd. It was manufactured in China. The dimensions of the box are 380 x 220 x 105 mm. The whole package weights 890 g.

Similarly to Loona and their cape, to commemorate the premiere of Dreamcatcher light stick (ver 1), a special robe was prepared for the fans who would like to get additional items. It features a big logo of the group on the back, and a gold design on the hood and the front. It has a matching drawstrings and will go nicely with the fanlight.

This is not the first time when a Dreamcatcher light stick has been released. In 2018 an acrylic one was prepared for the fans who attended the group's first European tour in February of that year. The item was purple and showcased a flat transparent rhombus with the group's name on it. The price for the collectible was 20 Euro. The other two pieces of merchandise were a T-shirt commemorating the tour, and a black tote bag.

Another one was available at their concert titled Welcome to the Dreamworld. It was held at the Shinsegae Mesa Hall in Seoul on March 10, 2018. The item has a white handle and a round transparent flat head with a glitter in it. It features a design incorporating the names of the members and the logo of Dreamcatcher. The size of the collectible is 111 x 173 mm. It comes in a beautiful box with a picture of the whole group on the front. You could also get 5 other goods at the venue. That includes a black slogan in a plastic pouch, a face mask, a set of 8 posters (1 group and 7 single member sheets), a set of photo cards, and two versions of the eco bag.

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