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Enhypen Official Light Stick

Enhypen Official Light Stick
Release Date 17 November 2020
Price $60.90-$61.99
Width Depth Height
96mm 90mm 218mm
Light Colors
Light Blue
Power AAA Alkaline Batteries 3EA
Content Light Stick, Dust Bag, Hand Strap, Photo Cards (7), User Manual
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The official Enhypen light stick was revealed on the social media on November 13, 2020 with a video presenting the features of the item. It was eventually released on November 17 ahead of the group's debut on November 30, 2020. That day Enhypen released their first mini album titled Border: Day One. The light stick came out as a part of larger collection of the logo merchandise composed of the official slogan, a keyring, a set of 2 pin badges, a set of memo pads, a cable protector, a clip set and a photo card binder. During this time Enhypen also revealed that their fandom name is Engene, and that Jungwon became the leader of the group.

The Enhypen light stick has a silver handle with the logo of the group, and a round transparent bulb with a light core inside. On the handle you can spot two buttons, and on its upper part the name of the KPop band. The first button is a switch (you can hold it down for 1.5 seconds to turn on the item), and serves as a light color changer. The second one manipulates the flicker effects, and turns on the Aurora mode. By pressing and holding down both buttons you can activate the Bluetooth, and connect the light stick to your device.

The item can produce the light in 7 different colors in Basic mode including blue, light blue, purple, orange, red, yellow and green. But it can work in practically any other color if you connect it to an app on your device. The app will allow you to select a color you want to use and set the brightness. The item can also be transformed into a projector with which you can project the logo of Enhypen on the wall on other surface. The formed logo can be projected using three light modes - white, color and multi-color. The Enhypen light stick is powered by 3 AAA batteries, which are hidden in a compartment in a lower part of the handle.

Enhypen Official Light Stick

It can work in 2 light modes - Basic and Aurora, and 2 flicker modes - slow, normal and quick.

As mentioned before, the light stick can be connected to the official app using Bluetooth. The app is currently available from both Google Play and App Store. The application will allow you to pair your Enhypen light stick with your seat ahead of the concert or other event you'll be participating in, so that it can be controlled by a central control to create a sophisticated light effects, often during the performances of the group's songs.

The Enhypen light stick comes with a black dust bag, especially useful during the concerts, a black hand strap, a set of 7 photo cards and a user manual with the instructions and some helpful information. All is packed in a sturdy elegant box with some holographic details. This is the official collectible from Be:Lift, a joint venture of both Big Hit Entertainment and CJ ENM. It was manufactured in South Korea by Laonz Co., Ltd, and has a sticker of authenticity on the box. The official model number is EN- Official 0320IP.

The item measures 218 x 96 x 90 mm and weights 148 g (excluding batteries). It is recommended to use it in a temperature between 0 and 50 (32 to 122).

On the day of the premiere you could get the Enhypen light stick from the official store Weverse, either on their global, American or Japanese website. All other logo collectibles were present in the store including the official slogan showcasing the group's name and the names of all members (Jungwon, Heesung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo and Ni-ki), a signature keyring with two different charms, a set of two metal badges, a memo pad set (consisting of a 100 page memo pad, 7 cards featuring a handwritten messages from each of the members, and a sturdy package), a set of 8 clips made of stainless steel in a tin case, a PVC cable protector, and finally a photo card binder with a magnetic closure.

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