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Victon Merchandise

Victon (known also as Voice to New World) is a boy group under Play M Entertainment, formed in 2016 by Plan A Entertainment. The group consists of seven members including Seungsik, Seungwoo, Sejun, Chan, Byungchan, Hanse and Subin. They debuted on November 9, 2016 with their first mini album titled Voice to New World, and the songs I'm Fine and What Time Is It Now? serving as the double title tracks.

There are plenty of Victon merchandise released for the fans. Most of them are collections prepared in conjunction with the release of their albums or various events, such as concerts and fanmeetings including Sweet Travel held in 2021. There are also goods related to the Toniiminii cartoon characters, and those released in 2022 for the group's reality TV show Victon's World Tour.

Ready Album Merchandise

Ready is the second mini album of the group, released on March 2, 2017 under Plan A. It is composed of five songs including Eyez Eyez, In The Air, Blank, So Bad.. and Sunrise, with Eyez Eyez serving as the lead single.

Victon Ready Album Merchandise

To commemorate the release a special selection of Victon merchandise was prepared. It consists of 4 different products including the official penlight of the group with its name and the members' names printed in black, a set of postcards composed of 7 individual member and 3 unit sheets, and 2 L-Holders in a set including a group one (the same in all sets) and one featuring a selected member.

The last item available for purchase in this collection is a slogan. It showcases a picture of the whole group on one side and the word "Victon" on a black background on the other. The slogan is of a standard size and measures 600 x 200 mm.

1st Special Fanmeeting Welcome To Victon Class Selection

The second collection was released for the group's first fanmeeting titled Welcome To Victon Class. The event took place at the Universal Art Center in Seoul on May 27, 2017. An information about the official collection of Victon merchandise showed up on group's social media on May 18.

The attendees had a chance to get a selection of 6 items at the venue. The first one was a set of a student ID card and 2 ID photos. The card measures 54 x 86 mm, while the size of ID photo is 3 x 4 inches. There are seven different to choose from, each of them represents a single member of Victon. Additionally you could also get an ID card case with a black strap featuring the names of both the group and the fanmeeting. The size of the case is 100 x 60 mm, and the strap measures 897 x 9 mm.

Victon 1st Special Fanmeeting Welcome To Victon Class Merchandise

The third collectible is a set of stickers and a brochure of a size of 180 x 80 mm. You will get 49 different stickers showcasing the pictures of all members. The brochure depicts all members sitting on their desks during a school-themed photoshoot.

The official slogan available here is the same as in the collection of goods prepared for the second mini album Ready.

Next we have a limited photo card set consisting of 7 sheets of a slightly unusual size of 50 x 70 mm.

The final piece of Victon merchandise is a penlight. It features the logo of the group on one side, and the names of all members on the other. The length of the penlight is 200 mm. It was priced at 10,000 KRW.

Welcome To Wonderland Fanmeeting Goods

To commemorate the second anniversary of the debut, the group decided to organize a fanmeeting and spend some time with their fans. The event titled Welcome To Wonderland was held at the Sogang University in Seoul over two days on November 17 and 18, 2018.

Victon Welcome To Wonderland Fanmeeting Merchandise

This time a small selection of merchandise was available for the purchase online and at the venue consisting of 4 items. For the first time the official Victon light stick showed up as part of a bigger collection. It was released at the beginning of the year, on March 16, 2018. The item is composed of a white handle and a bulb shaped like a three-leaf clover.

The other pieces of Victon merchandise available at the event were a mini L-Holder showcasing a chosen member of the group (114 x 44 mm), a set of 8 posters (1 group and 7 single member sheets) of a size of 280 x 340 mm, and a set of postcards measuring 147 x 97 mm.

Voice To Alice Fanmeeting Collection

The fanmeeting Voice To Alice took place at Donghae Arts Center of Kwangwoon University on September 22, 2019. The ticket sale began on September 4 on Melon Ticket, and sold out after just 20 seconds. Play M Entertainment had to change the venue to accommodate the large number of fans they didn't expect. The event was also streamed online through Naver's V App. It was the first time Victon held their fanmeeting as six-member group, without Seungwoo who was promoting with X1 after his participation in the survival TV show Produce X 101.

This time a larger collection of Victon merchandise was available for the fans. You could get a total number of 7 items, for a very affordable prices. All of them were manufactured by Copan Global. The first one is the official light stick of the group. It measures 114 x 44 x 275 mm and is made of ABS and PC. The batteries was not included in the package but you could get them onsite for a price of 2,000 KRW for 3 pieces.

The second product is a keyring with a strap and a charm. The charm is composed of a small key and a round disk with the logo of Victon on a white background. On the strap you will find the title of the fanmeeting - "Voice To Alice", and the logo of the group. The keyring is made of metal and PVC and measures 20 x 140 mm.

Victon Voice To Alice Fanmeeting Merchandise

The third item is a beautiful piece of jewelry - a ring with a waveform printed on the outside symbolizing the message from a single member. There are six variants to choose from, each representing a member of the group. The ring is made of surgical steel and comes with a special signed message card.

Next we have a photo fan featuring a picture of a face of a member of your choice. On the back side of the fan you will find the title of the event. The size of the item is 295 x 430 mm. It is made of paper and PP.

The next product is a set of photo film and a profile ID pictures. The photo film showcases 9 pictures of a single member and measures 130 x 165 mm. You will get 3 ID pictures. There are six different sets to collect (1 per each member).

The second to last piece of Victon merchandise in this collection is a set of 7 postcards of a dimensions of 140 x 100 mm. 2 different sets are available. In each you will find 6 individual and 1 group postcard.

The last item is a fabric poster featuring the whole group. On the right top corner you will find the title of the event written in white. It is made of polyester and its size is 600 x 420 mm.

5th Mini Album Nostalgia Pop-up Store Merchandise

The fifth extended play of Victon was released on November 4, 2019 by Play M Entertainment. It features 6 songs including Intro (Nostalgia), the main track Nostalgic Night, New World, Farewell, Here I Am and Hands Up. It reached number 4 on the Gaon Weekly chart and was the biggest success of the group up until this point selling 74,602 copies during the whole 2019.

A special pop-up store was opened to promote the release. It operated between November 4 and 17, 2019 on the 4th floor of Yongsan I Park Mall in Seoul. The members even personally visited the store on November 6 and left their signatures on some of the products.

Aside from the two versions of the physical edition of Nostalgia (Nostos and Algos version) and the official fanlight, the customers had a chance to get 8 different pieces of Victon merchandise. Seungwoo was still not included in the collection.

Victon 5th Mini Album Nostalgia Pop-up Store Merchandise

The collectible is a black card holder, which comes with a photo card of a random member (6 different cards). The item measures 70 x 110 mm and is made of PU.

The second item is a piece of fashion. The dark blue hoodie is made of Cotton and Polyester and is available in only one, free size. It features the title of the fifth EP on the left side of the chest, and a little bit bigger on the back. The hoodie has two big pockets on the front and a matching drawstrings for the hood. You can open and close it with a zipper. Inside the package you will also find a set of 6 photo cards.

The third merchandise is a light keyring similar to those of other KPop groups such as Day6 (the second fanmeeting You Made My Day - Episode 2 - Scentographer) and GOT7 (the first concert Fly). It can project an image of a selected member on a light surface. The black keyring comes with a small round charm with the Victon's logo on it. It measures 13 x 80 mm while the charm's diameter is 20 x 20 mm. The item is made of aluminum, alloy, brass and PVC.

The next item is a set of posters. In the package you will find 2 sheets, 1 related to Nostos, and the other to Algos concept. There are 7 options to choose from - 6 individual member and 1 group set. The dimensions of the posters are 420 x 584 mm.

Similarly to the posters, a set of L-Holders also consists of 2 concept pieces. This time though there is no group option available. The L-Holders measure 210 x 297 mm.

The set of memo pads is composed of 2 different pads - a square photo one, and a round one depicting a planet. Both come in a black square cover of a size of 75 x 75 mm.

Finally we have a set of 10 different stickers featuring all kinds of words and logos related to the KPop group. All pieces of Victon merchandise were manufactured by Copan Global, known for their high quality products.

New World Concert Goods

The first concert of Victon was held over two days on January 4 and 5, 2020 at the Olympic Hall in Seoul. The 5,000 seats were sold out in just 5 minutes after the ticket sales opened at 8:00 PM KST on December 2, 2019. The six members recently began their Asian tour Voice To Alice and performed in Osaka, Bangkok, Taipei and Manila. The concerts in Seoul were the culmination of the tour.

New World was later released on a DVD, with 3 disks (around 241 minutes), a 100 pages photobook, a set of 6 photo cards of a standard size of 55 x 85 mm, 1 random film bookmark featuring a single member, and 1 sheet of stickers (115 x 195 mm).

As usual the group prepared an interesting collection of Victon merchandise, which was available at the venue and online. There are 11 items to choose from, including the official light stick. For the first time a black pouch was available for the fanlight owners. It measures 310 x 150 x 100 mm and features a logo of the group on the front. It is made of Polyester, EVA and brass and comes with a strap.

Victon New World Concert Merchandise

Next there is a material pouch showcasing the logo of the group on one side and the title New World on the other. It is made of wool and can be opened by a zipper. The size of the pouch is 230 x 170 mm. Inside the package you will also find an extra set of 6 photo cards.

Next we have a photo card binder with 10 sleeves inside. On the cover you will spot the logo of Victon and their name on the spine. It contains an index page with a picture showcasing the whole group. The binder will be perfect if you are a photo card collector and you want to get a new one to store your collection in. The dimensions of the collectible are 241 x 35 x 239 mm.

Another set of posters features either a single member or the whole group. The set is composed of 7 square, LP sized posters of a size of 300 x 300 mm. It was priced at 12,000 KRW. Additionally you could get a set of 7 photo cards with pictures from the same photoshoot. Each card measures 58 x 88 mm.

The acrylic keyring comes in 6 variants, and features the silhouette of a chosen member of Victon. It has two metal charms - a key and a round disk with the group's name on it.

A very special piece of Victon merchandise was a package Season's Greetings prepared for the new 2020 season. Inside a big box of a dimensions of 285 x 205 x 30 mm, you will find a 32 pages desk calendar with a separate section which is a frame for the postcards (270 x 185 mm), a set of 13 postcards (100 x 150 mm), a 100 pages travel book with some beautiful photos inside (150 x 210 mm), a set of 6 photo cards (55 x 85 mm), a poster calendar which will be a perfect alternative to the desk calendar (600 x 420 mm), 1 sheet of selfie stickers (150 x 210 mm), and finally a set of 3 carrier stickers.

The last 2 pieces of goods you could get at the concert were a black, made of Cotton T-shirt with a big design on the back incorporating the words "New World", and a roll of round stickers (4.5 m long).

Continuous Album Merchandise

The sixth mini album of Victon had its premiere on March 9, 2020 under Play M. It managed to reach number 2 on the weekly Gaon chart (after ITZY's first extended play It'z Icy), and sold 87,971 units in March alone. On the CD you will find 5 tracks including Nightmare, the lead song Howling, All I Know, Petal and White Night. Seungwoo rejoined the group after an unfortunate disbandment of X1.

To promote the album 6 different pieces of Victon merchandise were prepared. All of them were once again manufactured by Copan Global. The first one is a black eco bag made of canvas, featuring some white details incorporating the word "Continuous". The size of the item is 380 x 400 mm. The second collectible will be perfect as an accessory for your smartphone. The grip tok measures 40 x 40 mm and has a mirror underneath the front panel, on which you will find the same design as on the eco bag.

Victon Continuous Album Merchandise

Next we have 7 different strap keyrings, each representing a single member of Victon (naturally including Seungwoo). It is made of PU, metal and epoxy, and is composed of a strap with the title of the album, and 2 round charms, measuring 29 x 29 mm and 22 x 22 mm. The size of the strap is 20 x 110 mm.

The photo set comes in 2 variants - light and dark. Both consist of 8 photos, each with either the whole group or a single member. The photos measure 102 x 152 mm.

The acrylic stand set will be a nice addition to your collection of merchandise. It is composed of 7 stands featuring a silhouette of every member of the group. Each one is around 97 mm tall.

The last item prepared for the Continuous album was a set of 8 posters (7 member and 1 group sheets). The size of the posters is 420 x 594 mm.

Mayday Album Goods

The second single album of the group (after Time of Sorrow) titled Mayday came out on June 2, 2020 under Play M. It features an epononymous lead track alongside its instrumental version, and a CD only song New World (new version). The single peaked at number 3 on the Gaon weekly chart and sold 95,850 copies by the end of the year.

The official Victon merchandise promoting Mayday were also available. The pre-orders began on June 10, 2020 and lasted for a week, to June 16. The shipping started the next month on July 2, 2020. Aside from the physical album (versions Venez and M'aider), you could get 6 collectibles.

Victon Mayday Album Merchandise

That includes a behind photo book with pictures taken during the official photoshoot for the single. It has 58 pages and measures 148 x 210 mm. Next there is a birth flower glass cup able to contain 245 ml of your favourite beverage. The size of the glass is 67 x 95 mm. It comes with a fabric square coaster made of Cotton. It measures 100 x 100 mm and has a white tag with the title of the album.

Next there are 7 different sets of lanyard and a photo card, that measure 10 x 450 mm and 65 x 140 mm respectively. Each set represents a single member of the group. The made of Polyester lanyard is the same in all sets.

The last two pieces of Victon merchandise are a stamp sticker set composed of 2 sheets sized 106 x 136 mm, and a folded accordion postcard of a size of 900 x 150 mm, with the photos of all members.