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Aespa Merchandise

Aespa is a KPop group formed by SM Entertainment in 2020. It is the newest girl group from SM after Red Velvet. It is composed of four members - Giselle, Karina, Winter and Ningning. Ningning is known for her participation in group SM Rookies since 2016. Karina appeared in a music video for the song Want of Taemin of SHINee in 2019. The girl group debuted on November 17, 2020 with their first digital single Black Mamba.

SM Entertainment often releases some interesting collectibles for their artists. They've already managed to prepare some interesting Aespa merchandise for the fans, which are available on various KPop stores online. The official Aespa light stick was released in 2022. There are several collections you can get. That includes the items prepared for the group's showcase Synk.


Black Mamba Single Merchandise

To commemorate the premiere of the debut single, SM decided to provide the fans with some interesting collectibles. The collection consists of 15 different items, which will please even the most demanding fans. It was announced on the official social media of the group on November 27, 2020.

The first piece of Aespa merchandise is a photo in A4 format (210 x 297 mm). It features a single member, so naturally there are four options to choose from. If you like this collectible you will be probably interested in a set of 4X6 photos. You will get 6 sheets including 4 single member and 2 group photos. The exact size of all sheets is 4 x 6.3 inches.

The third product is a metal keyring featuring the logo of Aespa. It will be perfect to keep your keys in one place. It measures 45 x 34 mm and weights 20 g

Aespa Black Mamba Single Merchandise

If you're looking for a nice accessory for your smartphone you should think about getting a custom phone case with a beautiful artwork. Additionally you can send a short message (10 English characters total) you want to be printed on the case. The case features the name of the group and their logo in white. There are many smartphone models to choose from including Galaxy S series, Galaxy Note and iPhones. The item is made of Polycarbonate. Additionally you can get a simple grip tok (popsocket) with a holographic design incorporating the logo of the girl group and words "Aespa" and "Be My AE". The diameter of the item is 40 mm.

Next we have a an acrylic keyring with a photo of a chosen member, its name and cartoon representation. It will be a beautiful addition to your collection. The size of the item is 80 x 100 x 5 mm. The next piece of Aespa merchandise is a set consisting of 1 sheet of hologram epoxy stickers and 1 photo card. There are 4 different sets to choose from, each representing a single member of the group.

The hair pin set is composed of three different pins. Two of them - the logo and stone pin - are the same in all 4 variants. The third one - circular pin - is unique to the member you will be choosing. The circular pin features a small graphic related to the member - Karina (heart), Winter (snowflake), Giselle (necklace) and Ningning (butterfly). The materials used in making of the set are brass, steel and crystal.

The next piece of Aespa merchandise is a piece of jewelry. It is a ring made of real 926 Silver. It showcases a signature of each member and measures 20 x 20 x 5 mm. It is priced at 39,000 KRW but it is worth it, especially if you're looking for a nice present for someone who is a big fan of Aespa. If you like the ring you should definitely check out the birthstone earrings. Each set consists of 4 pieces - 1 with the name of a member of your choice, and 3 with a stone distinctive to the version you will be getting. The stones attached to the members are diamond (Karina), garnet (Winter), opal (Giselle), opal (Ningning). The stone earring measures 3 x 3 mm, the stone bar 1.8 x 10.5 mm, and the engraved earring's size is 7 x 7 mm.

Next we have a scroll poster featuring a picture of a single member of Aespa, alongside her name and the group's name at the top. The size of the poster is 600 x 900 mm and the size of the stopper is 16.6 x 14 mm. You can hang the poster on your wall in your room or office. It comes in a sturdy purple tube of a size of 80 x 660 mm.

The film set comes with 4 hologram sheets, of which each showcases 2 photo of a single member. Each film sheet measures 70 x 117 mm and weights around 5 g. It will be perfect to add it to the 4x6 and A4 photos.

The next piece of Aespa merchandise is a photo card set. It consists of a paper stand and a lenticular photo card with a photo of a chosen member and her cartoon representation, visible depending from which angle you'll be looking at the card. The size of the stand is 140 x 215 mm. There are of course 4 variants to choose from.

Forever Single Goods

On February 5, 2021, the girls released their second digital single - a remake of Yoo Young-jin's song titled Forever from 2000. A commemorative collection of Aespa merchandise started to be announced on the SMTown official store's social media, beginning with the transportation cards on March 12, 2021. Although 4 new pieces of merchandise showed up, there is still no sign of the official Aespa light stick.

The collection starts - as I mentioned - with a transportation card called cashbee. You can get one featuring a chosen member on the front (there are 4 options available) and the title of single Forever on the back. The size of the item is 54 x 86 mm. It is made of plastic and was manufactured in South Korea by Sun Entertainment Co., Ltd.

Aespa Forever Single Merchandise

The second product is a hologram photo card set similar to the one from the Black Mamba comeback. Inside the package you will find a foldable paper stand showcasing a photo of one of the members, and a hologram photo card. The dimensions of the whole item are 140 x 215 mm.

The other 2 collectibles were also present in the previous collection - a set of 4x6 and A4 photos. This time though the 4x6 photo set consists of 5 sheets instead of 6. You will get 4 individual member and 1 group sheet measuring 4 x 6.3 inches. The A4 photo comes in 4 variants, each with a picture of one of the members of Aespa. A single sheet weights approximately 15 g and measure 210 x 297 mm.