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GOT7 Merchandise

GOT7 is one of the most popular male KPop groups. The older brothers of Stray Kids debuted under JYP Entertainment in 2014 when they released their first song Girls Girls Girls. The group is composed of JB, Jinyoung, Mark, Jackson, Yugyeom, Bambam and Youngjae. GOT7 is the next boy band Park Jin Young created after 2AM and 2PM. The members left JYP in January of 2021 and continue their group and solo careers as an independent artists.

JYP Entertainment is well known for the amount and the quality of the merchandise they create for their groups. There are literally hundreds of pieces of GOT7 merchandise that are a part of many collections that were available at different events like concerts such as 2019 world tour Keep Spinning and fan meetings including 2022 fancon titled Home Coming With I GOT 7.

You will also find some interesting items related to their official cartoon characters Gotoon.

ITEMS (12)

1st Official Goods "Pure"

On June 18, 2014 GOT7 held a showcase with the conjunction of the release of their second mini album Got Love. The event took place at the UNIQLO AX venue (also known as AX-KOREA). The first selection of official GOT7 merchandise ever was available for purchase at the UNIQLO AX booth. JYP released the collection under the name "Pure". It is composed of 9 items: an official light stick, a set of 7 buttons, a set of 3 sheets of stickers, a set of 7 posters in a tube, 7 L-Holders, a picket fan with the photo of all members, a set of 30 different photo cards, T-shirt with the words "Come & Get It" on front and a black slogan with the group's name on it.

GOT7 1st Official Goods Pure

Gotoon "Pure" Season 2 Part 1 Merch

The items from the Gotoon Pure Season 2 Part 1 collection were released on September 22, 2014 and were available for purchase on the K.ART online shop.

GOT7 Gotoon Pure Season 2 Part 1 Merchandise

The collection consists of: a set of 7 mini standing doll; a set of comb (135 x 30 mm), mirror (62 x 96 mm), photo card and a cartoon character card with a bag (160 x 215 mm); an L-Holder file with your favourite member; a set of stickers (5 sheets); a set of 10 printed photos 152.4 x 101.6 mm.

Lotte Gotoon Pop Up Store Goods

The Lotte Gotoon pop up store was opened on November 11, 2014. During the few days - until the store was closed on December 12 - the fans were able to get some cool GOT7 merchandise. Aside from the memorabilia from both parts of Gotoon Pure Season 2 and albums "Got It?", "Got Love" and "Identify" there were 6 completely new items ready to be collected: a Gotoon cushion (7 versions), a key holder (7 versions), blanket, white hoodie with words "What You Got?", clear file (8 versions) and post card (15 versions).

GOT7 Lotte Gotoon Pop Up Store Goods

Gotoon "Pure" Season 2 Part 2 Merch

The second part of Gotoon Pure Season 2 merchandise was available on the K.ART shop from November 19, 2014. The collection starts with a Gotoon slogan with a cartoon characters of GOT7 members on one side and the words "What You Got?" on the other. Next we have a weekly planner (90 x 160 mm), a rubber earcap (18 x 16 mm) for your smartphone (1 out of 7 variants), a ceramic mug (95 x 80 mm) with a cartoon character representing a member and a corresponding sentence: JB - "I Got You You Got Me", Mark - "It's Not Working So Stop Fronting", Jackson - "Girls They Love Me", Jinyoung - "You Are My Playground", Youngjae - "Cuz I Wanna Be Forever Young", Bambam - "Come Along With Me", Yugyeom - "Got Love? Got It!", an eco bag (400 x 270 x 5 mm) made of cotton, a zip-up hoodie and a wappen.

GOT7 Gotoon Pure Season 2 Part 2 Merchandise

Summer Official Collection

GOT7 X Gotoon Summer Official Collection was released on May 27, 2015 through Withdrama website. 9 new Gotoon products were introduced: a set of 8 stamps (20 x 20 x 20 mm) in a case 95 x 70 mm, a ball pen (7 types), a memo it (150 x 80 mm), a mouse pad (220 x 175 mm), id card case (68 x 106 mm), neck cushion, umbrella (240 mm long), wappen (7 types) and a snapback.

GOT7 Summer Official Collection Merchandise

Summer Official Goods

The merchandise from the Summer Official Goods collection were released on June 8, 2015. It was available through the official shop K.ART and at the offline store at Lotte Fitin in Jung-gu, Seoul.

GOT7 Summer Official Goods

The collection cosists of 6 very interesting items: an A5 photo note (7 options), cut out card (7 options), a photo set of 7 sheets in A4 envelope, a photo file, a set of 7 Perfume No.7 memos (70 x 90 mm, 50 sheets each - 350 sheets total) and a signature necklace with a photo card (7 options).

1st Fan Meeting Gift For IGOT7 "Got Gift" Collection

The first GOT7 fan meeting with their fans I GOT7 was held on June 26, 2015 at the Olympic Hall in Seoul. The attendees had a chance to get some cool items from 8 available: a character doll, a cushion with a cute photo of your favourite member, official slogan with the photo of all members on a white background on one side and and words "Come And Get It!" on a blue background on the other side, a mini photo book, a mini tapestry with the photo of a silhouette of each member to hang on your wall in your room, a tumbler in purple or beige color, a black or gray sweatshirt and a set of 7 photo cards.

1st Fan Meeting Gift For IGOT7 Got Gift Merchandise

2nd Fan Meeting "Amazing GOT7 World" Collection

A year later on January 16, 2016 the second fan meeting took place. It was held at the SK Olympic Handball Stadium where the group met with 3 500 fans. And again a set of 8 new products were prepared: a light stick/pen light (173 mm), a hand warmer (100 x 100 mm) in a pouch, free sized hood cape, a set of 8 L-Holders (1 group plus 7 L-Holders of each member, 220 x 310 mm), a set of stickers (3 sheets, 150 x 210 mm), postcard set (148 x 100 mm) available in 8 options: set of 4 postcards of a whole group and 7 sets of 3 postcards of a single member, 64 pages behind photo book (210 x 295 mm) and a key ring with a cartoon character of the member of your choice.

GOT7 2nd Fan Meeting Amazing GOT7 World Merchandise

Got7 1st Concert "Fly" Memorabilia

The first official world tour of GOT7 began on April 29, 2016 in Seoul where the members performed at the SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium before the audience of 8000 people. They continued the Asian leg of the tour in Shanghai, Osaka, Tokyo, Bangkok, Guangzhou and Singapore before moving to North America where they gave concerts in Dallas, Chicago, New York, Atlanta and Los Angeles. The members visited Hong Kong in July and went back to South Korea to conclude the tour with the concerts in Seoul on August 20 and 21.

Got7 1st Concert Fly Merchandise

14 items were available for purchase at the event. The first one is an official lightstick that comes with a special photo card randomly chosen from 7 options. Next we have a T-shirt in two different colors - black and white with the words "We're Gonna Fly".

The magnet set consists of two magnets - Gotton cartoon character version and picture version of your favourite member.

The photo slogan is 1000 mm long and 200 mm wide. It has a photo of all members on one side and the title of the tour "GOT7 First Concert FLY" and the names of all the boys on the other.

A set of photocards consists of 31 cards sized 100 x 148 mm.

A set of passport kit includes a 20 pages notebook/mini photobook and Gotoon stamp. 7 options are available.

A light keyring can project an image of one member on wall or other surface. It works almost the same as the lightstick keyring introduced in the We Under The Moonlight fan meeting collection (more info below). The size of this item is 10 x 125 mm.

If you're in need of a small device to temporarily store your data in you can get a special USB flash drive with the capacity of 8GB. It is made of PVC and comes in 8 different options. The size of the drive is 40 x 55 mm.

Another useful device is a mini power bank (4000 mAh) with a photo of all members of GOT7. You can use it to charge up your smarthphone or tablet.

Other items available in this collection are a necklace with a round "FLY" pendant, a red or blue passport wallet (105 x 150 mm), a hanging poster set (18), a blue clutch (300 x 220 mm) and a white shopping bag (500 x 400 mm) with the words "We're Gonna Fly".

Got7 1st Concert "Fly in USA" Merchandise

During the American leg of their world tour FLY the SubKulture Entertainment offered 6 pieces of GOT7 merchandise that were available on their official website. Once ordered the items had to be picked up at the event by the person who bought them. The prices at the venue differed from the prices online.

Got7 1st Concert Fly in USA Merchandise

The collection includes a black T-shirt with the words "We're Gonna Fly" on front and the five cities the group performed in at the back, a poster, white tote bag, black face mask, a lanyard with the title of the tour "GOT7 1st Concert Tour "FLY in the USA"" and a penlight.

"Flight Log Turbulence" Fan Meeting In USA 2017 Goods

In January of 2017 the group traveled to United States to meet with their fans during Flight Log: Turbulence Fanmeet TOUR 2016-2017. They visited 5 cities: Miami, Washington, Chicago, Houston and Los Angeles. The members didn't forget about the fans and prepared a collection of 5 items. The items were also available to purchase online on the official website of SubKulture Entertainment - a company responsible for production of the events.

GOT7 Flight Log Turbulence Fan Meeting In USA 2017 Merchandise

The set includes an official black T-shirt with a logo of the tour on front and the logo of the group and a list of all US cities GOT7 visited at the back, a black hoodie with a small white GOT7 logo on right side of the chest and the word "Turbulence" at the back, an official lightstick, a special lightstick/penlight prepared for the fanmeetings and the official poster. There was a special deal available for everyone who wanted to order the goods online - they had an option to get all four (T-shirt, hoodie, penlight and poster) items in one package.

3rd Fan Meeting "We Under The Moonlight" Merchandise

The third fan meeting with the official fan club IGOT7 was titled "We Under The Moonlight" and took place at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium on February 5, 2017. The tickets sale started on December 22 for the fans that had a gold membership. The fans with the silver membership were able to get the tickets on 26 of December and the general public could buy the tickets starting on January 6.

GOT7 3rd Fan Meeting We Under The Moonlight Merchandise

This time the members prepared a collection of 15 awesome pieces of merchandise.

The first one is an official GOT7 light stick (120 x 224 mm) which needs 3 AAA batteries to operate. You could also get a mini light keyring (64 x 40 x 119 mm) that looks exactly like a small light stick. It works similar to the light stick but it can also project an image of one random member using the handle.

Next we have an official photo slogan (1000 x 200 mm) with the members on the front side and the logo and title of the event on the back side.

If you're a fan of a jigsaw puzzles you can get one in this collection. The puzzle consists of 500 pieces and the dimensions are 520 x 380 mm.

The next items are an accordion photobook (1000 x 210 mm) and an acrylic photo stand of a member of your choice (100 x 135 mm).

In a Gotoon wappen pin button set you will find one character wappen (40 x 55 mm) and a pin button (45 x 45 mm) with the face photo of your favourite member.

A black cross tote bag has a big moon on front. The size of the bag is 370 x 400 mm.

The set of Gotoon deco stickers come in three variants: A, B or C. Each of them contains 10 stickers.

Gotton magnet set consists of one member magnet and a smaller GOT7 logo magnet. 7 sets are available.

The acrylic mood light has a round glowing moonlike round panel and comes with a black stand in a box with the event's logo. The size of this item is 121 x 157 mm.

The other items are a key ring with 3 different pendants, a bottle (65 x 255 mm) that can contain 580 ml of liquid, a set of 21 photo cards (70 x 111 mm) and free sized zip-up hoodie.

Global Fan Meeting In Australia 2017 Goods

Three months after the group visited United States the GOT7 began their fanmeetings in Australia with the event in Sydney on April 20 at The Big Top Luna Park. From there they went to Brisbane and Melbourne. The tour concluded on April 24 in Perth where the group met with 1200 fans.

GOT7 Global Fan Meeting In Australia 2017 Merchandise

The group was very thoughtful and prepared another 5 original items: a lightstick/penlight, a black T-shirt with GOT7 logo on front and the title of their hit song "Never Ever" at the back, a black hoodie with the word "Arrival" at the back, a poster and a special set of 7 postcards. All items were available as a set that you could buy in one package.

4th Fan Meeting "I GOT7 Research" Collection

The fourth two-day fan meeting of GOT7 took place at the Grand Peace Palace in Kyung Hee University on Fabruary 3 and 4, 2018. The event was titled "I GOT7 Research". This time once again the gold members had the possibility to purchase the tickets before the silver members and the general public.

GOT7 4th Fan Meeting I GOT7 Research Merchandise

A total number of 18 products was available for the people who attended the fan meeting. These were also available to order online a couple days before the actual event took place. Here's what you could buy.

An official photo slogan (600 x 200 mm) and a photo garland with 7 photos of each member and the event logo.

The study kit consists of a mini note, masking tape, eraser, a set of 3 polaroids, 2 pencils and a bookmark. The set comes in 7 variants - each member is here available. All comes in a nice box sized 160 x 210 mm.

Next we have a photo cushion (290 x 400 mm) made of polyester, a photo card set: type A or B with 8 photo cards in each set (54 x 85 mm), a photo card album with 15 sleeves in it (170 x 210 mm), a bromide set of 8 sheets and a Gotoon blanket (750 x 1000 mm).

A set of Gotoon badges contains one badge made of metal and one made of cotton. 7 variants are available, each variant with a particular GOT7 member.

The other items are the I GOT7 Research logo badge (41 x 40 mm), Gotoon strap key ring with a small pendant (7 versions), an eye mask (7 versions), free sized (220~260) Gotoon socks (7 versions), Gotoon hotpack (100 x 100 mm), black overfit hoodie (free size), ball cap (free size), black eco bag (800 x 380 mm) and a shopper bag (470 x 345 x 140 mm).

2018 World Tour "Eyes On You" Merch

The second world tour of GOT7 titled Eyes On You began on May 4, 2018 with the concerts in Seoul at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium venue. The members visited Bangkok and Macau and went to Europe (Moscow, Berlin and Paris), then came back to Asia for the concerts in Taipei and Jakarta. Next they visited North America and performed in Toronto, Los Angeles, Houston, New York and Mexico City and South America (Buenos Aires and Santiago). The tour concluded with the concerts in Singapore and Hong Kong.

GOT7 2018 World Tour Eyes On You Merchandise

The fans who attended the concerts in Seoul were able to get the products from the official line of merchandise released by JYP Entertainment. The line consists of:

2018 World Tour official slogan (1000 x 200 mm), a light stick case (135 x 90 x 240 mm) and six pieces of clothing: 7 types of a basketball jersey that comes with a random polaroid photo, black or white T-shirt in M or L size, free size ball cap, a face mask with the title of the tour "Eyes On You", a pair of slippers in three sizes: S (230~235), M (240~245) and L (250~260) and a velcro backpack (300 x 400 x 140 mm) that comes with a heptangular group's logo and world tour logo wappens. A velcro pouch (220 x 165 mm) comes with a logo wappen.

5th Fan Meeting "Dreaming of Soccer King: Fly GOT7" Goods

The 5th fan meeting of GOT7 was held at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium on January 5 and 6, 2019 and brought to us a selection of 18 new pieces of GOT7 merchandise.

GOT7 5th Fan Meeting Dreaming of Soccer King: Fly GOT7 Merchandise

The collection starts with a cheering package containing a cheering stick (600 x 105 mm), a bag (400 x 400 mm), a cheering flag (300 x 200 mm) and a hair band (150 x 180 mm).

Next we have a set of two sheets of stickers (175 x 220 mm), a rubber keyring of your favourite member with two pendants (130 x 30 mm), a set of two IGOT7 shakers (72 x 100 mm) and a cheering slogan with a photo of the whole group on front and word "Goal!" at the back (1000 x 200 mm).

The IGOT7 whistle (58 x 35 mm) comes with a lanyard.

The prize medal (55 x 23 mm) is made of polyester, brass and epoxy. It comes with one photo card (55 x 85 mm).

Next there's a 100 pages stadium note. The size of the note is 128 x 182 mm. It comes with a random photo card.

In a coach's strategy board set you will find a board (210 x 148 mm), a set of 8 photos (109 x 152 mm), cards and a magnet (125 x 125 mm).

A chain badge set consists of one member badge (out of 7) and 1 artwork badge (out of 4).

The other items are a set of headband (175 x 45 mm) and a wristband (75 x 70 mm), knit gloves (woman free size), sign ball (140 x 140 mm), a ceremony pin flag with the photo of a member of your choice (300 x 400 mm), 600 ml sport bottle (70 x 220 mm), ball pen available in 7 versions (26 x 138 mm), a 16 pages postcard book (100 x 150 mm) and an acrylic stand (140 x 155 mm) that comes in 7 variants.