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Dobre Brothers Merchandise

The Internet is full of Dobre Brothers merchandise and it's not so difficult to spot them. The brothers including Darius, Cyrus, and twins Marcus and Lucas are very famous entertainers and content creators. They run their own YouTube channel and regularly upload new videos covering their daily lives. The content is a big treat for the whole family, especially the younger audience.

If you're looking for some nice collectibles there is a chance you can get them on various e-commerce sites online. A fan made products can also be a great solution.

Official Website Merchandise

Several years ago a very popular official store of the brothers offered a large variety of items from hoodies to T-shirts. It was called ShopDobre. Unfortunately currently defunct website it's not accessible anymore. All you can do is to hunt the items down from the third-party sellers.

The shop offered a variety of Dobre Brothers merchandise for a very affordable prices so you could afford it even if you are on a budget. The shop had its own Instagram account on which the announcements of the promotions and new collections were published. Let's see what you had an opportunity to acquire.

The first piece of merchandise is a cool hoodie in black, gray and white shades. It has a square logo of Dobre Brothers on the left side on the front, and a bigger one on the back. A similar all black hoodie was also available. It had the same logo on the front, with additional lines on the sleeves. All was printed in a high-quality durable ink. You could also get a matching joggers, stylistically similar to the second hoodie, and with drawstrings so you can adjust it to your waist. A single white crewneck was also prepared. The same square logo is present on both front and back, with lines printed in black.

The store offered also three different T-shirts - black, white and a combination of gray and black. All three pieces of Dobre Brothers merchandise feature the logo either on the front or on the back.

There is always a chance you can find these items online if other fellow collector happens to post it for sale. Although the official Instagram account is still active (but not updated), there is no sign that the website is coming back anytime soon. Hopefully that will change in the future.

Dobre Brothers Figurines

At the end of 2020, one of the nicest pieces of Dobre Brothers merchandise was announced. It was a set of figurines depicting each of the Dobre Brothers. The collectible can be a very nice present for anyone who is a big fan of single brother or all of them. It is a limited edition item manufactured by Youtooz, a company which is very active among the independent content creators and artists. It was established in 2019 and for the past several years created around 200 figurines.

The pre-orders for the figurines began on November 24, 2020, and they were officially released in March of 2021. The collection consists of four different figures - one per each of Dobre Brothers.

Lucas is 4 inches tall and has a black hat. He is wearing a red and white shoes with black sole, black trousers and blue hoodie. You can spot a red shoulder bag on the front. The look is completed with a pair of cross earrings.

The second piece of Dobre Brothers merchandise in this selection depicts Cyrus. The figurine is a little bit taller than the previous one and stands at 4.6 in. The brother does not wear any top, but a jetpack instead. He is floating above the ground and you can notice the flames blasting out from below the jetpack. He is wearing a grey sneakers and a black jeans with a belt. Similarly to Lucas, Cyrus is wearing pair of earrings accompanied by a beautiful necklace.

The first of the twins, Marcus, is 4.8 inches tall. He is wearing a very fancy colorful crewneck, and trousers with shoes in the same black color. He is smiling while holding a bouquet of red roses. Additionally he is equipped with a backpack. This piece of Dobre Brothers merchandise can be a very nice gift for ladies.

The last figurine depicts Darius. It is about the same size as the previous one. He is accompanied by his beloved dog called Malakai. Darius is wearing a set composed of brightly colored shorts and long sleeve T-shirt, with black sneakers. He has only a single earring in the left ear.

Each of those wonderful pieces of merchandise comes in a nice box with a transparent window. You can put it on your shelf or desk and admire it without taking it out.

The Dobre Brothers figurines could be bought separately or in a set of 4. If you ordered it in a set, you were entitled to additional piece of Dobre Brothers merchandise - a plush rocket with embroidery of the logo of the content creators. It is made of a black, yellow, red, grey and white material composed of a 100% Cotton. It is 12 inches tall and comes in a sophisticated package which is waterproof. This is a very unique collectible which will certainly make you happy.

Fan Made Memorabilia

Now that the official website is closed, Dobre Brothers merchandise made by fans are especially important. You can get them for a very reasonable prices from numerous e-commerce auction sites all around the Internet. Many people who are talented enough offer them for sale for someone like you, who is out of luck when it comes to official goods. You can be pretty sure that almost anything you will get will be of a high quality.

There are plenty of interesting items such as mugs, phone cases, accessories and apparel available, regardless of what your budget is.

Additionally print-on-demand services can be also helpful. They provide a complete delivery of custom made Dobre Brothers merchandise. All you have to do is choose your favorite artwork of the brothers uploaded previously by someone else, and it will be printed on a particular object (for example poster or T-shirt). It is a very convenient way of getting what you need. Anything you ordered will be delivered to your doorstep, so you can enjoy it as a fan.

This can also be an ideal solution if you're looking for a gift for a person you care about when it's difficult to acquire anything official that's related to the YouTubers.