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GOT7 Official Light Stick (Version 1)

GOT7 Official Light Stick (Version 1)
Release Date 29 April 2016
Price $99.99
Width Height
120mm 225mm
Light Colors
Operating Time 6 Hours
Power AAA Alkaline Batteries 3EA
Content Light Stick, Strap, User Manual
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After two years since the debut on April 23, 2016 GOT7 announced their official light stick. It has a white handle and a transparent head that looks like a small bird with a green light bulb inside. The members introduced the light stick outside MBC headquarters after they finished their filming on Music Core. It was eventually released on April 29, 2016 as a part of the merchandise collection available during GOT7 1st Concert "Fly". This is an official products licensed by JYP Entertainment and designed by Copan Global. On the package you will find an authenticity sticker.

The item was also included in the collections prepared for the "Flight Log Turbulence" Fan Meeting In USA 2017 and 3rd Fan Meeting "We Under The Moonlight" before the second version was introduced in 2018.

GOT7 Official Light Stick (Version 1)

The GOT7 official light stick require 3 AAA batteries to operate and can work for 6 hours. It can work in three modes: on, blink and flicker.

The size of the light stick is 120 x 225 mm. In the package you will also find a white strap with a green GOT7 logo and a user manual.

Available From Ebay ▼
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