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N.Flying Merchandise

N.Flying (New Flying) is a rock band under FNC Entertainment formed in 2013. The group currently consists of five members - Cha Hun, Lee Seung Hyub, Kim Jae Hyun, Yoo Hwe Seung and Seo Dong Sung. The initial lineup including Kwon Kwang Jin debuted in Japan with their first single album titled Basket on October 1, 2013. They members released their first extended play Awesome on May 20, 2015, featuring the lead single of the same title.

In June of 2017 a new member was added to the group - Yoo Hwe Seung. A year later, in December of 2018, Kwang Jin left the band, and eventually was replaced with Seo Dong Sung, who joined in January of 2020.

There are several N.Flying merchandise available if you're willing to get something related to your favourite band. They were officially released by FNC Entertainment for many different fanmeetings and concerts of the group including the 2021 event LIVE '&CON' - Man On the Moon, and the Small Theater Concert: Umanhap held in 2022.

Fly To N.Fia 3rd Anniversary Fanmeeting Merchandise

To commemorate the third anniversary of the Korean debut, the group decided to organize a fanmeeting with their fans. The event took place at the Hana Tour V-Hall in Seoul on May 20, 2018.

A special selection of N.Flying merchandise was announced on the official social media of the group on May 17, 2018. The attendees of the fanmeeting had an opportunity to get 7 different collectibles.

The collection starts with the commemorating cheering slogan. It features a picture of all members on a blue background on the front, and the word "N.Flying" alongside the names of all members on the back. It is a standard-sized item and measures 600 x 200 mm. You could get it for just 12,000 KRW.

N.Flying Fly To N.Fia 3rd Anniversary Fanmeeting Merchandise

The second item is a set of posters. Inside the package you will find 6 different sheets - 1 group and 5 individual member posters. All of them measure 250 x 370 mm and showcase a pictures with the members wearing a pilot suits.

The third item is a postcard set with the pictures taken during the same photoshoot as the posters. This time the members are being photographed with a small plane. There are 6 postcards in the set, including 5 solo and 1 group sheets.

The sticker set is a very interesting piece of N.Flying merchandise. It consists of 5 stickers depicting a cartoon characters (N.Fie) representing each of the members of N.Flying. Additionally you could get a plush N.Fie doll made of Polyester. It measures 130 x 170 mm, and cost 25,000 KRW.

The last 2 N.Flying merchandise in the Fly To N.Fia collection are 3 gel pens in a set, with the word "Moolbbang" on each of them, and a white Moolbbang shopping bag with the same cartoon characters as on the pens.

Fly High Project Note 2 Concert Collection

At the end of 2018, N.Flying announced their year-long project titled Fly High Project. The members decided to release a new song every two months in a span of the next 12 months. The first song titled Like A Flower was released n October 26, 2018. The second part of the project titled Note 2, began with the premiere of the single Rooftop on January 2, 2019. The song does not feature Kwang Jin, who left the band in December of 2018.

N.Flying Fly High Project Note 2 Concert Merchandise

A special concert was held to promote the project. It took place on January 19, 2019 at the Muv Hall in Seoul.

This time a small selection of 3 pieces of N.Flying merchandise was prepared for the fans. That includes the 2 items we are already familiar with - an N.Fie doll and the white shopping bag. 1 additional collectible was available at the venue - a grey penlight with the title of the project and the visible year 2019. You could get it for just 7,000 KRW.

Fly High Project Note 3 Concert Goods

The third part of the Fly High Project, Note 3, was launched with the release of the group's fifth mini album Spring Memories containing the eponymous main track. The other songs on the EP were Leave It, Flowerwork, Preview, and previously released Like a Flower and Rooftop.

To commemorate the third part of the project, a special concert was held at the Muv Hall on April 4, 2019. This time the fans had a chance to get 5 different pieces of N.Flying merchandise.

N.Flying Fly High Project Note 3 Concert Merchandise

Among the items you could find the previously mentioned gel pen set and the shopping bag. The first on the 3 new products was a penlight, this time with the title Note 3, a keyring, and a phone strap.

The keyring features the logo of N.Flying printed in white on a black round element. It comes with a charms featuring the symbols of all 4 remaining members - key (Seung Hyub), deer horns (Hun), windmill (Jae Hyun) and telescope (Dong Sung). The diameter of the circle element is 45 x 45 mm, while the size of each of the symbols is 25 x 25 mm.

The phone strap is grey and will be a nice addition to your smartphone accessory collection. It features N.Fie and the logo of N.Flying. It happens to be a very useful N.Flying merchandise.

Fly High Project Note 4 Again, Summer Concert Selection

On July 20, 2019, a special concert for the fourth part of the project titled Again, Summer was held. It took place at the Yes24 Live Hall in Seoul.

This time a bigger selection of the N.Flying merchandise was available at the venue. You could get it at the Yes24 Live Hall lobby. That included the pen set and the shopping bag, as well as the official Fly High acrylic light stick. It has a white handle and a translucent flat head with the symbols of all members and the name of the group.

Next we have a nice piece of fashion. It is a white T-shirt with the promotional poster of the event on the front. It comes in only one, free size and costs 29,000 KRW.

N.Flying Fly High Project Note 4 Again, Summer Concert Merchandise

The sticker set comes in 2 variants - A and B. The A version consists of 17 photo pieces - 12 rectangular (3 per each member of N.Flying), 4 circle, and 1 circle logo. The second version, B, is composed 5 rectangular pieces with either the name of the group, or the name of each of the 4 members.

The postcard kit is selected randomly out of 4 variants, each representing a single member of the band. In the package you will find a single postcard, a photo with a picture of the member with a message, and a circle coaster. The set costs just 8,000 KRW.

Next there is a black ticket bag, which will certainly be very useful during the concert or other event if you want to keep your ticket safe. It has a long strap, and can be opened and closed with a zipper. Additionally you could get a black knapsack with the logo of N.Flying printed in white. It will look nicely with the ticket bag.

The other pieces of N.Flying merchandise in this collection are an image picket with a photo of a chosen member, another logo phone strap, and a grip tok (popsocket) with two letters "NF".

Fly High Project Note 5 Yaho Concert Merchandise

During the fifth part of the Fly High Project the band released their sixth mini album titled Yaho. It had its premiere on October 15, 2019 and features the song Good Bam as the lead single. It also contains Autumn Dream, Pardon?, 4242 and Sunset.

An accompanying concert was organized for Yaho. It was held over two days on November 23 and 24, 2019 at the Busan Cinema Center in Busan, South Korea.

The fans who could attend the events had a chance to purchase 10 different pieces of N.Flying merchandise, including the previously released knapsack, the Moolbbang pen and the shopping bag. In the collection you could find a new acrylic light stick, this time with the word "Yaho" written in both English and Korean on the head, and the cheering photo slogan with the picture of all 4 members of the band. The fanlight measures 105 x 210 mm while the size of the slogan is 600 x 200 mm.

N.Flying Fly High Project Note 5 Yaho Concert Merchandise

The collection starts with a strap bracelet. It comes in 2 different variants - for each of the dates of the concert. The first one, the November 23 version, is blue, while the other represents November 24 and is black. The dimensions of both are 150 x 15 mm.

The second collectible is a set of 4 posters. Each features a photo of a single member and measures 297 x 420 mm. If you like the pictures from the photoshoot you should definitely think about getting a photo card set. It consists of 4 selca cards, 4 regular and 2 polaroid photos. All are of a standard size we can find in many currently released albums of our favourite KPop artists, and measure 55 x 85 mm.

The third piece of N.Flying merchandise is a postcard book. It is available in 2 different options - white and black. Both of them consists of 17 sheets including solo, group and unit shots, and are sized 137 x 188 mm.

The final N.Flying merchandise is a pack of stickers. Inside a transparent pouch you will find 4 face, 8 card and 5 neon sheets (17 in total). The item measures 110 x 95 mm.

Fly High Project Note 6 Concert Goods

The Fly High Project concluded with the sixth part. This was the only part including Dong Sung as a member of N.Flying after he joined the band in January of 2020. The two concerts promoting the final installment of the project took place at the Yes24 Live Hall in Seoul on February 1 and 2, 2020.

During the events the fans had a chance to get something related to their favourite Korean rock band. This was the biggest collection of N.Flying merchandise, consisting of 14 different items. 4 of them were previously released - the N.Fie doll, knapsack, moolbbang pens, and the shopping bag.

The collection starts with 2 commemorating items - a slogan and a fanlight. The slogan showcases all 5 members on the front, and the name of the group printed in black on a white background on the back. It is of the same size as all other slogans and measure 600 x 200 mm. The fanlight is made of acrylic and is very similar to the previous one. This time though it features the title of the Note 6 on the head. Its dimensions are 105 x 210 mm.

N.Flying Fly High Project Note 6 Concert Merchandise

Next we have similar to the previous event bracelets. The white version represents the first date of the concerts (February 1), and the black version is related to the second date (February 2). Both are of a size of 350 x 15 mm.

The image picket is round and feature a photo of a chosen member. There are naturally 5 different options to choose from. It measures 290 x 430 mm and is made of paper and plastic. Additionally you could get an image picket cover made of PVC. It is transparent and measures 295 x 310 mm.

The trading card set is a very nice piece of N.Flying merchandise. It comes in a silver package and contains 5 photo cards randomly chosen out of 55 different variants. There are 5 group, 10 unit and 40 individual member cards to collect. All of them are of a standard size of 55 x 85 mm. If you like the pictures, you should also get a postcard set composed of 17 sheets sized 130 x 180 mm. The set costs just 15,000 KRW and will be a nice addition to your collection.

Next there is another sticker pack. It comes in a transparent pouch measuring 115 x 100 mm. Inside you will find several photo and logo stickers.

Another symbol keyring is included in this N.Flying merchandise collection. It is composed of 2 charms - black rectangular one (10 x 43 mm) and a circle one with the individual symbols of each of the members of the group (45 x 45 mm).

The last item is another piece of fashion. This time you could get a hoodie made of Cotton. On the back you will find a design featuring the words "Fly High". It has a matching drawstrings and a big front pocket. It is available in only one size.

5th Anniversary N.Fie Pro.D Collection

To commemorate the fifth anniversary of the debut, the group opened their online exhibition, and prepared a selection of interesting N.Flying merchandise. The collection was available through various KPop stores online and consisted of 5 different products related to the official mascot of N.Flying - N.Fie.

N.Flying 5th Anniversary N.Fie Pro.D Merchandise

The collection starts with a case cover for Airpods. It is black and features the face of N.Fie. It is available for regular Airpods, as well as for the PRO version. The item measures 47.5 x 57 mm and 62 x 47 mm respectively.

The second item is a round cushion made of soft spandex. The diameter of the item is 400 mm.

The third piece of N.Flying merchandise is an XS version of the N.Fie doll. It is made of Polyester and comes with a small metal chain. The size of the doll is 60 x 105 mm. Additionally a keyring was included in the collection. It also comes with a chain, and is similar to the cushion. This made of spandex item measures 70 x 70 mm.

Noob Con Concert Merchandise

The online concerts of N.Flying titled Noob Con were held on July 25 and August 2, 2020. They were broadcasted live before midnight at 10:11 PM and 11:11 PM KST respectively. The events were streamed through the official account of the group on Naver's V Live.

Another large collection of N.Flying merchandise was prepared for the fans who attended the event. It starts with a postcard set consisting of 22 sheets of a size of 130 x 180 mm. Inside the package you will find 2 group and 20 solo sheets (4 per each member of the band).

The second product is a special ticket kit. The package is composed of a postcard (127 x 178 mm), an AR photo card (55 x 85 mm), and a special ticket (70 x 140 mm). All comes in a special envelope of a size of 137 x 188 mm. There are 5 kits to choose from. Each is related to a single member.

N.Flying Noob Con Concert Merchandise

A deco sticker set is the third item. It is composed of 5 different sheets of stickers, and 3 random polaroid photo cards added from a lot of 5 different versions. A single original polaroid photo is included in some of the lucky sets. The size of the product is 110 x 160 mm, and its weight is 60 g.

Next we have another image picket. Of course there are 5 different variants to choose from. Each of them weights 107 g and measures 290 x 430 mm. The PVC cover was also available at the venue. It will be useful if you want to protect your picket from rain.

The next piece of N.Flying merchandise is a metal badge with an illustration depicting a globe, cat, car, crown and donut. This cool item weights 20 g and measures 35 x 40 mm.

The trading card set is very similar to the one from the final part of Fly High Project. The package contains 5 different trading cards, which are added randomly out of 55 variants. There are 5 group and 50 solo photo cards in total. If you were lucky enough you could find a bonus original polaroid photo inside your package. The trading cards measure 55 x 85 mm.

The voice keyring is similar to those of other KPop artists. It contains a recorded voice messages from all members, which are played in sequence after you press a central part of the item. The size of the keyring is 50 x 50 mm. It weights approximately 60 g, and features the words "Noob Con" on the front.