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Secret Number Merchandise

Secret Number is a girl group composed of five members, formed in 2020 under Vine Entertainment. It is composed of Dita, Léa, Soodam and Jinny. Two additional members including Zuu and Minji joined in October of 2021. Denise left the group in February of 2022. Léa is a former member of a group Skarf which disbanded in 2014. Secret Number was scheduled to debut in March of 2020, but it was postponed and the girls eventually debuted on May 19 with their first single album titled Who Dis? and their eponymous lead single, for which a music video was released.

There is no official Secret Number merchandise available at this moment, nor the official Secret Number light stick. If you're looking for something related to the group you can get the physical releases of their albums, which will be a perfect items to own. For instance, you can purchase their single album Fire Saturday and the extended play Doomchita.

Physical Editions Of The Albums

The group debuted - as mentioned earlier - with their first single titled Who Dis? on May 19, 2020. It is composed of the title song of the same name, and a B-track Holiday. It was released by Vine Entertainment. It managed to reach number 19 on the Gaon Weekly chart, and with 2,842 copies sold it became the 57th best-selling release in South Korea during its debuting month.

The physical edition of Who Dis? will be a perfect addition to your collection of Secret Number merchandise. It measures 139 x 185 mm and features all members of the group on the cover. It is composed of a CD disk containing the music, a photo book with 64 pages of beautiful pictures of all five members (135 x 180 mm), 1 random profile card showcasing a silhouette of a single member (110 x 170 mm), 1 sheet of stickers (110 x 170 mm), a paper slogan with the words "Secret Number" on one side and their logo on the other (300 x 87 mm), and 1 random photo card of a size of 54 x 86 mm, chosen out of 10 variants (2 per member).

Secret Number Who Dis? Album Merchandise

A group poster of a dimensions of 515 x 364 mm was included if you bought your copy during the pre-order period.

The second single of Secret Number is titled Got That Boom. It came out on November 4, 2020 under Vine and features - similarly to the previous one - 2 tracks. On the CD you will find the lead single named after the album, and a supporting song titled Privacy. The single peaked at number 20 on the Gaon weekly chart. It sold 6,151 copies by the end of the year and finished on 160th place on the list of best-sellers of 2020 in South Korea.

Secret Number Got That Boom Album Merchandise

The physical version of Got That Boom consists of several interesting pieces of Secret Number merchandise. Inside the package you will find a CD disk, a 64 pages photobook (135 x 180 mm), 1 random group postcard selected at random out of 3 versions (150 x 100 mm), a cartoon card (100 x 150 mm), 1 paper photo stand showcasing a picture of a random member of Secret Number (90 x 180 mm), and finally 2 photo cards sized 54 x 86 mm added randomly out of 15 variants (3 per each member). All comes in a package of the same size as the debut single - 139 x 185 mm.

1 poster featuring the whole group was prepared for this release. Its size is 515 x 364 mm.

Fan Made Merchandise

If you're still waiting for the official light stick of the group, or for the official Secret Number merchandise in general, you can try to get something made by the fans. They tend to get very creative when they cannot find anything related to their favourite KPop group or soloist. The items they create are often of the highest quality possible, and you can be sure they will be as good or sometimes even better than the original ones.

You can always browse for some interesting products made by fans on the e-commerce websites. You can try your luck and maybe you will find something worth your money and time. It will be nice to be able to add some products to your collection of Secret Number merchandise.

As an alternative you can also try to use a print-on-demand sites, where the fans upload their artworks. Then you can choose the artwork you like and print it on an item (mugs, coasters, blankets, T-shirts, hoodies, etc.). There are plenty of products to choose from. The site will do it for you and send you the finished product to your home address. It can be a great solution if you're looking for something interesting for a gift, but your options are limited.

The price is always affordable, so you don't have to worry too much if you are on a budget.