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WJSN Merchandise

WJSN (also known as Cosmic Girls) is a girl group under Starship Entertainment and Yuehua Entertainment. It is composed of thirteen members including Seola, Bona, Exy, Xuanyi, Luda, Soobin, Eunseo, Dawon, Meiqi, Cheng Xiao, Dayoung, Yeoreum and Yeonjung. Xuanyi, Cheng Xiao and Meiqi are Chinese, while the rest of the girls are Korean. Yeonjung was added to the group at a later time, after she debuted with a temporary group I.O.I in 2016.

WJSN officially debuted on February 25, 2016 with their first mini album Would You Like? and the lead singles Mo Mo Mo and Catch Me.

There are some interesting selections of WJSN merchandise released by Starship. They were prepared for the concerts and fanmeetings, and consists of many cool collectibles that you can add to your KPop collection. The first selection comes from the concert titled Would You Like - Happy Moment, and is follwed by those released for Would You Stay - Secret Box in 2019, and Wonderland held in 2022.


Would You Like – Happy Moment Concert Merchandise

The debut concert of the group took place at the Blue Square Samsung Card Hall in Seoul over two days between May 19 and 20, 2017, and gathered the audience of 2,000 people. The concert was organized before the group's comeback with their first studio album Happy Moment on June 7.

8 different items were prepared for the fans who attended the event, and were available for purchase at the venue for a very affordable prices.

The first piece of WJSN merchandise in the collection is a penlight. This was before the official light stick of the group was released on January 31, 2018, ahead of the group's first fanmeeting Uzzu Party. The penlight is pink and features the title of the concert. It is 240 mm long, and you could get it for just 6,000 KRW.

WJSN Would You Like – Happy Moment Concert Merchandise

The second WJSN merchandise is a set of posters. It includes a poster showcasing every member of WJSN (there are 13 sheets in the set). The size of each of them is 420 x 594 mm. They come in a white square tube with a sticker featuring the event's title.

Next we have a set of postcards. It is available in 2 different variants - A and B, both with different members. Inside the package you will find either 7 individual member postcards (version A), or 6 individual member plus 1 group postcard (version B). Set A features Seola, Xuanyi, Exy, Soobin, Cheng Xiao, Dawon and Meiqi, while inside set B you will find Bona, Luda, Eunseo, Yeoreum, Dayoung and Yeonjung. The size of each sheet is 125 x 180 mm.

The next item is a set of L-Holders. You can choose one of 3 options - A (Exy, Dawon, Eunseo, Cheng Xiao and Dayoung), B (Seola, Bona, Xuanyi and Yeonjung), and C (Luda, Soobin, Meiqi and Yeoreum). Each L-Holder measures 220 x 311 mm.

If you're looking for a nice accessory for your smartphone you can get a smart ring, which you can attach to your phone case. It features the logo of WJSN on a blue background and measures 35 mm.

The other WJSN merchandise prepared for the concert are a set of 13 standard-sized photo cards (55 x 85 mm), a black T-shirt with the event's logo on the front in a free size (XL), and a set of 2 towels - blue and pink - with a moon logo and heart logo respectively.

Uzzu Party - Welcome To WJSN Fanmeeting Goods

The first fanmeeting with their official fandom Ujung, was held on March 25, 2018, at the Yes24 Live Hall in Seoul. Xuanyi and Meiqi could not participate due to their schedule. It was the first time the official light stick was included in the collection of official WJSN merchandise.

Aside from the fanlight (and the batteries for it offered at the venue), the fans could purchase 8 different products.

The first one was a poster of a dimensions of 420 x 594 mm. Each of them features a single member of WJSN. Naturally there are 13 options to choose from. The poster cost 9,000 KRW.

The second item is a set of postcards, similarly to the one from the Would You Like concert featuring particular members. In variant A you will find Exy, Seola, Xuanyi, Dawon, Cheng Xiao, Meiqi and Yeonjung. Variant B consists of postcards showcasing Bona, Soobin, Luda, Eunseo, Yeoreum and Dayoung. Each sheet measures 142 x 210 mm.

WJSN Uzzu Party - Welcome To WJSN Fanmeeting Merchandise

As an alternative you can also get a set of photo cards. There are 2 variants to choose from - version A and B. In each you will find 13 different cards of a typical size you can find in many currently released albums - 55 x 85 mm.

The next piece of WJSN merchandise is a string pouch. It comes in 2 different colors - silver and navy, and measures 95 x 170 mm. The length of the string is 420 mm. Additionally you can get an eco bag which will look nicely with the pouch. It features the logo of WJSN alongside the name of the group, and its size is 380 x 440 mm.

Next we have two different masking tape rolls - version A (Happy version) and B (Dreams Come True version). Each roll cost 6,000 KRW and measures 10 m x 20 mm.

Next there is a 6 hole binder note with a translucent cover, made of PVC, metal and paper. The size of the note is 180 x 230 mm. It comes with an extra sheet of stickers with the names of all members and some logos.

The last piece of WJSN merchandise in this collection is a charm strap keyring featuring the name of the group in a fancy design. It measures 130 x 25 mm.

Would You Stay - Secret Box Concert Collection

The second concert of the group was held at the Blue Square Imarket Hall in Seoul on March 2 and 3, 2019. The ticket sales for the members of the official fanclub opened on January 29, while the general audience could purchase the tickets starting on January 31. The Chinese members including Cheng Xiao did not participate in the concert, and are not featured in the WJSN merchandise prepared for the event.

The collection is composed of 13 different items, including the official light stick and the AAA batteries offered for a price of 2,000 KRW. The first collectible is a dark blue pouch for the fanlight. It showcases the logo of WJSN on the front, and can be opened and closed with a zipper. It is made of a very soft material composed of Cotton. The dimensions of the pouch are 160 x 270 x 65 mm. It comes in a package sized 250 x 300 mm. Additionally you can get a matching strap keyring with words "WJSN" and "Ujung", and a small charm in a shape of the fanlight. The size of the keyring is 20 x 160 mm.

A commemorating slogan was also included in the collection. It features a picture of all 10 Korean members on one side and the title of the concert on a dark blue background on the other. It is of a standard size of 600 x 200 mm.

WJSN Would You Stay - Secret Box Concert Merchandise

You can also find here another set of postcards, either A or B. Each of them consists of 5 individual member sheets, and 1 group postcard. The size of each of them is 142 x 210 mm. 2 sets of photo cards are also available. Each of the sets is composed of 10 different sheets (1 per each member of WJSN) measuring 55 x 85 mm, and come in an envelope of a different color.

If you liked the phone ring from the last concert, you will definitely be interested in a grip tok (also known as popsocket). It will be useful to hold your smartphone in a more steady manner. It has an unusual, heart shape, and features the logo with the title of the event "WJ Stay?". Its diameter is 45 mm.

Next there is an acrylic stand featuring a silhouette of a member of your choice. Of course only 10 members are available. The dimensions of the stand are 120 x 70 x 170 mm.

The pin button set consists of 2 buttons - one with the face of a chosen member, and the other with her name. The diameter of each of them is 58 mm.

The other pieces of WJSN merchandise you could get at the concert are a grey sweatshirt (M and L size), 2 earrings - heart (9.3 x 6.5 mm) and crescent moon (8.6 x 6.8 mm), a set of 22 different stickers, and an Uzzu massage stick of a length of 360 mm.

WJ Station Fanmeeting Merchandise

WJ Station is the second fanmeeting of WJSN with their fans. The tickets were available for the members of the official fanclub of the group starting on March 21, 2019. They could get the tickets for a more affordable price than the general audience, which could purchase them a little bit later, on March 25. The event took place at the Yonsei University Centennial Hall in Seoul on April 27, 2019.

Another interesting selection of WJSN merchandise was available for purchase at the venue. This time if you attended the event, you could get 13 different collectibles, including the first version of the official fanlight.

We start the collection with the pouch we already know from the previous event, and the official light stick keyring. It needs 3 AG3 button batteries and can work in three different modes - on, blink and flicker. The dimensions of the item are 39 x 102 x 39 mm. Inside the package you will find also a user manual. All comes in an elegant navy box.

Next there is a mini ticket bag, which will be useful to keep your tickets during the concerts or other events. It is made of a very high quality material and features the name "WJSN" on the front. As a bonus you will receive a group photo.

WJSN WJ Station Fanmeeting Merchandise

Next we have another photo slogan commemorating the fanmeeting. It showcases a photo of all 10 members on one side and the title of the event on the other. It is of the same size as the previously released - 600 x 200 mm.

A pin button and name tag set is available in 10 variants (1 per each member). It is composed of a round button with a face of a chosen girl, and a rectangular tag with her name written in both Korean and English. The size of two items are 44 x 44 mm and 60 x 25 mm respectively.

The next piece of WJSN merchandise is a metal keyring composed of three different charms - a round one with a face of a single member, a crescent moon and a heart. There are 10 variants to choose from. The length of the keyring is 110 mm.

Of course a set of postcards is also here included. This time though both variant A and B consist of all members of WJSN. In the set you will find 10 single member and 1 group postcards measuring 142 x 210 mm. You could also get another set of photo cards (variant A or B) with 10 sheets sized 55 x 85 mm.

Next there is a photo card album with sleeves for your photo card collection. It measures 310 x 430 mm and comes with 2 random photo cards chosen out of 10 variants. On the front you will spot a transparent pocket for a single card.

The other pieces of WJSN merchandise you could find at the fanmeeting are a keyring representing the official mascot of the group called Uzzu (115 x 90 mm), a black T-shirt (free size), and a black ball cap with a letter "W" on the front (free size).

Unnatural Album Selection

The ninth mini album of WJSN titled Unnatural was released on March 31, 2021 by Starship Entertainment. It is composed of 6 songs including the eponymous lead single, Last Dance, Super Moon, New Me, Yalla and Rewind. Unnatural comes in 3 different physical versions, and was distributed by Kakao M. The EP reached number 3 on the Gaon Weekly chart and sold 72,214 copies during its premiere month.

On April 9, 2021 a special selection of WJSN merchandise was announced on the official social media of the group. The collection consists of just 3 items.

WJSN Unnatural Album Merchandise

You could get a pack of stickers composed of 10 individual member stickers of a size of a standard photo card (55 x 85 mm), and 8 logo stickers (around 40 x 40 mm). They come in a plastic pouch measuring 130 x 100 mm, and featuring the title of the extended play.

The second item is a keyring with the title of the album featured in an interesting design. The size of the keyring is 55 x 27 mm. It is made of metal and translucent acrylic.

The final piece of WJSN merchandise is a simple badge showcasing a heart logo with the words "WJSN" and "Unnatural" on a black background. The diameter of the badge is 27 x 27 mm. It is made of metal and comes in a package of a dimensions of 65 x 65 mm.