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CLC Merchandise

CLC was a seven-member group formed under Cube Entertainment in 2015. Their debut album was First Love and the title song was Pepe. The KPop band consists of Seunghee, Seungyeon, Sorn, Yujin, Yeeun, Eunbin and Elkie. They initially debuted with 5 members - Elkie and Eunbin joined the group in February of 2016 during the promotions for their third extended play Refresh. Following the departure of Elkie and Sorn in 2021, the group officially disbanded in 2022.

If you're the fan of the group and you would like to purchase some CLC merchandise there are not many official items you can get. Cube Entertainment released only a handful of collectibles that were prepared for the release of the CLC albums. These were available online on the official Cube shop or offline at the cafe 20SPACE that's located in Seongdong-gu, Seoul and that belongs to the company. Each time only one item was available for one album - either for FREE'SM, Black Dress, No.1 and digital single Me. Additionally two versions of the official slogan is available for purchase on many online KPop stores.

Free'sm Postcard & Stamp Sticker Set

The first piece of CLC merchandise was released only on August 14, 2017 after already the sixth mini album FREE*SM came out on August 3. The collectible was a postcard & stamp sticker set. It was available only at the 20SPACE cafe so you could get it online only from the third party sellers if they even had a chance to get it in the first place because of a limited quantity offered. The set included of a postcard with the photo of all members and the logo of the group sized 210 x 148 mm and 1 sheet of stickers of the same size. The stickers were in a shape of a stamp and was composed of 24 pieces.

CLC Merchandise - Free'sm Postcard & Stamp Sticker Set

Black Dress Postcard & Stamp Sticker Set

The seventh extended play of CLC titled Black Dress with the title song of the same name was released February 22, 2018 and was distributed by Loen Entertainment. Cube decided to prepare a similar product to the one available during the Free'sm promotions. A new set of a postcard and a stamp stickers was released on the same day when the group had their comeback - on February 22. The item was also sold only at 20SPACE and measures 210 x 148 mm.

CLC Merchandise - Black Dress Postcard & Stamp Sticker Set

No.1 Photo Card Set

The eight mini album of the group No.1 was released online on January 30, 2019 and physically a day later on January 31. This time the company of the band decided to prepare something different - a set of photo cards. The set consists of 14 sheets - 2 for each member - with the pictures taken by Elkie. Each photo card measures 54 x 85 mm. For the first time the CLC collectible was available both offline and at the official store of Cube and it's still relatively easy to get.

CLC Merchandise - No.1 Photo Card Set

'Me' Single Postcard Set

The same year on May 29 a digital single Me came out. A week later on June 6, 2019 a commemorative postcard set was released. And again it was available at the Cube Entertainment cafe as well as online for those who wanted at the right time and place in Seoul. The set consists of 21 postcards sized 100 x 150 mm. The initial price for this piece of CLC merchandise was 18 000 KRW.

CLC Merchandise - 'Me' Single Postcard Set

CLC Official Slogans

Since the group debuted in 2015 two official slogans were released. The first one has the logo of the group in the middle, the word "Crystal" on the left and the word "Clear" on the right on a white background. This first version was used since the debut until 2018. The second one appeared after the No.1 extended play was released in January of 2019. It has w white CLC logo on the left and the words "Crystal Clear" with the names of all members on the right. Both measure 800 x 200 mm and come in a plastic package.

CLC Official Slogans