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About Us

KPop Merchandise Guide was created to provide the information about official collectibles prepared by the artists to commemorate various events such as concerts, fan meetings and showcases. You can find out more about the memorabilia through hundreds of highly researched and carefully written articles we publish.

We put a lot of effort to provide you with the best content you can think of. We create only high quality articles containing a dedicated infographics with some additional information that makes the content special.

We are currently the only this kind of website on the Internet, therefore the articles are unique and original. They will definitely provide you with hours of entertainment.

The website was made for fans by fans.


Almost each of the KPop artists are described in a separate article. You can read about their official merchandise and the events for which they were produced, usually in a order from older to newer. That includes more important events such as concert world tours, but also less significant occasions including premieres of the albums. Often such information as number of items released and the manufacturer is stated.

Each of the articles designated to the particular artist often contains also the links to reviews of some selected, more interesting items. Those reviews present more specific information about the product and a link to an external e-commerce store/website you can get the product from. That can be very important if you’re looking for an ideas for a perfect gift for someone you care about that is a big fan of KPop and the artist you’re reading about.


This category provides articles presenting the information about the discographies of KPop artists. Each of them contains the complete list of all albums released, along with very detailed description of all of them. You can read about different types of records including studio albums, extended plays (known in South Korea as mini albums), repackages, singles, special albums, Summer albums, mix tapes, demo albums, LPs, and Kihno kits.

The article often contain the tracklist, the info about the producers and composers, some of the achievements including the positions on the South Korean Gaon chart, and number of copies sold.

Additionally you will also find the information about the physical editions of the particular release. You will be able to learn about the packages with the physical version of the album and all the merchandise included inside those packages. That includes the dimensions of each of the items, the number of unique variants of the item in existence, and its quantity available inside the package.


This section gathers all articles related to a specific piece of merchandise. This can be a standalone collectible, or a part of a larger collection. The review tries to provide all pros and cons of the product and help you to decide if it’s worth to acquire it.

The description is very detailed and you can be sure you will find it very insightful. It will tell you about the collectible, and show it on a carefully prepared infographics, often from different angles. The dimensions available sizes (if it’s a piece of apparel) will be provided.

As mentioned before, at least one link to the external website(s) where you can purchase the item from will be listed. Those are an affiliate links, so if you make a purchase we may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

KPop Merchandise Guide participates in the Amazon Associates Program. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. When you click through the links to and make a purchase we may earn a small commission at no cost to you.

We also participate in the Ebay Partner Network, YesAsia Associate Program and Redbubble Affiliate Program.

The articles will also present the other items available in the same official collection the item comes from, and list some similar items of other KPop artists you will be probably interested in. The links to the similar reviews are displayed below the articles.


The lightsticks page is composed of a section describing the concept of a fanlight in general, and a section with links to the articles about the specific lightsticks of all KPop artists. Each of the articles provides some information including the release date, pre-order period, dimensions, and the operating time.

The content of the whole package is also listed. That includes extra items such as a hand strap, a charging cable, user manual, etc.

If for the lightstick some additional accessories were released, they also will be listed. There are several examples of such accessories including the official case or pouch, deco stickers, and battery compartment.

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