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BTS Official Light Stick Army Bomb (Version 1)

BTS Official Light Stick Army Bomb (Version 1)
Release Date 23 April 2015
Price $89.99
Width Depth Height
112mm 112mm 232mm
Light Colors
Operating Time 6 Hours
Power AAA Alkaline Batteries 3EA (included)
Content Ligth Stick, Felt Bag, 3 AAA Batteries
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The first version of the BTS official lightstick - called the ARMY Bomb - was firstly introduced through the group's fancafe on March 10, 2015, nearly two years after the debut and was available for the pre-order from March 23. The light stick was released a month later on April 23. The product was licensed by Big Hit Entertainment and designed and manufactured in South Korea by Compact Design Inc. company. It is marked with the official model number BTS×Official 7115G and has an authentication sticker at the package.

The BTS light stick (ver. 1) was a part of four collections of merchandise: 2015 BTS LIVE "The Most Beautiful Moment in Life On Stage", 2016 BTS LIVE "The Most Beautiful Moment in Life On Stage: Epilogue", 2nd Muster [ZIP CODE: 22920] and 3rd Muster ARMY.ZIP +.

The light stick looks like a globe and has a black handle with the logo of BTS on one side and a logo of the official fandom A.R.M.Y. At the top of the globe there's a place for a reusable fuse that gives burning lighting effect. A small translucent silicon balls are included inside the globe.

BTS Official Light Stick Army Bomb (Version 1)

The BTS official light stick needs 3 AAA alkaline batteries and can operate for maximum time of 6 hours. It can work in three modes: on, blink and flicker. The light color is white. The batteries are included in the package. Inside the box you will also find a strap and a felt bag with the BTS logo.

The dimensions of the item is 112 x 112 x 232 mm. It comes in a black box sized 113 x 113 x 252 mm.

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