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StayC Merchandise

StayC is a girl group formed by a renowned South Korean producing duo Black Eyed Pilseung, under their company High Up Entertainment. The group consists of six members including Sieun, Sumin, Seeun, Isa, Yoon and J. The members debuted on November 12, 2020 with their first single album titled Star To A Young Culture, and their lead single So Bad.

There are currently several official StayC merchandise collections available. All of them are related to their albums including Staydom, Stereotype and The official light stick has been announced in June of 2022, and released the following month. You can also get the physical editions of their releases, including the single albums and EPs. As an alternative you can look for the fan made goods on various e-commerce websites.


Physical Albums

The physical albums can be a very nice addition to your StayC merchandise. They contain many interesting items, and are relatively easy to get. They are perfect if nothing else is available for you to purchase.

As mentioned earlier, the group debuted with the single Star To A Young Culture. The release came out under High Up Entertainment and was distributed by Kakao M Corp. It is composed of a main song So Bad and the supporting track Like This, both composed by Black Eyed Pilseung. It reached number 6 on the weekly Gaon chart and sold 18,718 copies in November 2020. It sold additional 12,731 units in December.

Star To A Young Culture is available in 1 physical edition, in a square form measuring 171 x 171 mm. Inside the package you will find a CD disk with the music, a photobook containing beautiful pictures of all girls on 72 pages (165 x 165 mm), 1 square group postcard (120 x 120 mm), special 4cut photo with all the members (50 x 140 mm), 2 logo stickers featuring the group's name and the single's title (30 x 70 mm), the official fragrance card (90 x 130 mm), 2 randomly chosen photo cards added out of 12 different variants (2 per each member). All photo cards are of a typical dimensions and measure 55 x 85 mm.

StayC Star To A Young Culture Album Merchandise

There are 2 different posters available with this release. A single random was included if you pre-ordered your copy. Both showcase a picture of all members of StayC and measure 762 x 525 mm.

The group came back on April 8, 2021 with their second single titled Staydom. It was released by High Up Entertainment and distributed by Kakao Entertainment Corp. On the CD you will find 4 songs including ASAP serving as the title track, So What, Love Fool and the remix of the group's first lead single So Bad (Tak Remix).

StayC Staydom Album Merchandise

Staydom comes physically in 1 version of the similar size as its predecessor and measures 177 x 171 mm. It is composed of many interesting StayC merchandise including the CD disk containing all 4 songs, a 72 pages photobook (165 x 165 mm), 1 random square postcard selected out of 6 variants (120 x 120 mm), 1 sheet of stickers (145 x 145 mm), the official fragrance card (90 x 130 mm), and 1 standard-sized photo card randomly chosen out of 12 options (2 per each member of StayC).

Similarly to the previous single, 2 different group posters were prepared for those you ordered their copy earlier. Both are of a size of 520 x 760 mm.

Fan Made Unofficial Merchandise

If you're still looking for some interesting merchandise related to the group, and there is no official collectibles available, you should thing about getting something made by fans. The fans are very creative when it comes to making their own collectibles. These are often available for the fans to purchase on various e-commerce websites. They are easy to get if you search long enough.

The price is always affordable so you don't have to worry that you will spend too much of your hard earned money. The quality of the unofficial StayC merchandise is often high, or at least a very good. You can check some auction sites and see if you can find anything that will be right up your alley.

You can also try some print-on-demand services, where you can upload your own design and print it on various StayC merchandise including mugs, hoodies, T-shirts, phone cases, and many other. If not you can always try to find the artworks of other fans, who actively upload them on the services for other to use. All you have to do is order a particular item and the site will make it and send it to your home address. The whole process is very easy and convenient.