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Hot Issue Merchandise

Hot Issue was a girl band under S2 Entertainment. It was formed in 2021. The group was composed of seven members including Nahyun, Mayna, Dana, Hyeongshin, Yebin, Yewon and Dain. Mayna was known from her participation in the Chinese edition of a survival TV show Produce 101, where she was eliminated in the seventh episode.

The members debuted on April 28, 2021 with their first mini album titled Issue Maker and the lead single Gratata. The album reached number 20 on the weekly Gaon chart. On the same day the group held their debut showcase at the Yes24 Live Hall in Seoul. They eventually disbanded in April of 2022 after several months of inactivity.

There are no official Hot Issue merchandise released by their company. The official Hot Issue light stick had never been released. All you can get is a physical editions of their albums, which can be considered as a very valuable item.

Physical Albums

Issue Maker features five songs including the title track Gratata, Dunga Dunga, Hide in the Dark, Purple and We Go. The release came out under S2 Entertainment and was distributed by Kakao Entertainment.

The Hot Issue's first extended play comes in a single physical edition. The rectangular package measures 153 x 200 x 10 mm and comes with a slip cover with the title of the EP on the front. Inside the package you will find several interesting pieces of Hot Issue merchandise.

Hot Issue Issue Maker Album Merchandise

The album is composed of a CD disk of a dimensions of 118 x 118 mm in a black envelope (153 x 200 mm), a photobook containing many beautiful pictures of all the members (153 x 200 x 10 mm), a lyric paper with the lyrics of all songs (290 x 300 mm), 1 folded card chosen out of 2 options at random (400 x 150 mm), 1 3D photo card selected randomly out of 7 versions (1 per each member of Hot Issue), 1 regular photo card featuring a random member, 1 sheet of 3D stickers (45 x 60 mm). All photo cards prepared for this release are of a standard size you can find in many current albums of other KPop artists and measure 55 x 85 mm.

Additionally to all Hot Issue merchandise included in the package, you could also get 1 poster added out of 3 different variants if you bought one of the first copies of the album. All posters measure 770 x 525 mm.

Fan Made Merchandise

There are plenty of fans who are very talented and create their own collectibles. If there is no official Hot Issue merchandise, or they are out of stock, you can try to find the unofficial items. The fans often offer what they made online on various e-commerce websites. You should definitely check them out and find out if you can purchase something you can proudly add to your collection.

The quality of these items are often as good or even better than what you could expect from the official sources. They are offered for a reasonable prices, which is extremely important if you are on a budget and don't want to spend too much. Another advantage is when you want to get something as a gift for fellow Hot Issue fan, you can count on the creativity of other people and be sure you will indeed find something worth giving it to others.

Additionally you can create your own design and use the print-on-demand websites, where you can print out the design on a various objects. The items will be delivered to your home address, which is very convenient. You should check out these services especially if you are waiting for the official Hot Issues merchandise including the light stick to come out.