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Weeekly Merchandise

Weeekly is the second girl group of Play M Entertainment after Apink, which debuted in 2011 under A Cube Entertainment. The group is composed of six members including Soojin, Soeun, Monday, Jihan, Jaehee and Zoa. Jiyoon departed from the group in June of 2022. The members debuted on June 30, 2020 with their first mini album titled We Are, and the title track Tag Me (@Me).

If you're looking for some interesting Weeekly merchandise, there are not much to get at this point. The official Weeekly light stick has not been yet released. Aside from the physical albums, a special package for the 2021 season came out, and contains several items, which will definitely please every fan. You also get some items available in the pop-up store organized to commemorate the first anniversary of the group titled Happy Birthday Weeekly, and those prepared for the second anniversary Happy Wee2ly Day! in 2022.


2021 Season's Greetings

A special bundle of collectibles titled "Ready Go Weeekly!" was released to commemorate the new year of 2021. It was manufactured by Copan Global. Similarly to all others KPop Season's Greetings it contains a calendar to help you plan the upcoming months. It is a desk calendar of a size of 180 x 220 mm, featuring the logo of the package on the cover. Inside you will find a page dedicated to each month of the upcoming year, and some beautiful photos of individual members and the whole group. It comes with a stand of a dimensions of 180 x 240 mm.

The second piece of Weeekly merchandise is a diary. It contains 120 pages on which you can write to help yourself prepare your schedule. Among the white pages you will find some nice pictures of all the members. The item measures 160 x 230 mm.

Weeekly 2021 Season's Greetings Merchandise

The third product is a folded accordion postcard with photos on both sides showcasing either a single member or the whole group. The size of the unfolded collectible is 800 x 150 mm.

Next we have a photo card set composed of 7 sheets of a standard size we can find with many currently released albums - 55 x 85 mm. This is followed by a set of 3 pencils with different details on each of them. On each of them you can spot a small drawings of planets. The final piece of Weeekly merchandise is a small keyring featuring a planet and a letter "W". The size of the keyring is 50 x 28 mm.

If you were lucky enough the Season's Greetings came with a pre-order benefit - a special polaroid photo included randomly in some of the packages. The size of the polaroid is 54 x 86 mm. All comes in a beautiful white box with the logo of the bundle, and the names of all members of Weeekly.

Physical Albums

The physical editions of the albums can be a great addition to your collection of Weeekly merchandise. You should definitely check out their discography while waiting for the official light stick. The first release of the girls was - as mentioned before - We Are. It had its premiere on June 30, 2020 under Play M Entertainment. It consists of 5 tracks including Weeekly Day, Universe, Tag Me (@Me), Hello and Reality. Tag Me serves as the lead single.

The album reached number 16 on the Gaon Weekly chart. It was the 57th best-selling release in South Korea in June of 2020 with 7,524 copies sold. By the end of July it sold a total number of 17,185 units.

The physical edition is composed of a CD disk containing the music, an 82 pages photobook, 2 random photo cards chosen out of 14 variants (split into variant A and B, 7 sheets each), 1 polaroid selected randomly out of 7 versions, 1 sheet of stickers and a special ticket (available only in a limited quantity). We Are came with a pre-order benefit - a group poster of a dimensions of 770 x 525 mm. The album was manufactured by Yein Art and distributed by Kakao M.

The second extended play of Weeekly titled We Can came out on October 13, 2020 under Play M. On the CD you will find 5 songs including Unnie, My Earth, Zig Zag, Top Secret and Weeekly. Zig Zag was chosen as the main track.

It peaked at number 10 on the Gaon weekly chart, and eventually sold 18,645 copies during its premiere month, reaching number 24 on the list of the most purchased releases of October.

We Can comes in 2 physical versions - Orb and Wave. Each of them contains several interesting pieces of Weeekly merchandise. Inside the package you will find a CD disk containing the music, a photobook with 92 pages full of beautiful pictures, 1 photo card added at random from a lot of 7 sheets, 1 random planet photo card selected out of 8 options, a message card chosen randomly out of 49 different versions, 1 sheet of colorful stickers, and - similarly to the previous release - a special limited ticket. Additionally you could also get a real photo card of a size of 54 x 86 mm, which was available in a very limited quantity. 2 group posters were prepared for the album (1 per each version).

The third mini album of the group We Play was released by Play M on March 17, 2021 and features 5 tracks - Yummy!, Lucky, the lead song After School, Uni and Butterfly. For the third time it was manufactured by Yein Art, while Kakao M served as the distributor. It repeated the success of its predecessor and reached number 10 on the weekly Gaon chart.

Physically it was released in 2 versions - Jump and Up. Both are composed of some cool pieces of Weeekly merchandise. We Play comes with a CD disk, a 96 pages photobook, 4cut translucent photo representing a single member of Weeekly, 1 random puzzle message card (8 options), 1 tarot photo card chosen randomly out of 8 variants (1 group plus 7 single member sheets), 1 regular photo card selected at random (7 options), and 1 sheet of stickers. This time you also could get a ticket and a polaroid photo. Everything depended on how lucky you were.

Fan Made Merchandise

If you want to purchase something related to the group but the official Weeekly merchandise is not available, you can try a fan made goods. These are often available from the e-commerce websites online, and come directly from the fans, who would like to share their work with others.

Additionally you can check out the print-on-demand sites, where the fans often upload their artworks. The sites offer a perfect solution - you can print the design on many different items including T-shirts, hoodies, mugs, etc. The items are then delivered directly to your home address.

The products are often of the same quality as the original, so you don't have to worry it will not be worth your money. You can be sure you will be pleased with the purchase.