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Park Ji Hoon Merchandise

Park Ji Hoon is a soloist and a former member of a temporary boy band Wanna One. He debuted with the group after he finished second (after Kang Daniel) on the survival TV show Produce 101 Season 2 in 2017. Wanna One released their debut extended play 1×1=1 (To Be One) on August 8, 2017, containing the lead single Energetic. After the group disbanded, the artist began his solo career with the release of the mini album O'Clock, and the main track L.O.V.E. on March 26, 2019.

There are several interesting collections of Park Ji Hoon merchandise released by the company of the vocalist Maroo Entertainment. They were prepared for his fanmeeting and concerts. Additionally you can get the physical versions of his albums including My Collection released in 2021, and Hot&Cold from the same year.

Asia Fanmeeting in Seoul First Edition Merchandise

The first fanmeeting with the fans of the artist was titled First Edition. Ji Hoon was scheduled to visit some Asian cities including Seoul and Manila. The first event took place at the Grand Peace Palace of the Kyunghee University in Seoul on February 9, 2019. It is worth noting that the tickets sold out in a minute after the sales began at 8:00 PM on January 28. Only the members of the artist's official fanclub managed to get the tickets. The sales for the general audience were scheduled for January 31 but by that time there were no tickets left.

The Park Ji Hoon merchandise prepared for the event consisted of 7 different items including the promotional penlight and slogan. The penlight is of a regular shape and measures 175 x 10 mm. It is purple and showcases the title of the fanmeeting. It comes with a backing card featuring a picture of the vocalist. It is made of PC, PET and PVC. The cheering slogan has the name of the artist printed in white on a black background on the front, and the title "First Edition" on a pink background on the back. It is made of a high quality suede and measures 600 x 200 mm.

The collection continues with a special photobook. Inside you will find 100 pages full of pictures of your favourite vocalist. It measures 180 x 250 mm and comes with a DVD disk containing behind the scene footage. A single photo card is included.

Park Ji Hoon Asia Fanmeeting in Seoul First Edition Merchandise

Next we have a set of posters. Inside the package you will find 2 posters sized 527 x 727 mm with a single picture of Park Ji Hoon. A sheet containing 4 stickers is included. If you like this product you should definitely think about getting a set of photo cards. It is composed of 7 different sheets of a size of a typical card you could find in a KPop album - 55 x 85 mm.

The next piece of Park Ji Hoon merchandise is a purple pouch with a drawing of a puppy on the front. It can be opened and closed with a zipper and measures 200 x 150 mm.

The last item in this collection is a black T-shirt. On the left side of the chest you will spot the same drawing as on the pouch. At the bottom there is the name of the artist embroidered on the material. The T-shirt is available in one, free size, so it will probably be perfect for you regardless what your size is.

All Park Ji Hoon merchandise prepared for the fanmeeting were manufactured by Copan Global under the license by Maroo Entertainment.

May I Love You? Fanmeeting Selection

In 2019, to celebrate his 20th birthday (21st in South Korea), Park Ji Hoon held a special fanmeeting titled May I Love You?. The event was completely free. Although only the first 4,000 lucky fans could attend. The tickets were available free of charge on The fanmeeting took place at the Hwajeong Gymnasium of the Korea University on May 26, 2019.

There were 7 different pieces of Park Ji Hoon merchandise prepared for the event. This time a new light stick showed up for the fans to purchase. Instead of a basic penlight we received an acrylic fanlight with a blue handle and a flat head representing a number "21". The item measures 108 x 239 mm and comes with a hand strap.

The second item is a brass keyring with 3 charms - a heart, a bicycle, and a number "21" in the same design as on the light stick. The size of the charms is 30 x 30 x 30 mm respectively.

Park Ji Hoon May I Love You? Fanmeeting Merchandise

The third product is a tumbler which you can use in your everyday life. It is white and can contain around 350 ml of your favourite beverage. The dimensions of the tumbler are 130 x 75 mm. A special blue holder is included. It features a drawing of a bicycle on the front, and you can attach it to the tumbler. Its size is 250 x 50 mm.

The next piece of Park Ji Hoon merchandise is another poster set. This time instead of 2 you will receive 3 sheets (2 positioned vertically and 1 horizontal) of a dimensions of 440 x 620 mm. Of course a set of photo cards is also included in the collection. There are 2 different variants to choose from - A or B. Each of them is composed of 8 cards and a bonus sticker - depicting bicycle in variant A, and the number "21" in variant B. The size of the photo cards is 55 x 85 mm, while the stickers measure 35 mm and 30 mm respectively. Additionally if you like the collectibles showcasing the pictures of you favourite artist, you should definitely think about getting a photo magazine. On the cover you will find the title of the event May I Love You?, and a picture of Park Ji Hoon. It is composed of 36 pages and its size is 210 x 275 mm.

The final product you could find at the event was a pouch available in 2 versions - yellow and striped. Both feature a drawing of a puppy on the front and measure 243 x 155 mm. You can open it with a zipper.

Fancon Asia Tour 360 In Seoul Goods

Park Ji Hoon announced his new Asian fanmeeting tour titled 360 at the end of 2019. The tour began in Seoul with two events on December 21 and 22 at the SK Olympic Handball Arena of the Olympic Park. The artist continued his tour in other countries including Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan and Indonesia.

Before the event the fans had a chance to get some interesting Park Ji Hoon merchandise at a special booth at the venue. The collection is composed of 12 different items, including introduced for the first time the official light stick of the soloist. A special mini light keyring resembling the fanlight was also introduced. It is powered by 6 AG3 button batteries and can produce a light just like the item it is based on. The dimensions of the keyring are 43.1 x 43.1 x 106.5 mm.

Park Ji Hoon Fancon Asia Tour 360 In Seoul Merchandise

Next we have 3 collectibles related to the official light stick of the artist. That includes a set containing 3 silicon balls, each with a distinctive number (3, 6 and 0), and a pack of glitter. You can put both inside the head of the fanlight, and add them to already existing ones. The second item is a handle case made of silicon. It measures 35 x 35 x 112 mm and you can put it on the original. The third accessory is a white pouch for your fanlight, which will be useful if you would like to avoid any damages and scratches. Additionally a sheet of deco stickers is included in the collection, which you can use to decorate your precious item.

Next we have a round photo card available in 3 different versions - A, B and C. On each you can spot 5 different photos of Park Ji Hoon and the title 360. The diameter of each of the variants is 250 x 250 mm.

In the collection you can find another photo magazine. This time with 40 pages full of beautiful pictures of the vocalist. The size of the magazine is 210 x 275 mm.

The next piece of Park Ji Hoon merchandise is a mini bag made of a very soft plush fabric. A red strap is included, and it can be easily detached if you don't want to use it. The dimensions of the bag are 200 x 240 x 140 mm.

The fabric keyring comes with a strap featuring the three silicon balls, and a small charm depicting the soloist's fanlight. On the back side of the strap you will find a word "360". It measures 25 x 100 mm, while the length of the charm is 85 mm.

If you're looking for an interesting laces for your sneakers you should definitely consider getting those from this collection. The set comes with 3 pairs of laces including red, purple and green. On each you will spot 2 printed words - "May" and "360". The size of a single lace is 8 x 1200 mm.

The final piece of Park Ji Hoon merchandise was the 2020 edition of the Season's Greetings. The package contains a desk calendar, a 160 pages diary with a single sheet of index stickers (120 x 188 mm), a set of 5 postcards (110 x 150 mm), a set of 6 photo cards of a regular size (55 x 85 mm), a perfume tag (70 x 160 mm), a mini poster (255 x 280 mm), and a DVD disk containing of 20 minutes video material.

All collectibles including the Season's Greetings package were manufactured by Copan Global.

Message Online Concert Merchandise

The online concert Message was streamed live on December 13, 2020, at 7:00 PM Korean Standard Time. The tickets were available through KaveCon. It was organized to support the release of the artist's first studio album of the same title.

The Park Ji Hoon merchandise prepared for the concert were available for pre-order starting on December 10, 2020. The shipping began a month later on January 8, 2021. A total number of 8 collectibles was available for purchase online.

Park Ji Hoon Message Online Concert Merchandise

The first item is a set composed of 5 photo cards of a size of 54 x 86 mm, and a film ticket measuring 66 x 110 mm. The ticket features a picture of Ji Hoon, and some information including the title of the event, a section, and row and seat numbers. All comes in a beautiful envelope sized 90 x 135 mm.

The second item is a special postcard book. Inside the package you will find 10 postcards of a dimensions of 142 x 204 mm. Each of the sheets contain a handwritten message on the back.

The third product is a polaroid photo set. The set contains 4 polaroid photos with some short messages from the artist at the bottom, and 3 4x6 photos. The polaroids measure 85 x 105 mm, and the 3 photos are of a size of 102 x 152 mm. The set comes in a checkered envelope of a size of 115 x 165 mm.

Next we have 5 pieces of Park Ji Hoon merchandise related to a cartoon characters Winkky and Winkmyang - 2 acrylic griptoks (popsockets) for your smartphone measuring 53 x 56 mm and 59 x 43 mm, an acrylic keyring depicting Winkky holding the official fanlight of Ji Hoon (44 x 50 mm), a sticker pack containing 7 cartoon and 3 round photo stickers, and a set of 2 mini badges.