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EXID Merchandise

EXID originally debuted under AB Entertainment as a six-member girl group in 2012 and consisted of Yuji, Hani, Haeryong, Junghwa, LE and Dami. They released their first single titled Whoz That Girl and a digital album Holla on February 3. In April Dami, Yuji and Haeryong left the group and after their departure Solji and Hyelin were added. EXID gained wide recognition after their track Up & Down topped the Gaon chart four months after the release because of a fancam featuring Hani performing the song. The members are currently on indefinite hiatus in South Korea.

Not many pieces of official EXID merchandise was released so far. All we have is a selection available at the Asia Tour in Singapore and a photobook created in a collaboration with a global crowdfunding platform Makestar.

EXID Asia Tour In Singapore 2017 Merchandise

In 2017 the group visited four cities during their Asian tour. Solji didn't participate due to her problems with hyperthyroidism. The girls began the tour with the performance in Hong Kong on June 17. Then they headed to Singapore where they gave a concert on July 15 at the Kallang Theatre. The performance in Seoul was held on August 12 during which Solji briefly appeared to a surprise of the fans and the members. The originally planned to take place on July 30 concert in Taipei was postponed to August 26. During the tour EXID showcased many of their hit songs including Ah Yeah, Hot Pink, L.I.E and With Out U.

During the concert in Singapore the fans had an opportunity to became the owners of some interesting pieces of EXID merchandise.

EXID Asia Tour In Singapore 2017 Merchandise

The selection consists of a white eco bag with cute drawings on one side, the official EXID light stick with a round head with the logo of the group and finally the set of six folders (5 member folders plus 1 folder with a photo of the whole group). The merchandise were available for purchase online or at the venue.

EXID Makestar Photobook

In a celebration of the 5th anniversary of EXID's debut a special crowdfunding project with a collaboration of Makestar was launched to create a photobook commemorating the event. Makestar is a crowdfunding platform where the Hallyu stars can participate in a different projects for their fans.

The crowdfunding officially began on August 26, 2017. The project was similar to the Weki Meki's Stay WEME limited edition photobook that I've been writing about before. It ended on November 15 with a total number of 1377 backers who participated. The gathered sum exceeded the funding goal by 292%.

EXID Merchandise - Makestar Photobook

In the EXID merchandise package along with the hardcover photobook we could find a set of 5 postcards with a photos of each member (Solji participated in the photoshoot despite being on hiatus), a set of 5 photo cards and a set of 5 bookmarks with the photos of each member, and the name of the group with the words "Whoz that girl?", and finally a limited edition poster with photos and names of all girls. Additionally the higher tier fans received two additional pieces of EXID merchandise. The first one is a set of 5 paper dolls in a separate box that came with a digital stamp and a user manual with the instructions how to assemble the dolls. The second product is a standing desk calendar for the year 2018. It includes one sheet of stickers.