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GFriend Merchandise

The members debuted in 2015 under Source Music. The KPop group consisted of six members: Sowon, Yuju, Eunha, Yerin, SinB and Umji. Their first album was Season Of Glass and the title song Glass Bead. GFriend ultimately disbanded in May of 2021 after their contracts expired.

The girls has released several interesting collections of GFriend merchandise for their showcases and concert tours. That includes two versions of their official light stick.


1st Asia Tour Season of GFriend Merchandise

The first tour of GFriend began with the domestic concerts in Seoul on January 6 and 7, 2018 that were held at the Olympic Hall. 6000 people attended the events. The ticket sales opened a little bit earlier for the members of the official fan club (December 6) than the general public (December 8). The tickets sold out in just 3 minutes. The girls continued the tour visiting New Taipei City in Taiwan, Osaka and Tokyo in Japan, Quezon City in Philippines and Hong Kong. The tour concluded with two additional encore dates in Seoul.

1st Asia Tour Season of GFriend Merchandise

25 items were prepared for the fans to purchase at the concerts. One additional collectible - a life-size pillow - was supposed to be available at the venue but Source Music ultimately decided not to release it. After the list of the GFriend merchandise was announced some of the fans raised a concerns that the pillow with imprinted images of the members of the group reminds them of a Japanese "love pillows" called "dakimakura". The item was 1800 mm long and 600 mm wide and six variants were supposed to be sold (each with one GFriend member). On December 30 - one day after the list was revealed - the company of the group released a statement in which we can read that they decided not to produce and sell the item. Although there is a possibility that the item might have been already manufactured and the company actually had to just destroy the whole lot (the concerts began just 6 days after the statement was released).

The collection starts with the first version of the official light stick of the group called Glass Marble Stick. It was named after the debut song Glass Bead that I've mentioned before. It's in a shape of a marble and is filled with a fluid and glitter. It features the GFriend's logo inside. The size of the item is 80 x 80 x 245 mm. In the package you will find six special photo cards with the members wearing a crowns. If you like the shape of it you will find a mini light stick key ring interesting. The accessory is 50 mm wide and 120 mm long.

Next we have an acrylic stand with the silhouette of each member. It comes in two versions - A or B. Version A features the photos from the same photoshoot as the full-size pillow so if you can certainly buy it instead. The size of the stand is 60 x 150 mm.

If you want a to have a new KPop binder you can get one from this collection. It contain 30 sleeves for your photo cards and measures 262 x 308 x 50 mm. It has a photo of a full group on the cover.

Next there's a selection of badges with logos of the six GFriend albums released so far and one logo of the first concert Season of GFriend. You can choose from 7 options - Season of Glass, Flower Bud, Snowflake, LOL, The Awakening, Parallel and Season of GFriend.

The cushion cover comes in six variants (each with a photo of one member). The size of the cover is 500 x 500 mm.

The playing cards deck consists of 54 sheets and is a very interesting piece of GFriend merchandise. The Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks and 2s have a photo of a particular member. Two Jokers are included - one with the photo of SinB and one with Eunha. The size of the playing cards is 58 x 85 mm.

Next we have a set consisting of 15 photo cards with the photos from the photoshoot for the song Rough. The set comes in a white envelope. Inside you will find two sheets of each member and three sheets with the photos of the whole group. The size of the photo cards is 100 x 65 mm. Additionally there's available set of photo cards from the promotional photoshoot for the tour including 12 sheets (2 for each member). It is available in two variants: A or B. The size of these photo cards is unusual - 100 x 150 mm.

The poster set from the photoshoot for Navillera also comes in a similar envelope as the Rough cards set but much bigger since the size of each poster is 210 x 297 mm. The package consists of 7 sheets - one per each member and one group poster. There's also a set of 8 posters from the promotional photoshoot available. The size of the posters is 420 x 594 mm.

At the venue you had a chance to purchase one of the previously released GFriend albums in the Kihno format including album LOL, mini albums Season of Glass, Flower Bud, Snowflake, The Awakening and the repackage Ranbow.

The slogan prepared for the tour is not in a most popular size of 800 x 200 mm. It measures 500 x 200 mm and as you can see it's a little bit shorter. It has a photo of all members on one side (with a small logo on the right upper corner) and the title of the tour Season of GFriend on a green background on the other.

Next there are three pieces of fashion including a black T-shirt with the logo of the concert on front and word "GFriend" on the back, a black hoodie with a big pocket on front and a pair of socks which come in free size. The T-shirt and hoodie are available in two sizes: L and XL.

The next three items can contain many of the objects from your daily life. We have an eco bag sized 380 x 400 mm, a black pouch with a tag opened by a zipper (230 x 170 mm) and a shopping bag with a beautiful photo of the whole group on one side and the title of the tour on the other (500 x 400 mm).

The other products in this collection are a name key ring with the name of a single member with the group name on one side and the name written in Korean on the other (6 variants), an iRing for your smartphone that comes in 6 options (35 x 45 mm), a black umbrella with the photo of a chosen member inside (6 variants), a pin button randomly chosen out of 12 versions (38 x 38 mm), a red LED band in a round box (60 x 290 mm) and an image picket available in 6 options (300 x 300 mm).

1st Asia Tour Season of GFriend Encore Collectibles

Two additional concerts of Encore for Season of GFriend took place at the SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium in Seoul on September 8-9, 2018. 8000 fans came to see the shows. The tickets sold out even quicker than the previous concerts in Seoul - in two minutes. The girls prepared 16 new pieces of GFriend merchandise (18 if we count the light stick and a mini key ring) which were sold at the official booth at the venue.

1st Asia Tour Season of GFriend Encore Merchandise

We start with the official badges with the logos of all group's releases. The selection includes the ones that were already available - Season of Glass, Flower Bud, Snowflake, LOL, The Awakening, Parallel and Season of GFriend - and adds two new - Time For The Moon Night and Sunny Summer.

If you liked the acrylic photo stand from the previous collection you had a chance to purchase a new one during the Encore concerts. The photo stand comes in two variants - A and B. There are six stands in each variant to choose from - one for every member. The size of the product is 60 x 150 mm.

The third item is another photo binder, this time with a light cover. It measures 262 x 308 mm and comes with deco stickers in three different sizes. You will get 6 round stickers sized 35 x 35 mm, 2 smaller round stickers sized 30 x 30 mm and two rectangular stickers sized 30 x 10 mm.

The note set consists of two notes - one smaller (125 x 180 mm) with the photo of a chosen member and one bigger (180 x 253 mm) with the photo of all members. Of course six versions are available.

The pen set can be a very nice addition to your stationery. In the package you will get two whit pens that represent two different members of GFriend. There are three options to choose from - Sowon-Yerin, Eunha-Yuju, SinB-Umji.

If you need another KPop portable charger you will be pleased with this one. It has a capacity of 10 000 mAh and will let you charge your devices such as a smartphone or tablet.

The masking tape set consists of three rolls of tape - purple, white and blue. The length of each one is 7000 mm. All are 15 mm wide.

The white tumbler can contain 390 ml of your favourite beverage. The size of the product is 70 x 180 mm. It comes in a white cardboard box.

The poster set includes 9 sheets - 6 with a single member, 2 with three members on each one (Yuju, SinB and Umji on the first one and Sowon, Yerin, Eunha on the second) and 1 group poster. The size of the posters is 420 x 594 mm. All come in a tube.

If you are a Kihno albums collector you had a chance to get two albums that were not available before - the sixth mini album Time For The Moon Night and a summer mini album Sunny Summer.

The other GFriend merchandise that we can find in the collection are a white badge flag that you can hang on your wall (250 x 450 mm), a desk mat (450 x 300 mm), a black eco bag (345 x 400 mm), a randomly chosen out of 12 pin button (50 x 50 mm), a set of 12 postcards (version A or B, 100 x 150 mm) and a shopper bag (500 x 400 mm).

2nd Fan Meeting Dear. Buddy - Cross The Sunset Merchandise

The second meeting with the members of the official fan club of GFriend took place at the Olympic Park - Olympic Hall in Seoul on February 10, 2019 at PM 5:00. The ticket sale started on January 23 for the Buddies and two days later on January 25 for the general audience.

A special selection of merchandise was prepared for the fan meeting including the first version of the official light stick, mini light stick key ring, a badge flag from the previous collection and the logo badges with one additional badge from the second studio album Time For Us.

2nd Fan Meeting Dear. Buddy - Cross The Sunset Merchandise

The new collectibles start with a sun catcher that looks like a typical dreamcatcher but with the new logo from Time For Us. You can hang it in your place for a good luck. The size of the item is 100 x 350 mm.

The second item is a key ring with three pendants - the logo, a tag with words "Dear.Buddy" and a small Glass Marble Stick. The size of the key ring is 30 x 30 mm.

The name strap comes in 7 options - six with the members' names written in blue on a white background plus one with the name of the group. Each strap comes with a little logo pendant. The product measures 100 x 19 mm.

If you're looking for a cool gift for your friend who happens to be a big GFriend fan you can get a beautiful transparent glass. It can contain 450 ml of a coffee or tea and comes in a cardboard box. And additionally you can get one of three coasters that look like a vinyl record in a sleeve with the cover of one of the albums Time For The Moon Night, Time For Us and Sunny Summer. The size of the item is 100 x 100 mm.

If you're constantly worrying about losing your ticket during the shows you're attending to you should definitely think about getting ticket holder with the logo of the event. In a package you will also find a black strap and one random photo card out of 6 available in a standard size of 55 x 85 mm. The size of the holder is 110 x 190 mm.

The note set is similar to the one from the first Asian tour of GFriend. It consists of a smaller and a bigger notes sized respectively 125 x 180 mm and 180 x 253 mm.

The other products in this collection are blanket with the photo of all members in a park (1500 x 1000 mm), a film set of 6 sheets (70 x 118 mm) and a set of 7 posters - 6 per each member and 1 group poster (420 x 594 mm).

2nd Asia Tour - Go Go GFriend! Goods

The second Asian tour of the group titled Go Go GFriend! opened with two performances at the SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium in Seoul on May 18 and 19, 2019. The girls are scheduled to visit 8 different cities in Asia including Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, Singapore, Bangkok in Thailand, Hong Kong, Jakarta in Indonesia, Quezon City in Phillipines, Taipei in Taiwan and Yokohama in Japan.

The collection of goods for the concerts in Seoul consists of 23 new items and 2 we're already familiar with - a badge flag and a selection of logo badges with one additional logo from the Go Go GFriend! tour.

2nd Asia Tour - Go Go GFriend! Merchandise

We start the collection with the second version of the Glass Marble Stick. It has a round head with a letter "G" inside. This time the handle is black and not white. It was manufactured by Fanlight Co.,Ltd. The dimensions of the version 2 are 100 x 100 x 240 mm. Additionally you could buy a black case for the light stick which is very durable and will certainly keep your light stick safe. The case measures 130 x 130 x 280 mm and comes with a strap.

The next item is a set of 11 special badges - a glass ball, a flower, a clock tower, a roller skate, a revolver, a cassette tape, an umbrella, a lantern, a drink, a sun catcher and a logo of the concert tour.

In this collection of GFriend merchandise you will find another two versions (A and B) of the acrylic photo stand. Every member is here available. The size of each one is 60 x 150 mm.

The set of magnets is a very interesting collectible. It consists of 6 magnets with the photos of each girl on a light blue background. The size of each magnet is 35 x 55 mm.

The sticker set can be very useful to decorate your diary. In the package you will find 12 different square stickers (2 per each member). The size of the stickers is 38 x 38 mm.

If you liked the tumbler and the glass from the previous collection you will probably like the cold cup that is included here. It will contain 530 ml of liquid and comes with a straw. All is packaged in a cardboard box.

The note set follows the pattern of the previous sets and includes one member note (125 x 180 mm) and one group note (180 x 253 mm). Of course there are 6 variants to choose from.

The image picket fan is a very original piece of merchandise. Instead of a normal photo on the fan we have a lenticular photo (or rather two photos in one). It has the logo of the tour on the back side written in white on a blue background. It is available in six options and the size of the product is 190 x 295 mm.

The photo set is available in two different versions - ver. A or B. Both consists of 6 individual photos and 2 sub-unit photos (3 members per sheet) and 1 group photo. The size of the product is 102 x 151 mm. If you're still not satisfied with these you can get an ID photo set with two sheets per member (12 in total) sized 30 x 40 mm.

Next we have a piece of fashion - a black T-shirt with a white logo of the tour on front and the list of the cities the girls are planning to visit with the corresponding dates. It is made of cotton and is available in two sizes - M and L.

The remaining products is this collection are a made of polyester wappen with the words "G.G.G Go Go GFriend!" (45 x 60 mm), a desk mat (450 x 300 mm), another ticket holder with one random photo card (110 x 190 mm), a black eco bag (390 x 60 x 425 mm), a photo binder for your collection of photo cards (262 x 50 x 308 mm), a film set (70 x 118 mm), a random pin button (out of 12, 48 x 48 mm), a limited key ring with the date of the first two concerts in Seoul (42 x 78 mm), a Kihno version of the album Time For Us (60 x 90 mm) and a plastic bag (450 x 540 mm).