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Drew Dirksen Merchandise

If you have a big collection of pop culture related collectibles and you're looking for some interesting Drew Dirksen merchandise, you will probably find the information here very useful. Drew is a very talented young artist born in 1996. He is a guitarist of a band The Tide, which is very popular among the younger audience.

The band began their career in 2015 when it joined a label Steady Records, which belongs to a much more recognized Emi Universal. The other popular band The Vamps took part in the creation process of the group, holding an audition during which Drew Dirksen was selected alongside the other members including Levi Jones, Austin Corini and Nate Parker. The two first items you can consider as a Drew Dirksen merchandise are the band's two albums Click My Fingers and Young Love, both released in 2016 and 2017 respectively. Other cool pieces of merch you will definitely want to have in your collection were released since then by the artist himself. That includes several pieces of apparel such as hoodies and T-shirts, as well as other products that'll definitely make any fan very pleased. You can get them all from the official website of Drew. They are often available for a discounted prices so you don't have to worry about your budget.

High Road Merchandise

In the first half of 2020 the initial line of fashion was announced to the fans. It was introduced on the official Instagram account of the artist under the title High Road. The introduction was accompanied by a selection of beautifully shot photos, which were created with the help of a fellow YouTuber called Nick Moore who acted as a model. The announcement of this collection of Drew Dirksen merchandise was very warmly received by the fans who expressed their gratitude in the comments.

At this point you could get two different hoodies. Each of them features a very iconic logo composed of two grasping hands of people greeting eachother. Sentence "The High Road" is printed on the left sleeve, while the title of the collection can be spotted on the left side of the chest. A similar graphic is printed on the back, but in a much larger format, which will guarantee you will be spotted as a Drew Dirksen fan from a very long distance. The hoodie has a matching drawstrings and a big kangaroo pocket on the front. This would be most likely one of the best Drew Dirksen merchandise in your collection. This wonderful piece of merchandise was available only in a limited quantity - only 100 pieces where manufactured, 50 of each of two colors - pink and black. You had to be a very lucky person to get one.

A little bit later the artist treated their fans with a new selection of Drew Dirksen merchandise. It was revealed on the official website. A total number of 5 pieces of apparel was available.

This time you could get a very fancy collection which would please even the most demanding fans. A black T-shirt was one of the most interesting Drew Dirksen merchandise. It features a small handshake logo we are already familiar with from their previous collection, colorful silhouette of an astronaut in the vacuum of space, and the title of the line of the merchandise. At the bottom you can spot a famous words from American astronaut Neil Armstrong rewritten in an interesting manner - "That's one small shake for man, one giant shake for mankind". The phrase is known from 1969 when the first landing on the Moon took place. The other print you can find on the T-shirt is "MCMXCVI".

This interesting, retro style piece of merchandise is available in five different sizes, so you can be sure you will definitely find the right one for you. You can choose anything between S and 2XL. Drew Dirksen did thought about everyone.

Next we have a very stylish hoodie. It showcases the title "High Road" on the front, alongside the sentence "Always take the high road", which is a very uplifting advice. You can also spot the description of the collection below the design which will explain to you in details how important this selection of apparel is. You can also find the description on the right sleeve. As you can see this can be a very meaningful hoodie if you choose to get it. On the back you will find the astronaut design with some extra words printed to make it more sophisticated.

The hoodie, as other pieces of Drew Dirksen merchandise, comes in a range of 5 sizes. You will be able to purchase it in S, M, L, XL and XL. As the previous one it has a big pocket on the front and a matching drawstrings, so you can adjust it a little bit to your comfort. The hoodie is made of a high quality durable fabric, which at the same time will be very comfortable in touch. The front pocket will be perfect for anything you would like to store there.

Fortunately on the website there are some pants that will go nicely with the hoodie. They are very similar in design so you can wear it along with the top. The item will be perfect for any outdoor enthusiast who likes to spend their free time doing all kinds of activity. It is another wonderful piece of Drew Dirksen merchandise, with its fancy design and bright elements. You will find the name of the collection High Road on one of the legs. The explanation of the line's origin is also included. As usual you can get the pants in five sizes, from S to XL. It is advised to get a bigger size if you like it to be more breathable.

The third item is a very basic yet elegant hat. It is white and showcases the title High Road on the front in black italic font. It will be perfect to wear on a warm summer day since it has a mesh back. You can get it in only single free size, although it won't be a problem since it will most likely fit anyone.

The collection of Drew Dirksen merchandise is concluded with a simple black tag. It is made of a strap on which you will find a handshake logo and a sentence "Always take the high road" reminding you what it is all about. The item will be perfect as a luggage accessory or a keyring for your keys to apartment, gym locker or car. This is a little bit more original collectible to add to your collection. And probably the most affordable out of all on the website.

Unofficial Merchandise

As an alternative you can also get something made by the fans. Especially if something you're looking for is not available on the official website anymore. While waiting for the Drew Dirksen merchandise to be restocked you should probably browse through hundreds of high-quality products on various e-commerce websites where people just like you and me are offering their creations for a very cheap prices.

Sometimes the fans create their own designs which are later available on print-on-demand services, where you can - as the name suggest - print it on hoodie or any other item the service offers. That includes the most sought-after T-shirts, phone cases, mouse pads, and mugs.

As you can see there are plenty of options to choose from. So you should not hesitate and think about getting yourself something nice.