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Viviz Merchandise

Viviz is a South Korean girl group composed of a former members of a disbanded group GFriend. It consists of a trio SinB, Eunha and Umji. They debuted on February 9, 2022 with their 1st mini album Beam Of Prism and the lead single Bop Bop!.

There are several pieces of Viviz merchandise released officially to date. Although there are not many of them you will certainly be able to find something. You can either get the official items prepared for the KCON 2022 or those which came out as a result of a collaboration with a South Korean fashion brand Charm's. Of course the physical editions of the group's albums can be considered as a great example of items you should add to your collection. That includes the mini albums Beam of Prism and Summer Vibe.


Of course the physical editions of their albums also can be a proper merchandise to collect. Usually they come in several versions of different sizes and with different covers.

Unfortunately the official Viviz light stick is currently still unavailable.

KCON 2022 Premiere Merchandise

As usually, the organizers of the 2022 edition of KCON prepared several pieces of goods showcasing the featured artists.

This year the festival called KCON 2022 Premiere was all about celebrating the South Korean pop culture including so much popular KPop. After two years it went back to a standard offline concert format instead of just an online broadcast. It was announced that it will visit three different cities on two different continents - Seoul, Tokyo and Chicago.

Viviz joined the lineup of the first performances in Seoul. Several other idols were invited including The Boyz, Monsta X, Highlight, Loona, STAYC, TO1, Hyolyn, WJSN, Brave Girls, Kep1er, and the Japanese girl group from JYP Entertainment - NiziU.

For all of them a special selection of 2 collectibles was prepared. The two pieces of Viviz merchandise you can get are the promotional slogan and a voice keyring.

The cheering slogan is of a traditional size of 600 x 200 mm. It features the title of the festival on the front along with some nice colorful graphics, and the logo of the group on the back. You can also spot the title of the TV show Viviz participated in - Queendom 2. This will be a perfect item to support your favorite KPop girl group during a concert or other event, especially when the light stick is still in preparations.

The second piece of Viviz merchandise is a circle voice keyring. It showcases the logo of the group on the front, and can play some pre-recorded messages. It measures 45 x 45 x 20 m and comes in an elegant square transparent package.

You can get both items quite easily from the third-party sellers on most popular e-commerce websites. Although you can expect a higher prices than the ones the products were initially offered for.

Charm's Brand Collaboration

Charm's is a South Korean brand manufacturing fashion and accessories, primarily targeting young adults. Viviz became their official models and ambassadors after they debuted. You can find numerous promotional photos of the members on the official site of the brand.

They have plenty of different types of products in their catalog that include hoodies, T-shirts, crewnecks, ball caps, and even patchworks and stickers.

Several exclusive pieces of Viviz merchandise were produced and included with each of the orders when a certain conditions were met. The merchandise you could acquire were photo cards and Polaroid photos, all with pictures of the three members of Viviz. Additionally three different sheets of stickers were prepared, each designed by a particular member of the group. Sometimes also a signed items were offered.

Although the official website of Charm's does not offer the international shipping, you can always check the KPop shops or auction sites.

It is worth noting that the other artists working with the brand are Pentagon and GOT7's Bambam.

Physical Albums

The physical editions of the records are always one of the most popular Viviz merchandise there can be. They are very interesting since they contain a large number of items.

Viviz released their first extended play on February 9, 2022 under BPM Entertainment. It consists of seven songs including the intro, the title track Bop Bop!, Fiesta, Tweet Tweet, Lemonade, Love You Like, and Mirror. Umji co-wrote Love You Like.

The physical edition of Beam Of Prism is available in two different version - To and Stand. Both measure 220 x 280 mm and showcase all three members of the group on the cover. Inside the package you will find some cool Viviz merchandise including a photo book with 56 pages of pictures taken during the promotional photo shoot, a CD disk, 2 group photo cards selected at random out of 6 variants, regular 3 photo cards added randomly out of 12 options, a folded poster of a dimensions of 470 x 330 mm, a lenticular card included randomly out of 3 variants, and finally a single postcard of a size of 100 x 150 mm (out of two options). If you were lucky enough you could also get a limited special photo card.

All photo cards issued for this release are of a regular size of 55 x 85 mm.